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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Testimony....

Hello All,
Hope everyone is doing well so far this week...My week has been good thus far, here are a few testimonies to share!!

1.  My cut up fruits and veggies are doing great...Salad is a breeze to literally throw together...a fist of lettuce, a fist of veggies, crumble some feta, add a couple nuts...Done in less then 30 sec.   Only problem was today in my glory of how smart I am, I forgot the chicken!!  So protein thus far...feta and nuts, not much of either as well!!

2.  I was frustrated yesterday...It was Monday anyway...But I was frustrated, more like irritable with daughter no.1...could not get a hold of her for an hour!!  Once I did I let her know I was very cranky and the "my phone died" excuse was no longer a viable while I was at the store picking up a couple of things for dinner, I picked up a snicker bar too!!!  Oh, and I ate it!!!  I knew I was eating out of emotion as well, but I did it any way...I logged it on MFP...need to be better about that emotional eating BS!!

3.  All of my classes are working on a Romeo and Juliet essay.  I may teach English, but I hate teaching writing....I just am not a fan...I will say the essays are looking great, and I streamlined the processes as best as I can but I would rather teach Romeo and Juliet the play with all of the thee's and thou's, then an essay on Romeo and Juliet any day!!  Oh, and I have to read and grade all 80 of them....Fun times!!

4.  Hopefully I can go on a bike ride tonight...It has been windy so windy, Dirt and Sand Wall's all over... you walk out and you are greeted by sand in your mouth, dirt as a face mask, and brown replaces all of the white you had on....It has been terrible!!  It should chill out today, and I plan to go riding....

All the testimony I have for now...Hope you all have a great WED.   I will be back for TTT!! xo


  1. logged the snickers on MFP...celebrate the little!

  2. Grading 80 fun :( I am so glad we only have 5 1/2 more weeks of school. I am so ready for summer break :)

  3. You logged it! You owned it! Just keep going! :)

  4. I agree with miss lorie! Just create a deficit somewhere else this week and you'll be good!!!