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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Triple T!! Woo Hoo!!!

Ten Things Thursday!!!! Love it!!! Thanks Laura!!!:)

1. Saw this on FB and loved it...very heartwarming and a fabulous message for all of us WLS long as we try and keep at it, we will all succeed!!!

2. Ok so this may not work putting the picture under each post...they may all show up at the end...bummer but, you get the point!!

3. I burned myself while making my daughters bday dinner!!! Right in the fold of my elbow!!! It really sucks!!

4. Took No 2. And buddy boy to the eye Dr. Today...buddy not picked out his new pair of glasses and apparently now, mini me is in need of visual assistance as well!!! Poor kids!!! Don't let her expression fool you, she has been begging for glasses for years!!

5. On our way to the Dr. Hubby ran over this....had to buy a new tire they couldn't patch it!!! NOT what the budget called for!!!

6. Headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow!!! So excited to get away!!! Staying with our friends for her hubby's 50th surprise bday party...Disco themed!!!! I am a downer Debbie not really into the disco thing....But...I will give it a go and dress up!!! Pics may follow next week!!

7. No. 1 wants to see the new Channing Tatum movie, Magic Mike!!! I think not dear!!!! But Mommy is going to see it!!!!:)

8. I had the top of a slice of pizza and some off the doughie crust part!!! Bad idea I suggest you not!!! I am having soup for dinner!!!

9. Hubby won his softball league championship on Tuesday!!! Yeah Hubby!!!

10. The upload of this pics is all screwed up...blogging on my phone sucks but I am out of the house and didn't want to miss TTT!!! Oh well!!! Have a fabulous weekend lovelies...xoxo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well having been back in blog land full swing again, I have come to realize a few things.

1. Blogging really is theraputic, no doubt in my mind. Being able to write out what I am feeling or experiencing and reading all about you all and your hurts, habits and hang-ups does bring clarity, comfort and direction.

2. I have also learned that sometimes we (I) am not ready to deal with that clarity just yet and so I hibernate...not pig out!!! Hibernate!!! And in that hibernation I have learned that NOTHING changes, except the amount of time you have wasted hibernating!!!

3. I have learned to forgive myself. It is a lot easier to forgive myself for eating a cupcake then it is for eating half an apple pie that is for sure, but this band will not allow me to eat half an apple pie so learning how to forgive myself one baby Step (cupcake) at a time has been very freeing.

4. I have learned to be a little bit more patient. Mind you I am not by any means claiming I have mastered patience!!! No no no no no!!! But, I have learned that just because I set a goal, if I don't quite reach said goal, that doesn't mean I torture myself and give up, it just means I need more time...the time I wasted hibernating!!

5. I have come to embrace the very FACT that there is no end to this lapband journey!! No end people!!! When I first got banded I was gun hoe about losing as much weight as I could as fast as I could so I could just ride the skinny wave for the rest of my life!!!

I have been waiting in the skinny wave line and I know with out a doubt, the skinny wave does not exist!! I am ok with that. I am not going to reach my 60 pound goal by July 6th, my 6 month bandiversary, I am not going to wake up tomorrow and be 10 pounds lighter..(well maybe 5, TOM will go away and so will the excess water), and Iam ok with that too.

However, I am going to keep counting my protein. I am going to keep working out as much as I love to hate it. I am going to keep walking and traveling on this journey because it is the journey that will get me to all of the places that dreamy skinny wave is supposed to take me. It is a journey... Not a trip, not a weekend get away, not a short term goal....a journey....and each part of the journey leads to another part of the journey, that leads to another...there are parts of this journey that let me tell ya, SUCK GIANT FUNGIS INFECTED BIG TOES!!!! But there are other parts that lead you to serenity and peace and calm, and the knowledge that I will get to a certain portion of the journey (goal weight), eventually, and that will lead to a new direction of the journey.

I by no means am a master on patience...I am the most impatient person I know, but I am not going to fight this, " hurry up lets get there already", monster inside of me that is frustrating the hell out of me with this stagnant plateau either....I will get over it, I will get out of the 280's and I will lose 60 pounds and beyond. Eventually. Maybe not by July 6th. But some time in the not so distant future, I will get there.

None of this takes away the "hurry up already", or the constant looking for that skinny wave, but it does remind me that most of this journey needs to be taken slowly so I don't forget. So I am prepared for those GIANT FUNGIS INFECTED BIG TOES and so when the next part of this journey does arrive, I know what road to take.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! There is no end!!! But, do I really want something that will keep me healthy, happy and looking fabulous to end???? Eventually the skinny wave will crash against the shore line, linger for a moment and then roll back to sea, or sink in the sand. I don't want to crash or sink...I want to carry on, even if that means I have to go further then I expected, planned or thought I would have to! Skinny waves are enticing, no doubt...but for now, I will walk my way through this journey and save the gliding on waves for a different one. Xoxo Kristin

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today was No.2 birthday!!! She is officially 13... Lord help me!!! She wanted the most unfriendly band food for dinner with the most calories too!!! But, it was her birthday and it has been years since I have made it homemade anyway so I made it... Chicken feteccini Alfredo... The sauce has 2 sticks of butter and 1
Quart of half and half, 1 whole 8 oz jar of parm. Cheese just to start... Add then the noodles!!! After it was all made and I tasted a little I took it to hubby and said, now I remember why I don't make this a whole lot.... SINFUL!!! It was very yummy, but I only had a little I have been very tight lately and I did not want to mess with those noodles!!!! She was so excited to have her perfect birthday dinner and I was quite happy to pick out the chicken and eat salad!!! I have decided that is a very special occasion meal only!!!! I was very proud of myself for not over doing it on the taste testing, mainly due to the fear of slime, but happy about that small NSV anyway... I didn't even have a whole piece of garlic bread...hubby had half and I did not eat the crust!!

Overall she had a great day, a fun evening more celebration to come this week with the arrival of her Nani and cousins, a trip to Santa Barbara this weekend and dinner with my mom and sister on about a week of celebrating!!!

Some other small
NSV's Hubby and I cleaned out our closet and I was able to remove quite a few items that no longer fit and bring out many that now, again do.... I held up a pair of pants and told hubby now when these fit, we are making progress...I put them on and they fit!!! Sadly I thought they were 18's.... No they were 20's but didn't know I could fit in 20's now either... Pulled out more 20's and yes sir....they fit!!! I have a ton of 20's in there and had no incline to even try them on yet...So excited...18's are not ready for my butt yet, but we are working our way down and that is Progress!!

Lost another inch on My waist...we are working out of those 40's and getting closer to 39 inches there....still a ways from my former 28, but far from 50!!!

Hopefully pictures will post to this new app I got for my iPhone and iPad...if they do that is a NSV cuz figuring all of this out can drive me crazy. I am not a super fast techie learner...if they don't,well then cancel
That NSV!!!

Have a great Tuesday all!!:)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Triple T day!!!  Thank you Laura....
Here we go...

1.  No summer school for me....this means my internal alarm clock is going to have to figure out how to snooze until 8:00, and then revert back to waking up in the 6 o'clock hour come August!!!  Not sure how this is going to be accomplished, but seriously....can I just sleep in maybe one day a week body!!!

2.  Seen as I have been up so very early in the a.m. and it is soooo stinking hot out here...I have been going for an early morning walk and I have been doing a half walk at night when it is cooler as well.   I figured, I am home and up, might as well try the 2 a day walk....mind you, as soon as my bike tire is fixed, I shall be riding again because look what walking is doing to my feet!!!  6 blisters girls!!! 6!!!  3 on each shoes are fairly new too, I am thinking maybe my feet have shrunk a little and my shoes are rubbing in a new area now causing the blisters...but in the processes of compensating for one blister, I have created a new one and done this 3x me 6!!!

Feet are not supposed to bleed from a walk!!!! Damn blisters!!!!

3.  We are dragon daughters BFF has a bearded dragon...she is on vacation, so we have dragon watch....last night we went cricket hunting to feed him....very interesting to watch this thing hunt....felt bad for the crickets, but such is the circle of life!!

4.  I had been so busy with the last few weeks of school, I missed the last 2 Thursdays, so I didn't get to tell you all my school district gave new iPad 3's out to all the teachers.....I was so thrilled....I love it, just don't know how to blog pics on it yet....still learning, but it is awesome!!!

5.  Speaking of last blog said, I would post pics from my Santa Barbar trip, but I was on the iPad and I couldn't figure out how to do here they are!!!

Hubby and I

Number 2 and I
 No.1 and 2 and I 
 Me and Hubby
 No. 1 not getting wet....
 Buddy boy...coming in from a wipe out!!
Number 2 

6.  I recovered my out door are the before and afters....
Before....a terrible mess...

And after....New life!!!

7.  We will be headed back to Santa Barbra next weekend, looking forward to getting out of the heat!!!

8.  I have been doing well with tracking my food and working out...scale is still in a bit of a shock...hopefully a large loss is seen soon!!!

9.  Sister is still hibernating and trying to stay below everyone's radar....wish she would just face what ever it is that is causing her so much grief instead of drinking....Hoping she figures it out soon and still praying for her....

10.  It is hot as hell out here and yet, all I am craving is soup!!! what is wrong with me??!!??  

Hope you all have a great week....loving having my summer time to keep up with all of you!!! lots of love to you all....xoxo Kristin

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer vacation!

Hello lovelies, Hope all are well, I am doing very good...summer vacation has started and I must say the end of the year went very smoothly!! I was not selected for on of the 5 HS summer school positions so I am really on summer vacation!! Though I will miss the money very very much, God has it all worked out so I shall not stress!! We went to Santa Barbara 2 weeks ago I will add pics to the end, it was very fun had a great time with friends celebrating their sons HS Graduation...we are going again on the 29th for a surprise 50th, looking forward to it!! Ok on the banded life....if there were medals given out for maintaining I would be getting one cuz I am perfect at maintaining. Unfortunately it is not maintance time!!! Now that I am on summer break I am reving up the weight loss and trying to get over this maintance plateau I have sunk into... I have been walking in the morning and in the evening and I have been strict with my protein, liquids and Greek yogurt... This should jump start me I will let you know in a week, Tom is on hhis way so things may be a little off!!! My goal is to go back to work Aug 23, 20 pounds lighter!!!! I better get cracken!!! So let's talk about exercise!!!!! WHY???? can't I be one of those people who just loses weight without it?? My sister had gastric 6 years ago did not join one gym, did not lift one finger, did not work out once!!! Yes it is a very different procedure and yes, she is flabby gabby w/o clothes on but no one sees her naked so who cares!!! WHY!!!??? Must have a body that keeps me accountable??? I know all the answers... But I am having a venting pouty moment here!!!! There are times when I just wish eating less then 1000 cals a day was enough for my body to say oh we are in weightloss mode!!!! By all means let me shed about 20 pounds for you overnight!!!! That would be just a peach body, please cooperate!!! Anyway, my body does not work like that, it makes me work harder and in the long run I will be happier because of it, but for sucks!!!!! Wish Hula was 5 days a week!!!! That is just fun, no workout mindset with that at all!!!! Sadly they have knocked it down to one day a week on Wed. At 9:00 a.m.... Up until now, Wed. at 9:00 a.m. I was smack dab in the middle of Second period!!!! Guess who's going to hula tomorrow???? That's right...this girl right here!!!! :) Can't wait.... Even looked for a hula Wii game... Must look harder they have to have one!!! Ok so I shall leave you with a few pics from my Santa Barbra beach weekend!!! Enjoy your day everyone, chat with you all soon!!! P.S. working on my iPad... Having pic upload difficulty will post ASAP!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012


It’s Bring Your Own Crazy time! Brought to us by the Phenomenal Draz!
Copy and paste the button above to your own BYOC and join us! We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break.

1. Are you a daily purse switcher, an often purse buyer or a one purse kind of woman? What factors influence your purse buying?

I am a name brand purse user but I use it for a very long time...a year or more...I currently have a Coach I have had it for a little over a year.  Prior to that I had a Dooney and a Brighten and a Louis V.  I try to get the matching wallet but usually have to wait a bit for that seen as the wallets cost just about as much as the purse!!  I currently have a Coach wrist clutch that is being used as my wallet.  I can leave it in my purse or take it out when I am on the go and don't want to carry my whole purse.  I love the idea, but it was a gift so the pattern is not what I would have choosen for myself, but I love it!!!  I have been tempted to buy another one with a pattern I prefer, but then why spend money on something I already have and got it for free???

2. What’s your favorite board game?

Give me 5 is what I know it as.  It is a card and chip board game and you play with a partner but you cannot communicate with your partner.  I also like apples to apples, Mad Gab...I will play any game with a fun group of people at least once.   Even the dumbest board game is fun when you are playing with a fun crowd.

3. Are you a sore loser who throws fits or a gracious winner? Are you competitive?

Well this is a soul searching question!!!  I am very competitive.  I love to win!!  However, on the off chance I lose, I will be happy to congratulate the winner graciously as long as it was a clean fair win.   I cannot handle cheaters or sore winners!!!!  Be excited and rub it in a little, but don't over do it and DON'T CHEAT or argue about a move because it was that good and you are jealous... 

4. Tell us something you are afraid of that is a physical item…like spiders, deep water, heights, snakes, thunderstorms, first dates, childbirth, etc.

I am not afraid of snakes or BIG spiders though if I came across either unexpectedly I would be first frightened just at the meer shock of surprise, I would then do what I needed to do to get rid of either.   I hate crunchy bugs....bugs that crunch when you step on them!!!  Oh, it is the worst....there was a scorpion in the school hallway a few years ago when I taught elementary and the other teacher in the hallway was screaming, kill it, kill it...I had no choice but to step on it and that was a big crunch!!!  I HATE CRUNCHY BUGS!!!!   I will say I am clostrophobic as well....tight spaces as I get older just freak me out and I hyperventalate and get all creeped out!!! 

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week.
The week as been good.   A four day work week is always good!!!  only 10 days left of school, so the end of the year has been good, but crazy and busy too!!!  I just want to stay up all night and sleep all day...just for a couple of days, but that is really what I want to do....Stay up with Hubby till 4 in the interruptions from the kiddos and then sleep till 2 the next day.  I love when Hubby and I can have quiet time and chit chat, watch movies without every line being quoted, snuggle and just be....but with the kiddos being older they want to stay up with us....though I love them to death, there are times when I just want Hubby and me time!!!