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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not MIA...I promise!!!:)

Hello Blogger Buddies,
I have not been MIA though it would appear I have been...I am still stuck in the 280's, but I am not frustrated, I am working through it. Hubby and I have been working on my work outs. Well I have been working, Hubby has just been thinking if new ways to torture me!!!;) Just kidding, he has been very supportive.

Hubby is a varsity football coach and he has me doing the swim workout he and his Asst. coach who was also a varsity swim coach have the Football players doing!!! Yikes Babe I'm 38 not 15-17!!! But I love swimming and though the routine is only 30 kicks my butt!! Did you know you can sweat in the pool??? You can!!!

So, even though the scale is really not moving, I am in a size 20 regularly now from a very tight, seams ripping 24...I can wear an XL -L shirt, the curves are replacing the rolls, and the inches continue to come off...I can't knock the inches as I know soon, very soon, as I stay consistent the scale will move down too!!!

On another note...Hubby is really really encouraging me to join a triathlon in before you all freak out it is not a full blown is a 500 meter swim, a 14 mile bike ride and a 3 mile walk/run!!! I swam 500 meters the other night, just regular I was not pushing just to see how long it took and how I felt???!!! It took me 20 min...very doable!!! IF!!! I agree I know with training I can get that swim down to 10 is .3 miles...I ride my bike all the time and can do almost 8 miles in an hour and again I am riding but not racing so with training, I can get that time down too...we shall not discuss the run as I am not a fan...but what do you all think??? A fairly doable triathlon yes or no??? Of course I have to get over myself as far as the run part goes!!! And there is nothing wrong with walking!!!;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Universal Studios Hollywood!!!

Well Friday we went to Universal Studios and there was quite a bit of good stuff
Happening...we had a great family time...I did not cower at one photo opp...
My step mom generously paid for it all and without knowing, bought year round passes not a single day!!!woo hoo we are going again and again over the next year!!!...I had never been so that was fun and exciting....I did not worry about fitting into the ride seats as I knew I would and I did on every one we road....the Transformers adventure was amazing, we went on that 3x....I walked all over and though after 11 hours my dogs were barking really really loud it still felt great...we ate for the most part very well and I did not indulge due to the atmosphere...the tours and shows we saw were was just a day full of NSV's for me and I had a fabulous, fun family to follow of the family, cousins, Nani and Auntie Arin and Uncle Mario...have a terrific Tuesday...xoxo

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ten Things Thursday....thank you Laura, your blog is adorable and this Thursday tradition is delightful!!!  Love it and thank you for it!!!

Ok, on with the show!!

1.  I have had a very trying week...I realize I was a perfect teenager...I really was, I did not drink, smoke, experiment with anything illegal, or fool around with the opposite sex....I realize these were my decisions and I was proud of them...I also have tried very hard to raise my girls in the same fashion.  I know I am not failing, but I have felt a huge blow with my oldest the past 2 weeks.  Things I never thought I would have to deal with as a parent because I was such a model citizen.   It has made me very emotional.  Yes, I have turned to good old snickers and rockey road a couple of times.   Obviously I did not down the entire extra large candy bar, geez you get two of those things, but over the course of 2 days I did finish it....I also did not eat the entire container of rocky road...I had 2 reasonable sized small bowls with magic shell I might add, and did not make me feel better.  Yes, I knew what I was doing the entire time, thus the portion control to some extent!!!  Still food is not as comforting as it used to be, and that is good...dealing with life, when you really are not sure how to deal with things you have not had to encounter before however, SUCKS!!!

2.  So on to a better topic...yesturday we left my Dad's condo and this was the picture I gave me peace, so I wanted to share.

3.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I bought some new make-up...finally took a picture...hard to see the colors I guess, but they are fun!!!

4.  I also promised I would share some pics from the party that we dressed up as "Wal-Mart Worthy", white trashy....and the Disco/70's party last weekend....Mind you the 70's pics are not flatering at all but the shirt is a Large so woot woot!!

5.  Hubby woke me up really early today.  He has been going to football practice early because we live in Hell during the summer....But today was really special...Yesturday he had an interview with the local newspaper about him being the new head varsity coach for a local High School....It ran today....So here is a rather bad picture of hubby in the newspaper!!!  So proud of him....sorry couldn't straighten it out....

6.  Since I was up so early, I figured I had no excuse not to workout so I went for a bike ride....while riding it looked like this.....

Don't let those pictures fool like this in the desert just means HUMIDIY!!!!  It looks cold, but let me tell ya, it is far far far from cold.....Then it started to rain....riding in the rain was very refreshing I might add, wish I could ride in the rain more often, and the humidity has not kicked in yet, so it was a cooler rain not a steaming hot rain!!!

                                                   rain on my pants!!!

7.  The kids have been enjoying their visit with their cousins from WA...they have been swimming, playing in the sprinklers, going to the has been nice for them....Well No. 2 and Buddy Boy, No. 1 is too old so she has been pouting mostly about her punishments.....

8.  Hubby has to go have blood drawn today....he has been feeling a little low lately and wants to make sure all is well with him....I think it is the stress of No. 1 but we are going to get it checked out to make sure....

9.  Did I mention there was a snake on my front porch last week???  There was a snake on my front porch last week...a baby rattle snake, well a juvinal side winder, still a rattle snake... it had to die....sorry to any snake lovers out there, but he was to small, and I have kids and a mini wienner dog....

another joy of living in the desert during the summer.....HEAT, HEAT and more HEAT and SNAKES!!!

10.  Tomorrow we are all going with the cousins to Universal Studios....I have never been and I am very excited....I will take pics and post later....I am also looking forward to all of the walking this will bring for my day, all of the ride fitting into and all of the family fun we should have....My Dad and Step Mom are funding it so that is a blessing as well....Have a fabulous Thursday lovelies....xoxox Kristin

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up!!!

I had my appt. on Sat with the 5 weeks I have lost 1/2 a pound!!! I know, that is like record breaking!!!!(that is sarcasm!!) I told him, look I have been in the 280's for like 11 weeks now...really, I have been good, I am working out I am keeping within my calories...He said how are your clothes fitting? Great I said, I am in size 20's some look better then others but they are up, buttoned an no muffin undies are a size 16, my shirts are Large and XL without stretching....He said then you are doing exactly what you need lose inches or pounds but not at the same time so, your inches are catching up with your weight, when your inches stop the weight will start keep doing what you are doing, it is working and you are progressing normally....I see this pattern all the time you are good!! I told him my restriction was good and he felt the same....he said if I felt it lossen up come in earlier otherwise he would see me in 4 no fill, but I am at 8cc in a 14cc band...

To be honest I really am not hungry at all...teenage drama and I will confess I wanted a cheeseburger with the bun so bad the other night from McD's....I was so raging mad!!! Hubby knew I was mad do you know what he said to me...."if it will make you feel better then get it....I cut him off!!! Now madder then before..."what, WHAT!!! You are going to let me eat to console myself knowing how mad I am!!!!! What is wrong with you!!! You know that is bad behavior!!!went on and on about how that is unsupportive, blah, blah, blah!!!! He calmly reply's knowing in my irritation I have lost it!!! If you would have let me finished before you jumped down my throat, I was going to say get it if it makes you feel better...w/o the bun!!! Because according to you the meat and cheese is ok!!!! I had to apologize because he is always looking out for me!!!

Needless to say I am in need of a mental tune-up!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Ten Things Thursday...thank you Laura, love triple T day!!!

1. Our weekend was very fun...I went to not only one...but 2 themed birthday parties!!! This is huge for me people...HUGE!!!! We got to our friends house on Fri and she said, oh, by the way, we have to go to a surprise 30th badly party for a military buddies wife and it is "white trash" know, " people of Walmart " type clothing....The birthday girl is originally from the mid west somewhere don't know, don't even know her, but I played along and we were about as Wal-Mart worthy as I could muster...I will upload pics later...Needless to say, I dressed for the 70's party but seen as we were the only ones dressed along with the host, our friends....I changed into normal clothes after I took a picture to prove, I participated.

2. While at the party, my friend says,...this is really a strange question so let me preface it with, while I was cleaning to get ready for the party, I came across a brand new package of panties....are you a size 16 by chance....I replied with to be honest, I have not had a correct fitting pair of undies in over 2 mos, so I cou ld not honestly tell you what size undies I ware, but thanks for thinking of me, I will give them a shot....Now, please note, I do not normally wear undies from a package, but the not having undies that fit correctly, hold anything in, or even stay up was a true statement so I figured free packaged undies can't be any worse then non-fitting undies right? And.... What do ya know, the 16 undies fit and quite comfortably I might add!!!!

3. While at the red neck, Wal-Mart worthy party they had these mini bundt cakes...( bundt, what is a bundt??? Why is there a whole in this cake???...My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!)they were very very yummy, and made from a place called " Nothing Bundt Cake", adorable and did I mention yummy??? So seen as we were on our way to No. 2 birthday dinner o n our way home, we googled the bakery and stopped by on our way home so she could have Bundt Birthday cake!!!

4. No 2 birthday dinner was fun, met up with my mom and sis, had a good dinner time and No. 2 enjoyed her week long celebration!!!

5. Scale is still sticking in the 280's.... Today was awesome....weighed myself when I woke up...285.1... Went back to bed cuz that is depressing...woke up again weighed myself we are talking 11:00 in the morning...283.1.... Runn around ear a 4.5 oz yogurt, run some errands, weigh myself at 3:30...286.8.... I swear this 280 business is a bunch of crap...I eat more I gain, I eat less, I gain, I eat nothing, I gain....I am screwed....I realize my body will kick in and the weight is going to be melting away here any day, but it has been like 10 weeks in the 280's and I an a little tiered of seeing that 8 in the tens place...I have an appt. Sat I will talk with the dr. And nutritionist...we are trying to get a pattern with my weight through out the day, but seriosly, do you see a pattern with that??? Me either!!!

6. 4th of July was nice, I was excellent with my eating...probably didn't eat enough for the day I n all honesty, but food was good, fireworks were awesome and, after watching the show from my dads condo, we had the kids out doing sparklers in the street. A car drives by, stops and asks if we were doing TNT Sparklers? We said yes, they said awesome, thank you...we are the TNT owners and we have a bunch of free t-shirts in the back is it ok if we give the kids some shirts??? They will be Jammie shirts on the kids but we would love to give them some....How awesome is that.... So we all got TNT firework shirts!!!

7. I love my iPad but for blogging it just isn't the same, and I hate doing TTT w/o pics, sorry I will have to use the big daddy when there are pics I want to add...

8. Hubby went to a softball game was at 9:00... He calls at 8:45, I just heard on the radio the casino is doing their firework show tonight, drive the kids to the back gate and see if you can see the show, here is the radio station the show will be played we went to the back gate of our community turned on the radio and watched the fireworks courtesy of the casino!!

9. I really have not had much to eat today, just not hungry and I am not complaining, but I had yogurt and chicken and a little peanutbutter on a spoon...I have a headache and I know it is due to lack of protein but it is now 10:24.... I really don't want to eat this late either....

10... I bought new make up earlier this week...need to take a pic of that all for you too..I love bare essentials make up and their summer deals were fabulous....I am set until Christmas, I will need more foundation then....but I branched out and got some funky colors that I would not normally do, but all blended in and on, they look pretty darn nifty!!! Have a fabulous Friday!!! Xoxox Kristin