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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Got a plan with some Yummy ideas!!!

Ok....2 in one day....this is picture loaded!!!  I went shopping I have a plan and once this is posted I will be on my SECOND bike ride of the day!!

Got a nice gel cushie for my tushie!!!  Feels much better to ride, but I must say, this banana thing going on
in the middle of the seat is a interesting...Did not notice that until I posted this picture...nice!!

Got this from over at this blog has great ideas...this is a bean and avocado salad
with a lime, cumin so good and the beans have some great protein!!

In an effort to make sure I drink all of my water, I made berry water...I cut up strawberries, raspberries,
blackberries, and some oranges, smashed them just a little and added water....chill it and
berry fruit water you have...

Took the limes from the bean and avocado dressing and added lemon to make some
citrus lemon/lime water too!!!  Always nice to mic things up!!

Stocked up on fresh fruits...plan to use the fruit in my shakes as well as to mix
up some other flavored fruit water....pears, apples and I also have mango!!

Made an antipasti salad with my fresh veggies....I cut up all my lettuce and put it in the fridge so
I can just grab a fist full...did the same to my veggies...added some pepperoni, some salami, and some
other meat with some mazo cheese, olives, roasted peppers, garbanzo and kidney bean, and low cal balsamic dressing...this is huge, it will last me and hubby a couple of days!!
All the pretty fruit waiting to be used up and out in the open so I
see it, use, and eat it!!!
Additional fruit for smoothies and
and oranges...There is an avocado in there as
well for added yummyness!!

Froze some blueberries in water to add these blueberry ice cubes to my
fruit water...

Okay so I am getting on a roll my good healthy food purchased, and prepared so I am ready to go and less tempted to stray from the plan!!!


  1. You are seriously on board!!!!! You are on fire....your enthusiasm is contagious. I am going to copy your fruit waters and the two salads for this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you....hope things are better with you!!! as for the has it all set up, pictures taken along the way so you know your doing it right, calorie count, protein so helpful, love her blog and I make the skinny chicken nuggets for my kids and they don't even know they are eating healthy, along with many of her recipes, there are so many great ones and my family doesn't mind joining me in this journey when they can eat that well!!! Hope you find lots of good eats and hope your tummy and pouch are doing better too!! xo

  2. Love that blueberry ice cube idea...I'm gonna have to do that :)

    1. BARBIE!!! I have missed you (cause I have been away, not you!!)....sounds like your doing great with your new PS adventure!! good for you!!

  3. Yum!! Looks great I love the fruit water idea!!

  4. Love all the flavored water..I love cucumber and mint water....helps me get in my h20!