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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Hello My Friends!!  It is TTT, thank you Laura, I love TTT!!!

1.  So last Thursday, No 1. was headed to prom!!!  I promised some pics so here they are!! She had a great time, and looked fabulous!!!

This Is Allison....all ready for her Junior Prom!!

This is Alli and her BF....Yes, I see wear his hand is!!!  He is a Junior as well, one of my Husbands football players, poor kid!!

BF surprised Alli 2 nights before Prom with roses, these are them...

2.  I went to a conference on Saturday with one of my best friends.  The conf. was being led by another one of my dear friends and the two over the past 11 years have never met, so it was time to bring my Tara, to meet my LaTerra!!!  I have known Tara since I was a Soph. in her to death and was so glad she could make it with me...The friend I will talk about in #3 took this picture of us!!!

I am doing better with pictures....but will be honest, glad my arm was cut off....not sure I want to see the real
reality of the whole thing!!!  P.S. just in case you need clarification...I am in the black Hawaiian dress!!

3.  Also at the conf. were many of the ladies I went to Philly and NY with back in Oct, a week before my consultation for lapband...This next picture is with one of those lovely ladies, the photographer of #2...the one after that is back in Oct. when we were in Philly...still have a long way to go, but at least progress is being made!!!

This was May 26, 2012

This was Oct 7, 2011....I had my consultation planned and ready for the following Sat.  Oct 15, 2011

4.  So let's talk about progress....Well it has been slow this month, really slow!!!  Various reasons, but the main reasons/excuses would be the following.....Not tracking as faithfully as I had been, not working out as faithfully as I had been, being very busy and using that as an excuse to not do the above 2...In a nutshell those are the top 3...there are other contributors, but we are being honest here so let me be honest....I took a break from the rules and I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds for almost a month....Not "cheating" or pigging out, just not being honorable with my diligence...End of the school year stresses me out and so this year, instead of eating like a crazy mad women, I just hibernated.

5.  Thank you to those who gave suggestions as far as my sister is concerned.  We are still at an impass with her.  It is terrible to see her deal with life as she is, but I also know I will not allow my children to be on lookers to her life style.  It kills her not to see them as much as she used to, and it kills me that they are missing out on knowing their Aunt...she is my only sibling so it is very hard, but limits are limits and she hates that I don't let them spend the night or go with her for the weekend, but I cannot risk the life of my kids...She admits she has a drinking problem, but she follows that up with I have it under control!!!  No she doesn't, and I keep praying she will seek further help and get healthy.

6.  I have my summer school interview today....Not sure why they are making us interview, but whatever....I need to put gas in the car and food on the table over the summer and this will give us that little bit of extra that we need...4 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks won't kill me...and the extra $3000.00 will be a welcomed blessing!!!  Keep me in your thoughts at 3:50 CA time if you think about it....that is my interview.

7.  Praise the Lord and Thank you Jesus my washing maching is fixed, my dishwasher is fixed and my garbage disposal is fixed!!!  Why does all of this always happen in 3's???  Last month sucked!!!  All 3 well the dishwasher was hanging on by a thread, died at the beginning of the month last month....I get paid once a month and that money is scheduled...fixing all three of those things was not in the schedule!!!  Thankfully, hubby found out was wrong with all three, I got paid, and he got the parts!!  Woo Hoo!!  The disposal was dead, had to replace the entire thing there but $200.00 to fix and repair all three verses buying all 3 new ones works for me!!  The only thing I will miss about the laundrymat is the amount of washers they had....I could do 5 loads in 1 hour!!!  But lugging all of that crap to and from...screw that, I will walk down the hall and do one load at a time in my own l aundry room thank you very much!!!

8.  No. 2 has her final steel band concert tonight...If I figure out how to upload a video I shall try so you can all hear!!!

9.  We have no real plans for this summer, but the 7th is our Anniversay 15.5 years....We eloped on Jan 1, 1998 because I was going to remain a virgin until I got married....the wedding was planned and ready but it was not until June 7, 1998....It was getting really hard to remain a virgin so Hubby said on New Years Eve let's go get married....I said, I will marry you any time any place, of course knowing our wedding was already booked and paid for....He said ok let's go to Laughlin...I said ok, and we drove to Nevada just like that got married on the 1st in Bullhead City, AZ a boat ride across state lines...So the 7th is our 15.5 soon as school is out, he and I need to get away and celebrate!!!

10.  I have a dr. appt on Sat....not sure how that will go seen as the past 4 weeks have been a wash!!!  Such is life right...breaks over and you get back to work!!!  So here is to moving forward, getting out of this rut, and thanking God for all of the great fun we don't know about yet, but will have this summer!!!

Love to you all....Donna, you are a doll, love your messages and think of you all the time!!!  Holly, your hug was much appreciated....Jennx, you always make me smile and Barbie!!!  I will be thinking of you swimming durning summer school!!!;o)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

It is TTT!!!  Thank you Laura for Thursdays!!!  Here we go...

1.  One more period and then off for 4 days....I am really in need of this four day weekend....

2.  No. 1 has prom tonight!!  I shall post pics later, but her dress is very cute, lite pink and her BF and her should be adorable.....

3.  Washing machine is still broke, can't do anything about it until I get paid on Wed...Have any of you recieved your million dollars from my prayer last week???  I ahve not yet either!!!  I will continue to pray!! ;0)

4.  I turned in my summer school application.   Really don't want too, but we just can't make the summer without it!!!  Turned one in for Hubby too...I am hoping they over look the part that he is a sub, and give him a summer job as well...

5.  Last Friday my hula class was cancelled...they were doing a Zumba 80's weekend will be back this week though, and I will be taking my friend with excited...

6.  Weight has been at a platue the past week...I have eating a lot of soup since my very stuck episode.   The soup is great but I think it has caused 2 issues....1.  too much sodium and 2.  not enough protien.  I am going to have to rectify that.

7.  I must also confess, I have not been working out as much.  With the change in the weather here....I have not been outside as much, I need to get my booty to the gym, but there are days when I just want to stay home.  If I am going to stay home, then I need to do the Wii or something but not working out, is not working our for me!!!

8.  Hubby's Spring Football is in full swing...he is so excited and that is nice to see, but I love and hate football season.  It is nice to watch and we love football, but Hubby is out a lot with the boys and I miss him...Better get prepared now!!

9.  We have no special plans for this weekend, but I am very excited to be home and able to do NOTHING!!!

10.  Got some distressing news about my sister this week.   Unfortunatly there is nothing I can do for her, she has to want to help herself and I am not sure how far deep she needs to get before she realizes she is too far....She struggles with drinking, and I am not a drinker so the addiction is foriegn to me.  I can relate to the food addiction aspect of addiction.  The bodies need to fullfull a craving that is accessive and unhealthy.  She had gastric bypass 5 years ago and in a sense has traded one addiction for another, but I don't like that excuse and really don't like to use it.  We are at a lose as to what we can do to help her, and really she has to be the one who wants to help herself, so we are stuck.   Any of you have experience with this and any suggestions as to what we can do to encourage or support her???

Much love to you all...xoxox

Friday, May 18, 2012

Make it STOP!!!!

OH LORD!!! Seriously from 2 bites of tortilla!!!! This morning I was getting ready to leave for work Went to get my usual one piece of toast with a bit of Peanut butter to start the day ( I have no issues with bread, only 1 piece Can't do 2) ...we were out of bread, so knowing I can't go to work without a tiny something I grabbed a tortilla!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER again!!!!!! Now I have gotten stuck on a tortilla before, but it was A burrito and I was eating to fast so I chalked it up to Slow down...apparently that was not the case...Tortillas are a NO NO NO NO No for me!!! Thankfully Hubby is subbing at my school today so we drove Together...I took 2 bites and was careful to chew well... I was driving And half way to school the slime started...had to pull over... 5 min later again thankfully hubby threw his water out and I had his water bottle... I thought 2x geez that has never happened!!! Got to my classroom, Students enter...4 more times!!!!! OMG!!! Have a student Get security...take a bathroom break...AP says go home we can Cover you....have to explain to AP who is not in the know what is happening!!! He knows now!!! 2 more times!!!! I am spent!!! Almost an hour of that crap!!! From 2 bites of tortilla!!!! OMG!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Hello Blog land!!  It is TTT thank you Laura, and we all know I love TTT!!! So here we go!!

1)  Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and first period sucked....Then while I was dealing with 1st period, No 1. calls in a panic...she threw her retainer away last night at her sisters concert!!!  I have been irritable beyond recognition since!!!

2)  No. 2 had her steel band concert last night...they are so good those little middle schooler's....what a blessing to be a part of such a great creative outlet...

3) 4 weeks left of school, and I am ready...18 school days!!  woo hoo!!

4) I have a check up on Sat.  wondering if they will give me a little fill.  Still on the fence if I need one or not..

5) Had a very nice Mother's was a very restful and relaxing day....Hope all you out there had a nice special day as well

6) I am really unmotivated to day anything right now....But doing nothing doesn't apease me either...One of those days I tell ya....

7)  I would really like to go camping this summer.  Not sure where yet, but we really need to get some reservations going here soon...

8)  I have learned Rice is a trigger food for me... I have not had it or made it since I figured this out...My dilema however is what do I serve with dinner for my family as a side....No rice, no potato...I cannot be trusted with either!!!  What do you all do as a side for you families???  veggies yes, and protein we do it is the carb or the other filler they are missing and I am at a loss...Hubby and I will do salad, kiddo's not so much...ideas would be appreciated...

9)  I really don't want to do summer school, but the family needs the money....It is only 4 weeks 4 days a week, 4 hours a day....I may need to bite the bullet and just do it.....

10)  Our washing machine is still broken, looks like I will be headed to the laundry mat again this weekend....Dear Lord, please bless us with a million dollars!!!  Amen....Bless my blogger buddies with a million dollars too!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Woo Hoo!!!  It is TTT thank you Laura...I love TTT!!!

1.  I love is just a great way to get out a ton of info in a short little blurp!!  I missed last week so I am ready!!

2.  I have been terrible with tracking my food....Not bad with the eating there is a difference.  No I have not been tracking, but yes, I have been planning.  Doing well and getting used to my new way of life.   I need to really get my butt back on the tracking wagon though, it is just a great tool to keep everything running smoothly!!

3.  Still loving my new car...Itr is so fun to drive zips here and there....We are having a ball!!!

4.  Holly, from 300 pounds down is always posting picst of her in chairs...Love the pics, they are just too cute...but it got me thinking about how many chairs, I didn't or barely fit into!!!  No 1. was in her school play, over the weekend and we went to watch.  It was in the theater, and I went to sit down, still had that little cringe of will I? Won't I?.....I did with plenty of room....thought of Holly and all of her pics!!  Then had to go to a meeting in my theater here at my school...We have the seats where they have the tiny table attached and you can bring it up or down depending if you need to work.  All year, I have not fit in those damn chairs because that added table makes the seat even smaller....Well I sat at the meeting, and low and behold, I fit....not table issues, no squeezing...just my booty in the chair!!!

5.  I am so done with all of this state testing....We are on our third week....we do a little here and there...I wish we would have just got it over with in a week....Ugh!!!  One more day next Tues and we are done, but this has been a daunting task and I am so over it!!!  The students are too...

6.  So, my very intense books, I talked about a couple of weeks ago..... Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed...The Trilogy??!!??  I have read them all!!!  OH MY!!!  Now these books have gotten very mixed reviews....Not gonna lie, there were parts Hubby and I had to google!!  But Sara, had said the first book was the most "out there", but ultimatley it was a love story!!  Could not agree more!!!  Those characters suck you in I tell ya, and I find myself missing that crazy couple!!!  

7.  Summer vacation is coming but not fast enough!!!  I have a terrible case of Summeritise this year....Have not had it this bad since I was a Senior I think!!!  Geez, I just want to be done and out.   I have not real plans for the summer either....Not sure what my issue is, but I have 4 weeks to hang on!!

8.  Still loving my Hula class....I missed last Fri, my mom came into town.   I saw the instructor at the gym yesturday and she said, we missed you, are you coming this Fri?   I missed them too!!  Have no idea how to get my hips to move like she does, but it is so fun and I am just loving it.   Even Hubby said, are you missing again this week....NO WAY!!!  When summer comes, I will be able to go to the Wed. morning class too!!!  Woo Hoo!!

9.  I have a ton of catching up to do with all you your blogs.  They are so inspirering to me and I appreciate all of you so....testing has zapped the zing out of me!!!

10.  I want to wish all of you mom's, and mom's to be someday and someday soon, a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!  Hope you are all surrounded by your loved ones and have a day filled with joy!!xoxo

Sunday, May 6, 2012

4 month Bandaversary!!!

Hello Lovelies!!! I have been a bad blogger...I apologize...we are doing State testing at School....I hate testing!!! Plus there are only 5 weeks left of school but it Feels like an eternity!!! My brain has checked out and I am on summer vacation already!!! Very, very bad indeed!! Well today us my 4 month bandaversary...I am down 44 pounds, and I feel very Good. I have been terrible the past 2 weeks with logging and MFP, but for the Most part the break from the constant , how much do I weigh? What am I eating, how much exc. Have I done? Has been such a welcomed break... Hard to explain...I have not forgotten about My band buddy, but I have not watched it like a pot boiling water either and I think my body as Relaxed a bit...well my head has anyway!!! Def. Becoming a very real way of life, not so much a new baby Bandster any more...I am a toddler now!!! LOL :) So banded life is moving in the right direction, Weight is going down and I really am working on getting My head screwed on straight for the next 5 weeks, but it is really A struggle!!! Lots to catch up on, but I shall wait for TTT!!! Love to you all!!! Have a wonderful, blessed week..xoxo