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Thursday, April 25, 2013


It is TRIPLE T....thank you to the beautiful, prego LB!!

1. We are state testing this week....the past three days have been easy, but the kids are burned out and they still have 3 days left!!!

2. Has April gone by at a snails pace for all of you too or am I alone in this??? Geez it is slow going, I am dying over here!!!

3. 35 school days left in this school year!!! Ready ready ready to be on summer vacation!!

4. No 1. Commits to her college dorm and roommate tonight...her time slot is 4:45, just praying she gets a fabulous roommate who proves to be a life long friend, and that No. 1 proves to be a life long friend for her as well.

5. We re-fied our house, hopefully sometime this evening we finalize the docs and then if all goes as planned.....NO HOUSE PAYMENT FOR ME FOR A MONTH!!! Woo Hoo!!! Looking forward to that money staying in my bank!!

6. I am calling in sick to work tomorrow...or using a personal day, whatever you want to call it, I am taking. Much needed day off with the Hubby to just chill, hang out, go to lunch, just spend some quality time with him so!!

7. Last week of my 3rd MA class... Loving the program so far, learning some great strategies, getting some goof ideas and even though some assignments are crazy long and hard, I feel accomplished!!!

8. Making a baby quilt for my sisters first baby!!! So excited to be an Auntie!!! I'll post pics when it is all finished!!

9. Anyone here from Andrea??? I know she is getting married here soon!!! What about Amy and her SAL??? Curious about those ladies, hope all is well with them.

10. I have been keeping with my at least 3 bike rides a week... Slowly getting everything in line with one another!!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend!!:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

NSV's....every little one counts!!

Hello Lovelies...
Last week I posted some short term goals for April and in an effort to keep moving forward as the scale moves down, I want to make sure I remind myself that every little NSV counts.  I need to celebrate the little victories, because these lead to the big ones.... So here is the re-cap of the goals, followed by this past weeks NSV's....

Short term goals:   Trade in my ice-t for water...add a bit more protein to my diet not quite getting enough just yet...continue to go on bike rides and shoot for at least 3x a week for on getting below 300 (that's 2 pounds away) on being 5 pounds down by the end of April!!!

I have rode my bike at least 3x this week
I have been drinking more water
I have been planning my meals on a more regular basis and getting in more protein
I have been reading "Skinny Jean's" and I am working on practicing the good habits.
I am staying positive and motivated no matter what the scale tells me!!

Have a great Monday to you all!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Triple T..;*)

Hello Lovelies!!  It is TTT, thank you LB!!
Here we go, love TTT, have always loved TTT, wish I had pics to post for you...but, "alas" I do not..

1.  Teaching Romeo and Juliet...will be for the next 5 weeks therefore, "let my intentions be made known, your charming ears (eye) may be consumed with English languages of the olde"....

2.  Hubby had a coaches meeting last night at our house...I was the chef!!  I made roasted chickens, roasted green and yellow squash, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, onion, baby colorful potatoes with a little EVOO and salt and pepper, A salad with added radish, green onion, Asian cucumber and celery...served water and fruit water and made very unband friendly brownies with choc frosting a la mode...I know it was all good until the desert....I did nibble, but I did not indulge!!

3.  I have been reading the book posted by Lapband Gal, followed by JennX as well...Skinny Jeans...really good so far.. I have been highlighting and soaking it in.

4.  I have been planning my meals for the week.  I have made a veggie salad with added feta and chicken all week...minus the day I forgo the chicken...question...I put 3-4 oz of chicken in the salad, but how much salad is too much??  I am putting like a 1.5 cups of lettuce and veggies along with the chicken as my salad...this is beyond the 4 oz we should be eating, but when it comes to salad I am still a little confused on how much "salad" is too much....I always stay under 2 cups but does anyone know a "rule"about the proper amount of "salad" to along with my protein???

5.  It has been a very busy week...I am tired, and so ready for summer vacation....I am not doing anything special this summer, but I am just ready... It has been a strange year??  Not bad at all, just strange not sure why?  Classes are great, students are great, things are moving and grooving well, just ready to be done!!!  42 more school days....

6.  We are streamlining our house sister is taking care of the details as this is what she does, but we should save about $160 a month....not a lot, but over the long hall, that is like 30,000.00 I don't have to pay someone!!

7.  I read on FB a little gas pumping trick...if you pump the gas into your car slow....very slow!!! (it takes like 10 min) less vapor is pumped into the tank and more gas is pumped in....I have tried this 2x now....I have only put gas in the car on Sat....I still have 1/4 of a tank left and have already driven over 300 miles....I like the results I am getting...I hate pumping forever, but if it will extend the gas in the tank, the miles on my speedometer and the money in my wallet, why not try!!

8.  I asked before, I'll ask again...what have you all heard about, "honey, cinnamon and lemon" and any combination of the three??  Read an article about how honey is like a cure all for all kinds of things...the honey and cinnamon tea I have been making at night has really stifled the chronic cough I was having that is for sure...

9.  Made some more fruit water....used mango, pineapple, apple, orange, and pear this time...very refreshing...Going to try Jennx idea, cucumber, mint and lemon next!!

10.  No. 1 went to her senior beach trip today...hope she is having a good time...

That is all for today!!  Hope you all have a wonderful TTT and a fabulous Friday!!  xoxo Kristin.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Testimony....

Hello All,
Hope everyone is doing well so far this week...My week has been good thus far, here are a few testimonies to share!!

1.  My cut up fruits and veggies are doing great...Salad is a breeze to literally throw together...a fist of lettuce, a fist of veggies, crumble some feta, add a couple nuts...Done in less then 30 sec.   Only problem was today in my glory of how smart I am, I forgot the chicken!!  So protein thus far...feta and nuts, not much of either as well!!

2.  I was frustrated yesterday...It was Monday anyway...But I was frustrated, more like irritable with daughter no.1...could not get a hold of her for an hour!!  Once I did I let her know I was very cranky and the "my phone died" excuse was no longer a viable while I was at the store picking up a couple of things for dinner, I picked up a snicker bar too!!!  Oh, and I ate it!!!  I knew I was eating out of emotion as well, but I did it any way...I logged it on MFP...need to be better about that emotional eating BS!!

3.  All of my classes are working on a Romeo and Juliet essay.  I may teach English, but I hate teaching writing....I just am not a fan...I will say the essays are looking great, and I streamlined the processes as best as I can but I would rather teach Romeo and Juliet the play with all of the thee's and thou's, then an essay on Romeo and Juliet any day!!  Oh, and I have to read and grade all 80 of them....Fun times!!

4.  Hopefully I can go on a bike ride tonight...It has been windy so windy, Dirt and Sand Wall's all over... you walk out and you are greeted by sand in your mouth, dirt as a face mask, and brown replaces all of the white you had on....It has been terrible!!  It should chill out today, and I plan to go riding....

All the testimony I have for now...Hope you all have a great WED.   I will be back for TTT!! xo

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Got a plan with some Yummy ideas!!!

Ok....2 in one day....this is picture loaded!!!  I went shopping I have a plan and once this is posted I will be on my SECOND bike ride of the day!!

Got a nice gel cushie for my tushie!!!  Feels much better to ride, but I must say, this banana thing going on
in the middle of the seat is a interesting...Did not notice that until I posted this picture...nice!!

Got this from over at this blog has great ideas...this is a bean and avocado salad
with a lime, cumin so good and the beans have some great protein!!

In an effort to make sure I drink all of my water, I made berry water...I cut up strawberries, raspberries,
blackberries, and some oranges, smashed them just a little and added water....chill it and
berry fruit water you have...

Took the limes from the bean and avocado dressing and added lemon to make some
citrus lemon/lime water too!!!  Always nice to mic things up!!

Stocked up on fresh fruits...plan to use the fruit in my shakes as well as to mix
up some other flavored fruit water....pears, apples and I also have mango!!

Made an antipasti salad with my fresh veggies....I cut up all my lettuce and put it in the fridge so
I can just grab a fist full...did the same to my veggies...added some pepperoni, some salami, and some
other meat with some mazo cheese, olives, roasted peppers, garbanzo and kidney bean, and low cal balsamic dressing...this is huge, it will last me and hubby a couple of days!!
All the pretty fruit waiting to be used up and out in the open so I
see it, use, and eat it!!!
Additional fruit for smoothies and
and oranges...There is an avocado in there as
well for added yummyness!!

Froze some blueberries in water to add these blueberry ice cubes to my
fruit water...

Okay so I am getting on a roll my good healthy food purchased, and prepared so I am ready to go and less tempted to stray from the plan!!!

Thank You....

Happy Weekend Lovelies...

I have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU... to all of you!!  Getting back to blog life this week and continuing on my path of getting my body, mind, heart and spirit all lined up in sync with each other has been a much nicer process with all of you to share the journey....

I have read all of the blogs this week, haven't posted everyday, but I have been reading and I love the heart, soul, emotion, and true determination and motivation all of you not only deal with yourselves, but inspire me to deal with better for myself as well.

I am still getting all of my part in sync with one another, I know I am not 100% focused very close but there are still a couple of things I need to make a priority, working on those things today, now that I have time.... things such as
1. drinking my water, ice -t does not count!!  Been very bad about this...I shy away from drinking because my classroom is so far away from the bathrooms and I have block periods with only a 5 min passing period so I am in the classroom for 88 min, 5 min pass, 88 min, 30 min lunch, 88 min prep, 5 min pass, 88 min teach and go home....I need to get me bathroom schedule in sync with my lunch and prep but that is not always so easy!!!  So I have been an ice-t just isn't water...

2.  I need to go to the groc. store and I need to buy some food, not only for the families sake but for good healthy livings sake....I need to stock up on protein, veggies and fruit...our cupboards are bare..

Once I get these 2 key components back in sync there is only one very last, very hard thing left to purge......LATE NIGHT NIBBLING!!!  A terrible habit I have gotten into...Hubby gets home at 10:30 5 nights a week so I stay up with him and chat a bit seen as I have not seen him...Kinda of a good thing to converse with your spouse ya know!!  Anyway, when he gets home he is hungry and he needs to unwind from his day, and I have taken up the habit of unwinding with him, even though I am about 15 min away from going to bed....BAD BAD BAD habit....once this is broken we should be all good!!!

Obviously, there are going to be obstacles along the way forever and ever.  I realize this and I know there are times when I am just going to have to readjust....this is an adjustment period...I am adjusting and working my alignment!!!

NSV for this past week...started blogging again, and was honest about my state of mind and body....start riding my bike again and I have been on 5 bike rides this week...Actually planning a second bike ride tonight!!! unheard of for me but yes, I see this happening!!  I have just about purged myself of soda and chocolate...

Short term goals:   Trade in my ice-t for water...add a bit more protein to my diet not quite getting enough just yet...continue to go on bike rides and shoot for at least 3x a week for on getting below 300 (that's 2 pounds away) on being 5 pounds down by the end of April!!!

I need to keep things real and attainable right now and this all seems very attainable...I must set myself up for success and build up my confidence and that is what I am aiming to do!!!  Have a beautiful weekend, I will be reading up on all of you even if I don't comment and Happy Happy Wedding day Lisa!!!  Love to you all xoxo

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Triple T

Triple T....thank you L.

Okay, It has been a while for me and TTT but, I love TTT so here no particular order!!

1.  My grapefruit tree has little baby grapefruits all over it..I am so excited to have my own blooming citrus tree...I need to get a lemon tree, but have not found the perfect one yet.

 2.  I saw this on line and it spoke to me on so many levels, I had to snap a pic...I have been listening to the "nah, your good!" a little to long!!!  Time to get listening to the swimsuit!!

3.  Saw this from my cousin...she posted it on FB...this spoke to me on so many levels as well...More I should say....It is not easy, but it is so very very possible.

4.  Went on a bike ride today...I love riding my bike, however, I am out of shape so I need to get
back into the swing of things...but I went out today, 3rd time this week and I road...I must however get a new bike seat...My tushy cushy is not cushy at all....I need a big booty seat that is SOFT!!!

5.  This was my bike ride route today...I pushed myself to go an extra 1/2 mile today so I got to 3 miles...I did not go so fast, some of that speed is the down hill part, but at least I was out there, I was moving and I am working on getting back into a grove!!
 6.  I have mentioned my oldest daughter has decided on a college...So far, far away from us (14 hours) but so beautiful.  I love the road trip we took, I loved our time together, I loved our hotel, I love the redwoods, I love the tour, the campus, everything...she bought this for me while we were there...I use it every night for my tea, or my lemon and honey water, or my honey and cinnamon water...
7.  Speaking of honey....who here has read, heard of, or seen the studies done on honey and cinnamon???  My friend has been posting a tone of stuff on honey and cinnamon on FB lately and I have to say, I really like what I am reading and hearing about it.   I can attest to my cough having almost gone away completely...I have had this allergy cold, sinus, cough, throat issue for almost 5 weeks now and the cough is the only thing lingering....I have been drinking warm honey and cinnamon water for a week now, and be it true, a head trip or whatever, my cough is 90% all gone!!

8.  Crock potted a roast today...gonna make shredded beef burritos for the fam ban and a shredded beef and cheese bowl for me

9.  I actually have tracked on my fitness pal all day today, just need to post it and get started with my logging again.

10.  Tomorrow is Friday and I am ready for the weekend...Not doing anything special, just ready!!

Love to you all, have a great Friday... be safe, and God Bless  xoxox Kristin

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

Well it is not as easy to get back into the swing of good habits, when I have let the bad ones take over for as long as I did...but baby steps and a little progress everyday will get me going and back to where I need to be!!

Started to enter food into Myfitness Pal again today.  Only did half the day, but half a day is better then none....I will confess, I have had soda (not today, but in the past few months) and that damn stuff is a hard habit to break...I have had a caffine headache all day mix that with the absence of sugar and my head has been pounding....But, I know this is all part of the detoxing part and I know it will only be a couple more days and things will balance out...That is all for today!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

A bit of Honesty, followed by some catching up....

So, in an effort to get back into the swing of a good thing, and after being honest about so ugly truth's, I figured I would update you all a bit on what has been going on with me over my absence.

I started off the new school year great.  I had great classes and have really had a very drama free (teaching wise) great group of kids.  I did have to switch kids half-way through the year, not a normal thing for me seen as I teach Eng. I keep my kids all year.  This year they needed a favor, I was asked and accepted.  So a new group came in and though for the most part they are good kids as well, there a few too many dominate personalities in one class which doesn't make it bad, just difficult at times.

Hubby is still subbing and he also got a part time job with a gorc. store.  He is also the varsity football coach for a local school so all fall was filled with football.  We love football so that was not an issue, but subbing, working part time and coaching full time took a lot of his time and that part was hard to adjust to.   Then once football was over the part time job became full time...though we love the stable money coming in we miss our Hubby and Dad.  He, Lord willing, will start his Special Ed. credential in May and hopefully will be able to get a full time teaching job this Fall.  Fingers crossed.

Daughter no. 1 is a Senior, 7 weeks until graduation and then she is off to Humboldt State University.  We visited a week and half ago as I posted before and it is just beautiful.  Love the campus, love the opportunities, love the area, the redwoods, the ocean.  So many amazing things she can exp. I am so excited for her and we are so proud of her, but we are so sad at the same time....Not sure we are ready to let go, even though we must, it will be a tearful summer as you will all hear about I am sure.  Yes, Humboldt is probably more known for its "Pot smoking Hippies"....having visited and investigated this, we are pleased to know there is so, so, so much more to Arcata then "Pot smoking Hippies" and the college follows Federal Law, no tolerance with drug issues, and seen as Her biological mother is a drug addict, she is very turned off by the life style...We shall pray the "Pot smoking Hippies" stay with fellow "Pot smoking Hippies".

Daughter No.2 is promoting from 8th grade.  So many life changing events in one year, I should have planned a bit better in having children...she has had a great year, honor roll with a 4.0 all year, a babysitting queen.  So very proud of her.  Sadly, she has just found out her BFF since 5th grade is moving to WA at the end of May.  Their plans to transfer to the private school together are over, she must face HS w/o her and she is not happy.   Been a very sad little girl for a couple of weeks now.  I think it hurts her more, knowing she is still here but is leaving...I am praying the healing starts when the BFF moves....We will miss her though, she is like having a 4th kid, love their friendship, love how well they get along, just love that she has had such a wonderful true friend.  I know they will keep in contact, but the daily interaction is going to take some adjustment.

Buddy Boy just turned 10...all of my babies are in the double digits now!!  I feel old...he is still wonderful, fun, full of imagination and doing better with his reading.  Not much else to report in 4th grade.  Playing outside, making messes, getting dirty, smelling badly, and annoying his sisters is what he loves to do.

I turned 39 in Sept.  I started a MA program with Grand Canyon University (online) and have enjoyed being a Coaches wife this past fall verses a soccer mom.  It was a nice change.  Hubby was in the newspaper every week and on TV with all of his home games.  The CIF championship lose was heartbreaking and we still cry over it.  But I loved being by his side the entire time, cheering him on, getting all of the coaches wives together on the side lines cheering our men on, as well as the boys of course!!  Still sewing when I have time, trying to read more and trying to get my head back in the BAND game...Life is always going to be there and there are always going to be twists and turns, but that doesn't mean I ignore parts of life because they are harder or get difficult...Time to face facts, and deal with what needs to be dealt with....

So that is a quick update in a nutshell...probably more detailed for some not enough detailed for others. I have missed so many of you and love catching up on how you are all doing....Holly is still as inspirational as ever, Andrea, I hope your forcis ( I think??) is out, Rachel still waiting to see those wedding pics.  Jennx saw your updated profile pic, WOW!!!  You look fabulous, Jackie curious how your student teaching is going, Barbie trying to keep up with your latest journey and my first blogger buddy, who started my blogging journey...MDLapband, I have read up and I am praying for you girl, still feel like we are living parallel lives in so many ways.   Most of all I am just happy to be in good company!!! xoxo Kristin

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hello Blog Buddies,
It has been quite a while since I have posted and there is no other reason for my absence other then the truth....I abused my band, I fell off the band wagon, and I have not only not seen my Dr. in like 9 mos.  I have gained 20 pounds over the past few months, my clothes though they fit, are tight and don't feel as comfortable or look nice as they once did, I have stopped working out, I have failed my band....With all of that said, once I started slacking, it was just easier and easier to keep slacking and the thought of posting a blog made me feel ashamed, sad, and so much like a failure.   How could I read about all of your great band stories while I struggled with mine?  How could I post all was going well when I knew damn well, I was maintaining not losing and losing was the name of the game.   How could I get closer and closer to my 1 year goal and be so very close to 300 again when I was nearly 20 pounds away from 300 a year ago?  Did I want to be that honest with all of you?  No, I did not.  Not only would that mean that I have failed, even with this band, but that admitting it would make it more real then it already was.  So what changed?  I got on the scale 2 months ago and the scale said 297!!!  What the hell?  How did that happen....a few weeks later, it said 303!!!  I took my daughter to her college visit, she graduates in a few weeks and want to go to Humboldt State, HSU stands for HILLS and STAIRS...I couldn't make it up the last hill.   I was so out of breath, my husband said, just wait her, catch your breath and I will go with her to the next meeting she has.....What!!!  You seriously want to leave me here to catch my breath and miss out on a meeting with one of her future professors!!!  Kristin, how did you let this happen that you can't even climb hills and walk up stairs without losing your breat so badly you clearly can't go any further??  How could you let the very thing that helped you to go through with the surgery, "be there for your kids", miss out on this very important meeting because of HILLS AND STAIRS!!!!  I was infuriated with myself.  I was depressed.  I was mad at the one constant supporter in my life my Hubby of suggesting I rest and he go without me!!!  That was a week ago.  All week, I have been telling myself you can do this, you can get back on the band wagon and you can do this.  You have only gained 20 pounds, that is nothing in the grand scheme of things....I got on the scale last night, (I know it was night, I had drank over a liter of water, eaten all day, not the best time to weigh yourself) 307!!!  No mind you, I weighed myself this a.m and it is back to 303, but it is over 300....It is 20 pounds in the wrong direction and it is time to be accountable again.   I wish I knew people in my area who I could talk with and be accountable with, but I cheated, I had my surgery through a 1800 get thin and it was not near my house.  It is time for me to admit, I need my blog buddies.  I need to be accountable, I need to be honest, I need to face the facts....My size 20 butt should really be in a size 22 and that my 24's are so lose and comfy I find too much comfort in them......I need to get my head out of my butt and get my butt in gear.....So there is the ugly, honest truth....I have abused my band and I have paid for it and I have to get back in the game...