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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Hello all!!  Almost forgot it was Thursday!!!  Went to see how everyone is doing and was reminded of TTT!!!  Thank you Laura for this very fun Thursday activity!!!  Here we go!!

1.  Things with Dad have been going well.  We went swimming on Sat. I have a tankini suit, while floating on my back my top flipped up a bit and Dad saw the port scar...Well he knows now!!  He was shocked, but supportive as was step mom.  I shared how it works, explained how things have been going and answered any questions they seemed to have.   They all felt my port too....No.2 loves to push on that thing, she wants to be a nurse so she might as well, learn right??!!  So He knows!! 

2.  No 1.  has been playing this song over and over and over for 5 days now!!!  5 DAYS!!!  If it was not so chatchy and cute, I would had to have stangled her by now, but it is acutlly a fun song, good message, and just happens to be sung by a boy band!!!  Oh my little lady is in love with the lead singer Harry!!!  He is her wallpaper on her phone, and the song is her ring tone....I had to share the music video with my classes and all of my freshman girls are quit smitten with those lovely little English boys as well.   The group is One Direction, the song is "What makes you beautiful"....I watched the video on youtube, and realized towards the end of the video why Harry happens to be her fav....anyway, this damn song is in my head....However, I remember the days of NKOTB and Back Street Boys, and NSYNC so I shall let her dream!!!

3.  No 1. and BF broke up...thankfully there has not been too much drama.   BF mom was/is CRAZY!!!  She was making it very difficult so now it is over.   A little sad, I really liked this kid.  He has a terrible home life, but he was polite, called hubby and I Mr. and Mrs.  so formal, but it was so respectful...Geez, even my own students don't even call me by my name, they just say Ms.   hello...I am married kids!!!  He treated No 1. with the utmost respect.  They were never allowed to be alone, so no worries there, but he always opened the door for her, made sure she had lunch, walked her to the door, said please and thank you to us...he was really a good kid, Hubby and I have liked him the best so far....But the Mommy issues were a bit much even for me....I was ready to go at it with that women...But last night she even said...mind you it has only been 5 days...but she said, you know, it really doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would!!!  Keep that in mind kiddo!!

4.  I have been terrible with MFP the past week or so.   I don't know why, I have been eating well, working out, doing all I need to do, just have not been logging it...I need to not let that get to ahead of me....that is how things start to turn for the worst!!!

5.  Going to Hula again on Friday....SO MUCH FUN!!!  The water zumba was fun, I was the only "young" person there, but those grandma's and grandpa's can rock n roll in that water!!!  I will do it again, but not as faithfully as I will go to hula!!

6.  We have been doing State testing this week....our schedule has been way off, and as much as I love the free time, when you have 25 students in your room for 3 hours with nothing to do because we finished on the first day like we were told to can really work ya!!!  Today however, I have had from 9:00 -1:15 all to my peaceful self in my classroom with no has been heaven.  I have caught up on grades, lesson plans, grade book, work, and blogging!!  So relaxing!!

7.  My step mom bought me a book...Now I am very leary to say the name of these books as they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!  She said she saw the review of this book on 20/20 and how these books are the "Twilight" for adult women...she read the preview, was hooked and bought it.  Sent it to my kindle and says, download it, read it, you will love it....All of the women are raving about these books, they are making a movie of them and everything.   The next day...I don't know if you want to read it....It is a bit graphic...
Step sister says, "A BIT!!!  IT IS SOFT PORN!!!   Oh great!!!  I have never been a romance novel kind of person.  I love murder mystery, who done it...I don't want to read about sex, I would rather honestly just have sex with hubby...but in an effort to play nice and continue to mend the broken bridge between dad and step mom, I have this book, I am skimming!!!  Oh yes, it is GRAPHIC!!!  Even my little skims, have been very discriptive.  However, at this point, I really want to know how this all works out for this couple.  It is not a bad book (uses far too many "F" bombs for my liking), but it is GRAPHIC no doubt....Hubby and I goggled a couple of things last night...we had no idea what the book was talking about, WOW!!! So FYI if you love romance novels you will love these books, if you do not wish to read about S&M or other GRAPHIC details about sex steer clear...Fifty Shades of Gray is the first book....again it is interesting and the characters do draw you in, but for those PG rated readers, you will have to skim A LOT at various parts!!!

8.  The scale has been good to me this week.  I have not lost anything, but TOM has arrived and I will take no weight loss upon TOM arrival, over TOM weight gain any week!!!

9.  Bought a new Car on Sunday!! Love it!!!

10.  I honestly don't even know what we are doing this weekend!!!  It has been a crazy week, and I am a scatter brain...I have to do flowers for a wedding tonight, the couple is getting married on Friday, so that stress could be adding to my scattered thoughts!!!  Okay, I must get back to work now....Have a lovely day all!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woo Hoo!!

Hello All....
I feel like I have so much and so little to share with all of you...I have been very pre-occupied the past few days, I apologize, not sure what is going on...All is well in band land, I have no complaints, TOM is on his way so maybe that is where my distraction is coming from.  Not sure but wanted to share some new excitement with all of you!!!

My drive to work is 24 miles one way...Not far for some, farther for others.  We have a Yukon XL (almost paid for like 5 payments left) and a 20 year old Jeep Wrangler that does not go farther then 25 miles from home...Hubby loves the Jeep he can have it!!!  However, with gas being so crazy, we were spending way too much in $120.00 (another car payment I know) every 5-6 days to fill up my beloved Yukon!!!  Hubby has been ranting and raving for months, but we were just not able to purchase another car due to various reasons (far too many to mention!!)  So in the past to indulge him I would go with him to the VW dealer so he could gawk at the Jetta he so badly wants.  Or the Tourage I so badly want!!  I even went as far as to go on a test drive with him....pre band that is and told him, Babe, I know you love this car, but I drive a tank for a reason, I have room, the kids have room, I am high!!  I can run this little Jetta over!!!  Truthfully, it was a bit tight.   I felt like a sardine in that car compared to my Yukon and that car just accentuated my BIG O BUTT!! 

Well after 6 mos of him ranting, and my bank account dieing due to having to pay for gas, I saw a commercial on VW and thought, well maybe our credit is better.  Let's try!!!  We went down, by the Grace of God we qualified and best part of it all!! I FIT!!  WITH ROOM!!!  I don't feel like a sardine in a little can, I don't feel like my Butt is spilling over into the center column cutting off circulation in my thighs, and it is just too cute!!!  I traded a big o gas bill, for a big o car payment, but at least the car payment will leave me with a car to keep....not an empty gas tank that needs more gas every 5-6 days!!!  I still have my beloved Yukon XL....He will just have to not go to work with me anymore....He is to expensive!!!  No 1.'s school is 1.5 miles from home, she can drive him to school so he does not get lonely!!  So here is a picture of my new fun toy!!! That will get 31-35 MPG!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Thank you Jesus for better gas milage!!  AND BUTT ROOM!!!! ;0)

Friday, April 20, 2012



Blogger??? and an NSV>>>

Happy Friday!!!

Okay, does everyone have a new looking blogger home page???  why do sites do this??  Just when I learn how to maneuver around they go and switch things up!!!  Have to say, not a fan!!

Ok on to the NSV....Yesturday, I went to the gym and swam for an hour.   I told myself, one hour Kristin...Not 45 min, not 50...60 min. in the pool...laps, leg kicks, running in place in the deeper part, whatever, but 60 min.   No looking at the clock saying well it has only been 15 min, I can do 60 tomorrow....No cheating at 30 min and then going into the spa for 30 min....60 min............and I did!!! I was so excited...Okay so that was not even the NSV I was talking about, but it is an NSV as Woo Hoo!!!

So on the way home from the gym, No 2. calls and asks if she can stay late at her BFF's house...BFF lives 2 streets over...fine, stay...Then No. 1 calls, play practice is almost over and she wants to go to BF baseball game....fine, go!!!  So it is just Hubby, me and Buddy Boy...We must make a Costco run, I am out of gas, Buddy Boy wants pizza as usual because he is like a Pavlovian Dog...He sees Costco and Salivates for pizza...Yes, buddy you can have a slice of pizza...."Can I have a Churro too?"  He knows how to push it when he is a temporary only child....Yes, but you have to share with Dad...he jumps up and down, thank you mom, thank you and gives me a hug....but the NSV is his little arms wrapped around my waste and touched eachother....He grabbed his hands together around my waist!!!  He has never been able to do that!!!! I did a little happy dance in my head right there in Costco!!!  (Zumba gave me enough dancing in public for the week, so just in my head was good!!) Yay for shrinking waistlines!!

Okay, so I guess I have a third NSV too!!!  Dang, I am on a roll!!! ;0)  I am going to the Hula class today...and I am going to stay the entire time, no matter what, even with this stiff neck of mine today...tomorrow I am going to venture back into the water and give Zumba another chance but in the pool!!  Should be interesting???

Happy Weekend!! xoxo

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

TTT....yay...thank you to Laura, the random day to learn about eachother is here!!!  Let's get started...

1  I am feeling Spring Fever so terribly!!!  Geez, I did not even feel this way before
Spring break and now 2 weeks after the fact, I am having the hardest time getting into the groove again!!!  Summer why are you so far away???

2.  I don't know if I told you all, but I will again just in case.  Hubby is a Football coach.  The head football coach of the team he coaches stepped down in March...Hubby applied and Hubby got it!!!  Yay Hubby!!  Now I get to have High School boys all day at school and on the weekends at my house!!!  So excited!!! NOT!!  Seriously, though, they are good boys, and I really am happy for Hubby.  He has to go to a coaches clinic this weekend at UCLA so he should have a good time.

3.  Things have been going well with my dad.  We all went out to dinner last night and we had a BBQ over the weekend.   The kids miss them, so it is nice to be peacable again for sure.  Sister of mine has not joined us yet, but hopefully she will this weekend.  They have extended their stay at their condo for another 10 days.

4.  I found a couple of new classes at my gym I think I will try.  Tomorrow there is a hula something or other...I believe it is more hula dancing not hula hoops...sounds fun, I think I will check it out.   Again, out of my comfort zone, but I just need to get over myself.   There is also an aqua zumba class on Sat morn.   That I am interested in as I am a fish and love the water...we will see how that goes too!!  Plus the water will relieve the Kneecap sweat!!

5.  I did enjoy Zumba the other day, but I need a new place (didn't go to my gym for this).   It was the only white girl in the entire class, and though I am fine with that, my newbie, uncordinadated, white girl  with no rhythm stood out a little too much!! I think I need to find a class that is for the beginners and maybe has a song or two that I actually can understand.  It was just not the right fit for me.   I would do the class they have at my gym, but that class starts at 7:30 and you have to sign a sign up sheet.   Everyone wants to take it so once it is full, no more!!!  People show up and hour before the class just to be able to get in.   If I am going to go to the gym, I am not going to stand in line for an hour doing nothing just for a class.  And don't even think about getting out of line, those ladies are serious!!!  They will clobber you if you try to get back in!!  This line is huge too, it travels the perimeter of the gym!!!  Note to self....ADD MORE CLASSES!!

6.  My fill has been great... My issue is my head.  I know I am not hungry, I know I have had my fill of food.  I still take that one extra bite, and then I have that terrible stuffed feeling....I have done it 2x now!!!  I just need to let it be, the cravings are just that cravings nothing more and me and my head need to get it together.

7.  I will admit, I did sweat like an enormous pig at Zumba, and I LOVED IT!!!  I cannot remember the last time I sweat soooo much!!  My hair was soaked, my clothes, my kneecaps!!!  It was a very good feeling of accomplishment I will admit!!

8.  My room is a mess.   It has been a mess for like 3 weeks.   The laundry I fold, put away or hang up just seems to be replaced with more laundry....It is a shame how messy my room is!!!  Hubby wanted to wash the sheets the other night and I was like really???  There isn't enough going on in here, lets pull the bed apart and wash the sheets so the room can be a mess with a naked bed!!!

9.  The front yard is looking so beautiful!!!  The grass is growing so when I turn the cornor to go home, I don't just see dirt, I see patches of green sprouting up...Makes me feel like a real responsible grown up!!

10.  No. 2 got her report card in the mail, yesturday!!!  It OFFICIALLY stated she has a 4.0...she hung it on her Honor Roll Wall....I hope this motivation lasts until she graduatates from High School!!!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone....followed by a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Always good to learn something new!!!

Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had a pleasant day!! My day has gone well for the most part... I have been trying a new eating schedule to curb the 2:40-4:30 monster and though for the past 5-6 days it has been great, today was not so good... Oh the head issue of it all, but I have been aware of the patterns, the feelings and trying to correct them...

This evening I found a huge correction that I have acknowledged and will in the future ban!!!

I made stew meat for dinner and served it over rice. I know rice is not a band friendly food,(don't need a lecture there, and honestly, I have had no issue with it) but it goes along way when I am feeding 5 people. I keep my portion of it small, but I find myself grazing and nibbling on that starchy goodness. Tonight, I knew I was full, I knew I was not hungry, I knew I did not need anymore rice and I still took another bite!!! As I was chewing I cannot control yourself with rice, therefore, rice shall be banned from our kitchen, not for ever, but def. For a while...I will not be saving the left overs as I am not trust worthy, and my big huge Costco size rice bag with at least 2 pots full left to cooked has found a new home in the garbage...

Rice??? How strange!! Candy yes, cookies yes, sweets yes!!! Who would have thought rice would be such an addiction??? Those carbs!!! Man they can kick your booty!!!

So I learned this evening that I love rice, ( I knew this), but I learned rice is just not an option for me at this point and seen as when I start I do not seem to be able to stop, rice must be evicted!! And I am really excited about that!!! 1. I recognized my inability to remain in control with such food. 2. I have eliminated another food that would hold this weight lose journey back and I am moving forward!!

Hope you all have a great evening and a happy Wed.!!;) xoxo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Zumba update!!!

Three blogs in one day!!! Who would have thought!!! Ok so Zumba!!!

Lots of fun! Will go again!!! But here are a few things I learned!!!

1. The 21 year old this 38 year old remembers, who did all of those aerobics classes so beautifully and rhythmically, did not join me at Zumba this evening!!!

2. Kneecaps sweat!!! Yes, this is true!!! Not the back of my knee, though I am sure that area saw it's fair share of perspiration, but my pants had big round sweat circles on the knees!!! Really!??

3. Shakira's hips may not lie, but Kristin's do!!! As much as I think I can move and groove and shake these hips of mine, that nasty, gigantic mirror showed me the truth and they cannot!!!

On a bright note...going to this class was a huge out of my comfort zone step so NSV there, I went!!! 15 min into the class my anxiety kicked in, I was missing my shoe insouls, my knees were killing me and I wanted to flee flee and never go back....but, I stayed!! I almost ran out of there 3x... But I stayed!!! I am giving me that as another NSV!!!

I finished the entire 60 min...I looked like a fool, shook and shimmied like a flopping fish, out of water and sweat at least a bucket of sweat...but I finished...another NSV!!!

What I will do in the future...look for a beginners class!!! Get Zumba Wii so I can embarrass myself in the privacy of my own home, get good at it and then go back and knock em dead!!!;)

Biting the Bullet!!!

Ok...I am doing it!!! Going to my first Zumba tonight!!! We shall see!!;)

Clothes...and the way they make you feel...

Hello Blogger Beauties,
Hope this Monday is finding you all ready for a new week!!

Clothes is the topic of my blog today as I have had some interesting things happen lately!!!
#1.. my pants size 24's are all too big and my 22's are 50/50 ...Yay!!! but I try to still wear a few of them, because I just need to...I had to go to the bank the other day and as I was walking up to the door, I put my phone in my back pocket...I get to the door, it is the double kind, where you walk into one door, you are in a little path, the door closes behind you and you can't open the door in front of you to get into the bank until the door behind you is secured...well it is as I am in the holding area that my phone rings...mind you I am in a holding area and you know there are camera's all over...I am in a bank!!!  I go to retrieve my phone, but it is not in my back pocket???  How is this?? I know I just put it in my back pocket and I hear it behind me...well with my pants being TOO large, and me being in a hurry, I did not put my phone in my back pocket, I put it down my pants.  The waist area has become so large, that I actually put my phone in my pants not my back pocket and now, it is ringing and I need to answer it...Do I shimmy and shake and let it fall down my pant leg on to the floor?  Do I dig in my butt area on CAMERA and get it before it falls?? I have like 2 sec to figure this out as the door behind me is almost closed and I must open the door in front of me....I dug!!!  Right there on camera in the little holding area, I stuck my hand down my pants and I am sure I looked like I was pulling out the biggest wedgy you could think of...Oh and it was signing...Ke$ha's song Tic Toc....this is what people heard as they saw me digging in my pants Oh, and filmed me because I am on Bank camera!!.....
" Don't stop make it rock D.J. blow my speakers up, tonight Ima fight till we see the sunlight, Tic Toc on the clock but the party don't stop...whoa whoa whao, whoa, whoa, whoa,"....Nice!!!  Clothes can embarrass you!!

#2..Hubby and I have these t-shirts we got for helping out at a fundraiser for the kids school.   I got a 2XL he has an XL...Even the 2XL was too tight, so to wear it I put my knees in the front to stretch it out and feel a little bit better and like I had room to breath...Well after the fundraiser, we don't need the shirts and who is going to wear a shirt like that out in public just to wear??? NO ONE!!  Fundraiser event I wear my shirt as a PJ shirt.   Saturday I am getting ready for bed and I pull out this shirt.  I put it on and look down, I look in the mirror, I don't need to stretch it out with my is lose, I don't feel restricted, it fits around my waist fine and looks the way it should have looked to begin with I guess?  I make a mental note, and kind of question when on earth is a 2XL going to look HUGE on me??  I mean I know I have not lost 100 pounds or anything, but you would think at least by now, it would feel and look bigger then it does.. Oh well, and I chalk it up to clothes let you know you still have a ways to go...  Sunday, I am folding the laundry and I come across  the other fundraiser shirt.  I hold it up to get it straight and neat to be folded and I notice this is a very large shirt.  I look at the tag....2XL....2XL!!!!! Wait....that means the one I have on is Hubby's and it is XL??!!??  I take the shirt off, read the tag....yes, yes, yes!!!  I had Hubby's shirt on the entire night!!! The XL and I didn't even stretch it out!!!  I ran into Hubby look, look, I have on your shirt, not mine!!!  Clothes can make you feel excited and prove to yourself, you are working hard, it is working, and a difference can be seen and felt!!!   Yay for clothes!!!  Well the ones that don't embarrass you or make you feel fat anyway!!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!xoxo

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday scenary and My 4th fill!!

Hello Lovely's....Today, mini me (No 2.) and I went to my Dr. appt. for my 4th fill....All went well.  It had been almost a month and for the 4 weeks I lost 4 pounds.  My Dr. was happy, he said on average a pound a week, your doing great....I looked at him and said, " a pound a week, really (you don't know the kind of month I have had dear Dr.)!!!"  Got the talk about how the band is designed to help you lose a steady weight of 1-2 pounds a week, so it comes of slow and stays off!!!!  I get it, but can we rev up the lose maybe just for a month or 2?? Please??  I told him about my 2-4 p.m. ravenious episodes and how I was not feeling tight...He said we will give you .50 cc's and see how that I have .50 cc's more and I go back in 4 weeks.  I can live with that, we will see if in 4 weeks I need another .50 cc's?  I understand how at this point they want to keep the fill's on the lower side so I don't get too tight and then  have to be unfilled, but my impatience kicks in sometimes.

So on to another subject...Yesturday was a rainy day here in the desert, and a snow day for the mountains (well a snow day for desert mountains here in CA!!) was very cold too!!!  Well for us desert people it was....30's is nothing for some of you, just like 115* is nothing for me....but anything 80* and below for me is sweater weather!!!  Seriously!!  Anyway, rain and snow is not something we see that much of so it is kind of a speacial gift and event when it does happen, and we all go dance in the rain, drive to the snow in our flip flops and freeze our booty's off.  Pretty much act like fools who have never seen water fall from the sky.   The older population hybernates....very few people go driving in the rain out here, it is a bit ridiculous really, but so funny how at least 65% of the desert people out here, see a sprinkle and are like, "Gotta go home, it is going to rain"!!!  Rain!!  It is just water people!!!  However, after the rain the desert is just beautiful!!!  It has had its bath and it glistens, and sparkles and it is wonderous....

Yesturdays storm as I said was very cold for our little valley and the mountains this morning were just blanketed with on our drive to my appt, I had mini me take pictures so I could share a little of the desert beauty that I am surrounded by daily...please forgive the windshield and other oddeties in the pics, it was with my phone, on the freeway and she is still only 12....

The top top is not snow, those are big fluffy clouds...

Clouds rolling over the mountain...

The right side of the feeway, no snow, but the storm was trying to make it's way over...

Hard to see but the back mountians in the middle were covered in snow and looked so pretty tucked in the back...

Left side of the freeway

Center of the freeway, what we were driving into!!!

 This was on our way home, so snow at the bottom was alreay melting but it looked like a huge sheet of frost just sitting there begging to be captured on film..

I just liked this one!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! xoxo

Friday, April 13, 2012


BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!
It’s Friday! That means it’s time for BYOC. Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. Whether you’re a parent or not….what do you think the appropriate age is to talk to a child about “the birds and the bees”?

My girls where both 11. I will admit I did a better job with No.1 then No.2...I sat her down explained it all. We talked about TOM, sex, genitals...everything!! It was just the 2 of us and that was special. My friend was a Jr. High teacher at the time and had told me about a girl who came to her and thought she was prego...My friend said why? The girl said, because I kissed my. BF!!! So I ended our conversation with...Sweetie just to be clear, you cannot get prego from kissing a boy. She said," Oh thank God!!!"... I said, " that doesn't mean you can go kiss boys!!!"... I know Mom!!! No. 2... So sad!!! Hubby and I and No 1 are in the car. Hubby asked if she had "the talk" yet? I said nope, and start...No. 2 do you know what sex is? Yes Mom...what is? She explains...what is your period?...she explains...when can you kiss a boy and have sex...she says when I am married...Good job, talk done!!! So sad, I know!!

2. What’s the color scheme in your bedroom?

Three of my walls are a taupe, one is an army green accent and there is an wall section opposite it that is also the green color...I have sheer Chocolate brown curtain panels behind a green curtain with chocolate brown furnature has black iron accents as do my wall hangings and my comforter is a checker board design with burgundy red, gold and choc brown and cream squares with delicate flower clusters in the center...

3. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair?

We are cheap...Pantene Pro V from selfish note is Hubby will always smell my head and say, I love the way your hair smells...when we have changed brands He doesn't say I tested it and switched brands...NOT OME WORD...I switched back to Pantene...BAM!!! He starts with his you smell so good comments again!!! So there ya go... I like to hear Hubby tell me I smell good!!!

4. And since it’s nearly summer time…do you paint your own toes, go some place for pedicures or not paint your toes at all? What’s your fave toe color?

I live in the desert...flip flops always...Pedi's when I can afford them otherwise I do them...always crazy colors!!;)

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week!

This week was been nice...Spring break flowed over to Monday and Thursday I was off campus with a mgt. So only 3 days of real work!! Woo Hoo!! I have worked out 4 days already this week, my cal count and portions have been life has been not too bad...

Blog London has been great, all of your posts continue to push and support me...though my life has been a bit routine lately, I need to make a better effort of just posting..."have a great day"... Happy weekend!!;)

I think I am going crazy!!

Happy Friday!!! I am beat today so I am ready for the weekend!!!

So, as I mentioned in TTT my new go to food is Greek yogurt and 1/4 c. Granola...
I had hubby try it the other day because he is a big McDonalds parfait fan too but at 6'2" and 185 pounds he doesnt need to worry about the sugar or protein issues!!!

Anyway on Monday we went to Costco I bought the Fage 12 pack they sell, had Hubby try some he agreed it was good...Yesterday I am getting ready to leave and pack a yogurt for lunch...I had one for breakfast and was not motivated to think about what to eat for lunch so I grabbed another yogurt. I look in the fridge and there were 5 yogurts left!!! What??? Am I going crazy!!! Have I been eating that much yogurt??? No way!!! Today is the first day I did 2, all the others I just had 1 at lunch...Mon 1, Tues 1, Wed 1, Thurs 2...why are there only 5 left??? There should be 7!!!

I meet Hubby at Costco after work yesterday he needs gas and I have the checkbook...side note, insider info for those who may not be privy to the info about Costco!!!...we buy our gas at Costco, but when you use your ATM at the pumps the money you spend on gas does not apply to your yearly bill...we have the $100.00 membership where 2% comes back to you at the end of the year but the gas purchases are not included...However, if you buy a Costco cash card inside and use the cash card at the pumps you get credit for the cash card purchase towards your rebate and buying gas then counts!!!

We have paid our membership fee for the past 8 years with our rebate and still had money to shop...yes we are Costco whore's!!!

As we are standing in line, I say," oh, I think I need to get more yogurt. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I think I am going crazy!! The yogurt was a mess this morning in the fridge and I know I stacked them neat, and there are only 5 left Babe!!! Am I eating them that much really??? I can only remember eating 5, 2 are missing??? Do you think your mom ate them??"...Hubby puts his head down, smirks a cockeyed little dimpeled smile and gives me a sideways puppy dog look...."you ate my yogurt, didn't you?"...Hubby, "Well they are so good even with all of those funky fruit flavors and I was in a hurry so I had one for breakfast and was going to have one for lunch, but you brought me burritos so I left it for breakfast tomorrow...Love you!!".

So, good news, I am not going crazy my supportive adorable Hubby is also a yogurt and granola theif!!! Needless to say, it appears I am now sharing my yogurt and granola!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Hello my Blogger Buddies,
It is Ten Things Thursday brought to us by Laura (much thanks and appreciation) and seen as I missed last Thursday, I am excited!!!  TTT is awesome, but like Rachel (Fat Fish Skinny Sea) I feel like I have only been blogging on Thursday because all of your posts seem so much more exciting and purposeful, my life is kind of boring right now!!!  I will make a better effort of blogging even if it is just to say…woo hoo, we are on a great journey here!!!  Okay on to 10 things….

  1. I spent most of my Spring Break, well all of it, working on our front yard.  When we bought our house 2 years ago, it was a repo and the yard had not been kept up…Well we are not yard people and our way of keeping it up was by pulling out the dead stuff…we live in the desert, rocks, and dirt are common!!!  Our association did not agree and after 2 years they had enough of our rocks and dirt and we were getting nasty letters….love those associations!!  NOT!!  But seriously it had been 2 years and we really needed to get it together….so we tilled the grass, racked the rock, got the sprinklers working, the bubblers working, planted 23 plants, bushes, shrubs, a great fruit tree, roses, bought more rock to add to the outline and seeded the grass area….It is beautiful, lots of gardening though and tilling soil SUCKS!!! But I got a nice sun burn while doing it, which has given my WHITENESS some color thank god!!!  Even my students have said all week, you got a tan Ms.  No, I got a burn, but yes, I am not so white anymore!! Here are some yard pics....pretend thegrass is already green!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

2.  Hubby and I met with my dad….That was huge for Hubby, and I was so proud of him for not only agreeing, but also being a participant in the conversation.  Yes, he did it mostly for me, but he also knew he needed to get some things off of his chest as well, and he did so in a very calm, mature manner and I love him all the more for that.  Our talk went well.  It had been a year since I talked with my Dad.  There was a disagreement between he and Hubby and it was just not good.  Hubby and I however, banded together, stood up for ourselves and remained united, which I think made him a little bitter.  Needless to say, there was a great deal of hurt on both sides and it was time to get it out, deal with it, agree to disagree and try to move on.   It was a good honest talk, I am glad we went and I am glad the stress of the situations is no longer on my shoulders.   

                                                                     weight lifted!!

3.I had stated in one of my first posts that weight, well more specifically my weight is something we don’t discuss with my Mother and Father and that there are very few people who to this day are aware of my WLS (except all of you of course).  My mom knows but my dad does not, still does not and not sure when or if I will share that info with him.   Hubby did make it very clear however, in our talk with my dad,  my weight was not a topic of discussion and any comments or questions about weight need not be shared while we were around.  Hubby gets very annoyed with my family and their off the charts disfunction with weight matters.   God knew I needed a man who loved me for me, not because of a number on a scale!!  WOW!!  Thank you Jesus for my fabulous, handsome Hubby!!

                                   Love, Love, Love this man!!!  Pic was taken at Thanksgiving 2011

4.  Easter was very low key for us…we went to church and everyone loved my dress!!!  Thank you to all who commented on the picture.  It is very bright and I am not sure if it is because of the miracle that I wore a dress and trust me when I say, we have been at our church for over 5 years and I have NEVER worn a dress to church, or because it is just so cheery, but I had a ton of complements on the dress and that made me feel pretty!!  So not only did Jesus rise from the dead on Sunday, but Kristin’s desire to buy more dresses did too!!! Amen !!

                  Kids on Easter, saddly, I did not get a shot of me in my dress!!  We will have to do a redo!!

5.  I got to sleep in today a little.  I am a support teacher for new teachers.  I help them work through a credentialing program, here in CA at least, called BTSA.  I have a BTSA meeting today at noon, so my morning is supposed to be filled with working on the BTSA site and making sure my teachers are up to date…as you read my TTT it is very clear what my morning has been pre-occupied with!!

6.  I let No 1. drive me to the store for the first time last week.  It was terrifying to say the least.  Being the control freak I am, I had to make a very strong effort to appear and remain clam and relaxed.  For the most part she did well.  Of course I drive a Yukon XL so driving a tank for a new driver is challenging, and we only were almost in one head on collision, for real, (turning into the grocery store parking lot, she turned into on coming traffics side of the entrance not hers…thankfully the driver understood she was a newbie!!) and by the time we got started on the way home, her breaking was already getting better….she will need more practice, and hopefully my nerves and my car survive!!

7.  No 2. got her 4.0 as she expected but boy the drama!!!  Oh Mother Nature will you hurry up already with that girl!!! Hubby and I can only take so much more of this girl and her drop of a hat crying episodes.   Hubby, turns to me the other night and says, “were you like that?  I don’t recall No 1. being like that?”  please, like I can remember when I was almost 13!!!   Soon, Hubby, very soon!!!  Thank God Buddy boy is the youngest….Hubby can deal with him!!!

8.  I go for my 4th fill on Sat.  It is amazing to me how now that I have a significant amount in there, how the first 2 weeks were pretty tight, and now I feel the ravenous monster again.  Geez, from like 2:30-4: 00, there are days when I think I could eat a cow!!!  Really, if I let myself, I think I could eat that entire hour and a half and still not be full.  I hate that time of day and no matter what I plan for that time, it hits me and I am just soooo hungry!!!  Fill me up please and thank you!!!

9.  In an effort to be fuller longer I have been adding granola to my greek yogurt.  I love the parfait at McDonalds, but since pre-op I have not had one because as yummy as it is, it is not low sugar.   So I was reading how another blogger puts granola in her yogurt and said, why not?   Bought some and love it!!  I got the just clusters and put a ¼ cup in my 5 oz yogurt…depending on the flavor of yogurt the cal count is 202-272 with the granola and the protein ranges from 14-15 grams depending again on the flavor.   I tried the fage greek yogurt with honey…though it is yummy, it is also very sweet, I can only do that one every so often.  But I have been having that for breakfast or lunch and it fills me up good…if only I could make it fill me up until 4:00!!!

10.  I am enjoying this Spring weather here in the Desert.  I have been riding my bike for my work outs.  The wind feels so good, unless it is pushing against me as I bike up the hill, then it sucks, but it is so fresh outside and I love it!!!  I will miss it come summer time…eventually I am going to try a Zumba class, just need to make it a priority….Have a wonderful day all, and thank you for the support I get from all of you. Your blogs encourage, and push me and I am so thankful to have such superstars just a click away!! xoxo


Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to Chat..Catch up...laugh a little!!

Hello my Blogger Buddies,
I feel like it has been so long, since I have posted.   I even missed 10 Things Thursday, and I love 10 Things Thursday.  I do apologize for my absence. There is much to catch you all up on….WARNING, WARNING….this is a long one.

  1. With regards to my Band…oh, there are times this band and I just don’t get each other!!!  I had been struggling with the scale and thought I could be do to not enough caloric intake.  So I upped my cal count from 800-1000 to 1000-1200.  After the first week, things seemed good and the scale went down a bit.   I was happy to see the downward movement, however, 1 week is not enough to see if the change is good or bad, so I was going to stick to it for another week.  This is were the flood gates of CRAZY opened and the scale became far more then an enemy!!!  Geez!!  TOM arrived and I knew the scale would go up so I did not pay to much mind, but then as TOM was leaving the scale said 297.2!!! That is almost a 10 pound gain from my lowest low thus far 288.5!!  I was beside myself.  I knew it was not weight, it was water and TOM  but it had to GO!!  I was not sure how to do this.  After 3 days of a stead decrease in the scale it was still sticking at 294.6!!  NAY NAY!!  This is not accurate weight either, so I called my nutritionist and we had a discussion on what seemed to be the issue.  I also decided I was going to try out Donnas’ voodoo!!  (I will get there)….After I talked with the nutritionist she said, I want you to weigh yourself every morning after you wake up and every night before you go to bed, so we can see what your body is doing.  If you get the same weight for 3 weigh ins that is your real weight.  If you don’t then we can see what the scale is doing and what could be causing the fluctuation, the frustration, and try to work on that.   I was game!!  I did this for three days, and sure enough, the scale went down, down, down!!!  So we know it was water, not food and I can chill a little.  Thankfully I am back down as of yesterday to a new lowest low, 288.4, not much but after amost 2 weeks of up, up, up I am excited.   The unfortunate part is I have now wasted almost 2 weeks trying to figure this out and since my last fill I have lost .1!!Woo Hoo!!  I go on the 14th for my next visit and I am not happy about the results the Dr. will be seeing after 4 weeks.  However, learning how it all works together is part of the process and boy have we been learning a great deal the past couple weeks!!! 

  1. Donnas’ Voodoo!!  If I could be any more literal I would be commitable!!!  Donnas’ Voodoo is from Happily After Lap Band, go check out the details from her blog, I love her and she has such great things to read about, food suggestions and helpful links too….But in a nut shell, you take 2 TBLS of coconut oil to trick your brain into letting go….and add 2 TBLS of apple cider vinegar to a 20 oz water glass to boost immunity and what not….After the weeks I was having I needed some Voodoo.  Off to Trader Joe’s I went and low and behold those two items are literally next to each other on the aisle, so it was fate.  I purchase them come home, and get on blogger to see what EXACTLY I am to do!!  Take 2 TBLS of the oil…Ok, I like coconut should not be bad.   I text Donna, “got your VooDoo here I go”…she says let me know how it is!!!  I put my spoon into the oil it is like Crisco oil but smells like coconut.  I can’t get over the Crisco part mentally so I can only do 1 TBLS…I text Donna back and let her know, it was different, but the Crisco thing was too much to get over….She texts back….”you have to let it melt”!!!   OMG!!! Well of course you do….a sane person would have figured this out….not me I am literal and eating Coconut oil with a spoon!!!!  I was laughing so hard, I just ate half a TBLS of Coconut Crisco, put the other half in my protein drink and now I find out it needs to melt!!!  Ok note to self, let it melt…so on to the apple cider vinegar water.   I put 2 TBLS in my water, drink it in…It literally tastes like watered down salad dressing, but I am a vinegar fan so I can do 20 oz.   I text Donna…Water is not bad, it is not good, but I can do this….Donna texts back…I usually mix mine with Lemonade!!!  Yes, Yes, you would!!!  Not me, no no...I would drink it straight!!! Oh Lord I did it again!!!  I cannot believe how I messed up those two things so badly….I laughed for hours…I still cannot believe I was so literal!!! OMG!!!  Needless to say, I have not done the coconut oil again, though my jar is now melted and ready to go!!!  I keep forgetting to add it to my protein shake…The apple cider vinegar water with a bit of lemonade however, I have done and I do find it to be a very good water retention releaser!!!  At least for me it is and I like that….Still laughing at myself though, I see where No 1. gets her all brains and no common sense from!!!  That would be ME!!!

  1. As promised here are pics from Buddy Boys B-day dinner.  We went to the Pirate Dinner Adventure and Show….And in the pics you will notice I am wearing a new shirt as I had hoped, I was in the 280’s not 285 but 288.9 and I also included my new Easter Dress that I so badly wanted to have for Easter as well….It is very bright, but it is Springy and cute and I can wear it dressed up or down…plus at $11.99 who can argue??  So some of my short term goals met!!! Woo Hoo for that!!! Sorry so long!!!

Buddy Boy and me!!!  My little guy is 9!!

Hubby and Me with Buddy Boy….Love how thin my arms look in this picture….LOOK would be the key word there….and, Yes, I know….Buddy Boy looks just like Hubby!!!

There the real arms are!!!  My rolls are getting smaller though and I did not crop this picture…Hubby looks like a goof, but the key point here is the rolls are smaller!!

                                                               Mini Me….NO 2.  and I…

    This is a terrible family picture, but the only one I have of the night so it will have to do…the girls look good, but the rest of us need some facial and positional help!!!

The bright Easter Dress!!!  Very Green!!  Well I guess it would be more of a Spring Dress but I am wearing it to Church on Sunday for Easter, so it is my Easter dress!!!