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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Triple T..;*)

Hello Lovelies!!  It is TTT, thank you LB!!
Here we go, love TTT, have always loved TTT, wish I had pics to post for you...but, "alas" I do not..

1.  Teaching Romeo and Juliet...will be for the next 5 weeks therefore, "let my intentions be made known, your charming ears (eye) may be consumed with English languages of the olde"....

2.  Hubby had a coaches meeting last night at our house...I was the chef!!  I made roasted chickens, roasted green and yellow squash, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, onion, baby colorful potatoes with a little EVOO and salt and pepper, A salad with added radish, green onion, Asian cucumber and celery...served water and fruit water and made very unband friendly brownies with choc frosting a la mode...I know it was all good until the desert....I did nibble, but I did not indulge!!

3.  I have been reading the book posted by Lapband Gal, followed by JennX as well...Skinny Jeans...really good so far.. I have been highlighting and soaking it in.

4.  I have been planning my meals for the week.  I have made a veggie salad with added feta and chicken all week...minus the day I forgo the chicken...question...I put 3-4 oz of chicken in the salad, but how much salad is too much??  I am putting like a 1.5 cups of lettuce and veggies along with the chicken as my salad...this is beyond the 4 oz we should be eating, but when it comes to salad I am still a little confused on how much "salad" is too much....I always stay under 2 cups but does anyone know a "rule"about the proper amount of "salad" to along with my protein???

5.  It has been a very busy week...I am tired, and so ready for summer vacation....I am not doing anything special this summer, but I am just ready... It has been a strange year??  Not bad at all, just strange not sure why?  Classes are great, students are great, things are moving and grooving well, just ready to be done!!!  42 more school days....

6.  We are streamlining our house sister is taking care of the details as this is what she does, but we should save about $160 a month....not a lot, but over the long hall, that is like 30,000.00 I don't have to pay someone!!

7.  I read on FB a little gas pumping trick...if you pump the gas into your car slow....very slow!!! (it takes like 10 min) less vapor is pumped into the tank and more gas is pumped in....I have tried this 2x now....I have only put gas in the car on Sat....I still have 1/4 of a tank left and have already driven over 300 miles....I like the results I am getting...I hate pumping forever, but if it will extend the gas in the tank, the miles on my speedometer and the money in my wallet, why not try!!

8.  I asked before, I'll ask again...what have you all heard about, "honey, cinnamon and lemon" and any combination of the three??  Read an article about how honey is like a cure all for all kinds of things...the honey and cinnamon tea I have been making at night has really stifled the chronic cough I was having that is for sure...

9.  Made some more fruit water....used mango, pineapple, apple, orange, and pear this time...very refreshing...Going to try Jennx idea, cucumber, mint and lemon next!!

10.  No. 1 went to her senior beach trip today...hope she is having a good time...

That is all for today!!  Hope you all have a wonderful TTT and a fabulous Friday!!  xoxo Kristin.

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  1. I'm not really sure on the salad... But I would finish your protein and eat the veggies until your full. Maybe a cup to start and more if you need it. Let me know if you find out because I'm just guessing!!!