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Thursday, April 25, 2013


It is TRIPLE T....thank you to the beautiful, prego LB!!

1. We are state testing this week....the past three days have been easy, but the kids are burned out and they still have 3 days left!!!

2. Has April gone by at a snails pace for all of you too or am I alone in this??? Geez it is slow going, I am dying over here!!!

3. 35 school days left in this school year!!! Ready ready ready to be on summer vacation!!

4. No 1. Commits to her college dorm and roommate tonight...her time slot is 4:45, just praying she gets a fabulous roommate who proves to be a life long friend, and that No. 1 proves to be a life long friend for her as well.

5. We re-fied our house, hopefully sometime this evening we finalize the docs and then if all goes as planned.....NO HOUSE PAYMENT FOR ME FOR A MONTH!!! Woo Hoo!!! Looking forward to that money staying in my bank!!

6. I am calling in sick to work tomorrow...or using a personal day, whatever you want to call it, I am taking. Much needed day off with the Hubby to just chill, hang out, go to lunch, just spend some quality time with him so!!

7. Last week of my 3rd MA class... Loving the program so far, learning some great strategies, getting some goof ideas and even though some assignments are crazy long and hard, I feel accomplished!!!

8. Making a baby quilt for my sisters first baby!!! So excited to be an Auntie!!! I'll post pics when it is all finished!!

9. Anyone here from Andrea??? I know she is getting married here soon!!! What about Amy and her SAL??? Curious about those ladies, hope all is well with them.

10. I have been keeping with my at least 3 bike rides a week... Slowly getting everything in line with one another!!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend!!:)

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  1. I am so stinkin excited about summer break I can't stand it! We are also in the middle of testing. All of my kids are assessed through a portfolio and they aren't due until May 10th, but they are sooooo much work for me. I hope you enjoyed your day off :)