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Sunday, April 21, 2013

NSV's....every little one counts!!

Hello Lovelies...
Last week I posted some short term goals for April and in an effort to keep moving forward as the scale moves down, I want to make sure I remind myself that every little NSV counts.  I need to celebrate the little victories, because these lead to the big ones.... So here is the re-cap of the goals, followed by this past weeks NSV's....

Short term goals:   Trade in my ice-t for water...add a bit more protein to my diet not quite getting enough just yet...continue to go on bike rides and shoot for at least 3x a week for on getting below 300 (that's 2 pounds away) on being 5 pounds down by the end of April!!!

I have rode my bike at least 3x this week
I have been drinking more water
I have been planning my meals on a more regular basis and getting in more protein
I have been reading "Skinny Jean's" and I am working on practicing the good habits.
I am staying positive and motivated no matter what the scale tells me!!

Have a great Monday to you all!!


  1. Those are some good NSV's! I wish I could trade in my Mountain Dew for more water...but I'm not so sure that's gonna happen any time soon.

  2. great NSV' are rocking it!