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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Triple T

Triple T....thank you L.

Okay, It has been a while for me and TTT but, I love TTT so here no particular order!!

1.  My grapefruit tree has little baby grapefruits all over it..I am so excited to have my own blooming citrus tree...I need to get a lemon tree, but have not found the perfect one yet.

 2.  I saw this on line and it spoke to me on so many levels, I had to snap a pic...I have been listening to the "nah, your good!" a little to long!!!  Time to get listening to the swimsuit!!

3.  Saw this from my cousin...she posted it on FB...this spoke to me on so many levels as well...More I should say....It is not easy, but it is so very very possible.

4.  Went on a bike ride today...I love riding my bike, however, I am out of shape so I need to get
back into the swing of things...but I went out today, 3rd time this week and I road...I must however get a new bike seat...My tushy cushy is not cushy at all....I need a big booty seat that is SOFT!!!

5.  This was my bike ride route today...I pushed myself to go an extra 1/2 mile today so I got to 3 miles...I did not go so fast, some of that speed is the down hill part, but at least I was out there, I was moving and I am working on getting back into a grove!!
 6.  I have mentioned my oldest daughter has decided on a college...So far, far away from us (14 hours) but so beautiful.  I love the road trip we took, I loved our time together, I loved our hotel, I love the redwoods, I love the tour, the campus, everything...she bought this for me while we were there...I use it every night for my tea, or my lemon and honey water, or my honey and cinnamon water...
7.  Speaking of honey....who here has read, heard of, or seen the studies done on honey and cinnamon???  My friend has been posting a tone of stuff on honey and cinnamon on FB lately and I have to say, I really like what I am reading and hearing about it.   I can attest to my cough having almost gone away completely...I have had this allergy cold, sinus, cough, throat issue for almost 5 weeks now and the cough is the only thing lingering....I have been drinking warm honey and cinnamon water for a week now, and be it true, a head trip or whatever, my cough is 90% all gone!!

8.  Crock potted a roast today...gonna make shredded beef burritos for the fam ban and a shredded beef and cheese bowl for me

9.  I actually have tracked on my fitness pal all day today, just need to post it and get started with my logging again.

10.  Tomorrow is Friday and I am ready for the weekend...Not doing anything special, just ready!!

Love to you all, have a great Friday... be safe, and God Bless  xoxox Kristin


  1. I'm a new follower! I am glad you are blogging your journey! These girls are the best! Can't wait to see the big things you accomplish!

  2. Nice to meet you...thanks for following!!:)

  3. Good job girl!! Just keep getting on the bike for the next week and it'll get easier every time!

  4. Annnnnnnnd I started myftnesspal back up today too!!

  5. Woo Hoo for us!!!! Getting back in this grove thing!!!:)

  6. you sound back on track! That is what makes this band awesome!

  7. Jenn, still working on it, but I am feeling it and it does feel good....I must say, I changed my ticker yesturday to my real weight...It was hard to admit the pounds were back on but to move my ticker really sucked!!! Can't beat myself up over it...must move on right!!