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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank You....

Happy Weekend Lovelies...

I have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU... to all of you!!  Getting back to blog life this week and continuing on my path of getting my body, mind, heart and spirit all lined up in sync with each other has been a much nicer process with all of you to share the journey....

I have read all of the blogs this week, haven't posted everyday, but I have been reading and I love the heart, soul, emotion, and true determination and motivation all of you not only deal with yourselves, but inspire me to deal with better for myself as well.

I am still getting all of my part in sync with one another, I know I am not 100% focused very close but there are still a couple of things I need to make a priority, working on those things today, now that I have time.... things such as
1. drinking my water, ice -t does not count!!  Been very bad about this...I shy away from drinking because my classroom is so far away from the bathrooms and I have block periods with only a 5 min passing period so I am in the classroom for 88 min, 5 min pass, 88 min, 30 min lunch, 88 min prep, 5 min pass, 88 min teach and go home....I need to get me bathroom schedule in sync with my lunch and prep but that is not always so easy!!!  So I have been an ice-t just isn't water...

2.  I need to go to the groc. store and I need to buy some food, not only for the families sake but for good healthy livings sake....I need to stock up on protein, veggies and fruit...our cupboards are bare..

Once I get these 2 key components back in sync there is only one very last, very hard thing left to purge......LATE NIGHT NIBBLING!!!  A terrible habit I have gotten into...Hubby gets home at 10:30 5 nights a week so I stay up with him and chat a bit seen as I have not seen him...Kinda of a good thing to converse with your spouse ya know!!  Anyway, when he gets home he is hungry and he needs to unwind from his day, and I have taken up the habit of unwinding with him, even though I am about 15 min away from going to bed....BAD BAD BAD habit....once this is broken we should be all good!!!

Obviously, there are going to be obstacles along the way forever and ever.  I realize this and I know there are times when I am just going to have to readjust....this is an adjustment period...I am adjusting and working my alignment!!!

NSV for this past week...started blogging again, and was honest about my state of mind and body....start riding my bike again and I have been on 5 bike rides this week...Actually planning a second bike ride tonight!!! unheard of for me but yes, I see this happening!!  I have just about purged myself of soda and chocolate...

Short term goals:   Trade in my ice-t for water...add a bit more protein to my diet not quite getting enough just yet...continue to go on bike rides and shoot for at least 3x a week for on getting below 300 (that's 2 pounds away) on being 5 pounds down by the end of April!!!

I need to keep things real and attainable right now and this all seems very attainable...I must set myself up for success and build up my confidence and that is what I am aiming to do!!!  Have a beautiful weekend, I will be reading up on all of you even if I don't comment and Happy Happy Wedding day Lisa!!!  Love to you all xoxo

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  1. Those are some good goals. Small steps is the key I think. I have not been in sync either but I am hopeful that I am the way there. We will do this and you will soon be rid of that 300 number :D hope you have a great weekend