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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Universal Studios Hollywood!!!

Well Friday we went to Universal Studios and there was quite a bit of good stuff
Happening...we had a great family time...I did not cower at one photo opp...
My step mom generously paid for it all and without knowing, bought year round passes not a single day!!!woo hoo we are going again and again over the next year!!!...I had never been so that was fun and exciting....I did not worry about fitting into the ride seats as I knew I would and I did on every one we road....the Transformers adventure was amazing, we went on that 3x....I walked all over and though after 11 hours my dogs were barking really really loud it still felt great...we ate for the most part very well and I did not indulge due to the atmosphere...the tours and shows we saw were was just a day full of NSV's for me and I had a fabulous, fun family to follow of the family, cousins, Nani and Auntie Arin and Uncle Mario...have a terrific Tuesday...xoxo


  1. So happy for you and all your NSVs - what a boost and testament of all your hard work! I hope you have many more happy times there. x

  2. what an awesome vacation!!! love the pics and sounds like you did awesome