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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ten Things Thursday....thank you Laura, your blog is adorable and this Thursday tradition is delightful!!!  Love it and thank you for it!!!

Ok, on with the show!!

1.  I have had a very trying week...I realize I was a perfect teenager...I really was, I did not drink, smoke, experiment with anything illegal, or fool around with the opposite sex....I realize these were my decisions and I was proud of them...I also have tried very hard to raise my girls in the same fashion.  I know I am not failing, but I have felt a huge blow with my oldest the past 2 weeks.  Things I never thought I would have to deal with as a parent because I was such a model citizen.   It has made me very emotional.  Yes, I have turned to good old snickers and rockey road a couple of times.   Obviously I did not down the entire extra large candy bar, geez you get two of those things, but over the course of 2 days I did finish it....I also did not eat the entire container of rocky road...I had 2 reasonable sized small bowls with magic shell I might add, and did not make me feel better.  Yes, I knew what I was doing the entire time, thus the portion control to some extent!!!  Still food is not as comforting as it used to be, and that is good...dealing with life, when you really are not sure how to deal with things you have not had to encounter before however, SUCKS!!!

2.  So on to a better topic...yesturday we left my Dad's condo and this was the picture I gave me peace, so I wanted to share.

3.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I bought some new make-up...finally took a picture...hard to see the colors I guess, but they are fun!!!

4.  I also promised I would share some pics from the party that we dressed up as "Wal-Mart Worthy", white trashy....and the Disco/70's party last weekend....Mind you the 70's pics are not flatering at all but the shirt is a Large so woot woot!!

5.  Hubby woke me up really early today.  He has been going to football practice early because we live in Hell during the summer....But today was really special...Yesturday he had an interview with the local newspaper about him being the new head varsity coach for a local High School....It ran today....So here is a rather bad picture of hubby in the newspaper!!!  So proud of him....sorry couldn't straighten it out....

6.  Since I was up so early, I figured I had no excuse not to workout so I went for a bike ride....while riding it looked like this.....

Don't let those pictures fool like this in the desert just means HUMIDIY!!!!  It looks cold, but let me tell ya, it is far far far from cold.....Then it started to rain....riding in the rain was very refreshing I might add, wish I could ride in the rain more often, and the humidity has not kicked in yet, so it was a cooler rain not a steaming hot rain!!!

                                                   rain on my pants!!!

7.  The kids have been enjoying their visit with their cousins from WA...they have been swimming, playing in the sprinklers, going to the has been nice for them....Well No. 2 and Buddy Boy, No. 1 is too old so she has been pouting mostly about her punishments.....

8.  Hubby has to go have blood drawn today....he has been feeling a little low lately and wants to make sure all is well with him....I think it is the stress of No. 1 but we are going to get it checked out to make sure....

9.  Did I mention there was a snake on my front porch last week???  There was a snake on my front porch last week...a baby rattle snake, well a juvinal side winder, still a rattle snake... it had to die....sorry to any snake lovers out there, but he was to small, and I have kids and a mini wienner dog....

another joy of living in the desert during the summer.....HEAT, HEAT and more HEAT and SNAKES!!!

10.  Tomorrow we are all going with the cousins to Universal Studios....I have never been and I am very excited....I will take pics and post later....I am also looking forward to all of the walking this will bring for my day, all of the ride fitting into and all of the family fun we should have....My Dad and Step Mom are funding it so that is a blessing as well....Have a fabulous Thursday lovelies....xoxox Kristin


  1. your #1 hit lose to home. i was NOT a great teen and because of that i fear how my girls will be. my daughter just completed kindergarten and the entire year she talked about liking/loving/wanting to marry a certain little boy. i'm so scared how her teen years will go!

    my husband is an elementary school coach with hopes to one day being a HS school coach. what a co-winky-dink!

  2. This humidity in the desert crap is just annoying me. I'm so freakin' hot...not handling this summer nearly as well as last summer because of it. Hope the dust settles soon with #1.

  3. humidity sucks! Snakes---double suck!----heat triple sucks!

  4. Parenting teenagers must be uber-stressful with all the peer pressures they face. They are just so unaware of all the potential consequences of their actions and as someone who loves them, you can't get the point across without being the annoying nagging parent. I hope it passes quickly but don't feel bad about needing the odd comfort of some ice cream.