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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not MIA...I promise!!!:)

Hello Blogger Buddies,
I have not been MIA though it would appear I have been...I am still stuck in the 280's, but I am not frustrated, I am working through it. Hubby and I have been working on my work outs. Well I have been working, Hubby has just been thinking if new ways to torture me!!!;) Just kidding, he has been very supportive.

Hubby is a varsity football coach and he has me doing the swim workout he and his Asst. coach who was also a varsity swim coach have the Football players doing!!! Yikes Babe I'm 38 not 15-17!!! But I love swimming and though the routine is only 30 kicks my butt!! Did you know you can sweat in the pool??? You can!!!

So, even though the scale is really not moving, I am in a size 20 regularly now from a very tight, seams ripping 24...I can wear an XL -L shirt, the curves are replacing the rolls, and the inches continue to come off...I can't knock the inches as I know soon, very soon, as I stay consistent the scale will move down too!!!

On another note...Hubby is really really encouraging me to join a triathlon in before you all freak out it is not a full blown is a 500 meter swim, a 14 mile bike ride and a 3 mile walk/run!!! I swam 500 meters the other night, just regular I was not pushing just to see how long it took and how I felt???!!! It took me 20 min...very doable!!! IF!!! I agree I know with training I can get that swim down to 10 is .3 miles...I ride my bike all the time and can do almost 8 miles in an hour and again I am riding but not racing so with training, I can get that time down too...we shall not discuss the run as I am not a fan...but what do you all think??? A fairly doable triathlon yes or no??? Of course I have to get over myself as far as the run part goes!!! And there is nothing wrong with walking!!!;)


  1. holy cow, you're making some good steps forward! glad to see you back on the blog :) only you know yourself...if you think you can train to be able to do it....go for it!

  2. Do it!! That is an awesome goal!! I have been thinking about trying to find a mini tri to participate in. It really motivates to have a goal to push towards!

    1. Hi!! Thanks for following!! Looking forward to getting to know you!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. I don't doubt you can do it. 500m is a long old swim though and 10 minutes sounds fast if you are going to follow it with the ride and walk/run.

  4. goals and races are inspiring me---I think I want to do a color run in January--bring on the fitness

  5. I've been wondering how you've been doing! You're killing it on the workouts! Keep up the good work!