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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Triple T!! Woo Hoo!!!

Ten Things Thursday!!!! Love it!!! Thanks Laura!!!:)

1. Saw this on FB and loved it...very heartwarming and a fabulous message for all of us WLS long as we try and keep at it, we will all succeed!!!

2. Ok so this may not work putting the picture under each post...they may all show up at the end...bummer but, you get the point!!

3. I burned myself while making my daughters bday dinner!!! Right in the fold of my elbow!!! It really sucks!!

4. Took No 2. And buddy boy to the eye Dr. Today...buddy not picked out his new pair of glasses and apparently now, mini me is in need of visual assistance as well!!! Poor kids!!! Don't let her expression fool you, she has been begging for glasses for years!!

5. On our way to the Dr. Hubby ran over this....had to buy a new tire they couldn't patch it!!! NOT what the budget called for!!!

6. Headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow!!! So excited to get away!!! Staying with our friends for her hubby's 50th surprise bday party...Disco themed!!!! I am a downer Debbie not really into the disco thing....But...I will give it a go and dress up!!! Pics may follow next week!!

7. No. 1 wants to see the new Channing Tatum movie, Magic Mike!!! I think not dear!!!! But Mommy is going to see it!!!!:)

8. I had the top of a slice of pizza and some off the doughie crust part!!! Bad idea I suggest you not!!! I am having soup for dinner!!!

9. Hubby won his softball league championship on Tuesday!!! Yeah Hubby!!!

10. The upload of this pics is all screwed up...blogging on my phone sucks but I am out of the house and didn't want to miss TTT!!! Oh well!!! Have a fabulous weekend lovelies...xoxo


  1. so not even the cheese top of a pizza huh? thanks for posting!

  2. Cheese part yes...the sauce, doughie, carb goodness below it!!! NO!!!

  3. A disco themed party sounds like tons of fun to me...I love me some disco music :)

    Sorry about your tire...that sucks. I hate those unexpected expenses.

  4. Loving your kids in their glasses. They look incredibly smart.

    I'm with Barbie! Disco themed party sounds fantastic fun. Just try not to take it all too seriously.

    Hope your elbow and tummy feel better soon. xx

  5. holy cow that is one big bolt in your tire! and that burn looks like it hurt for hours!