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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Triple T day!!!  Thank you Laura....
Here we go...

1.  No summer school for me....this means my internal alarm clock is going to have to figure out how to snooze until 8:00, and then revert back to waking up in the 6 o'clock hour come August!!!  Not sure how this is going to be accomplished, but seriously....can I just sleep in maybe one day a week body!!!

2.  Seen as I have been up so very early in the a.m. and it is soooo stinking hot out here...I have been going for an early morning walk and I have been doing a half walk at night when it is cooler as well.   I figured, I am home and up, might as well try the 2 a day walk....mind you, as soon as my bike tire is fixed, I shall be riding again because look what walking is doing to my feet!!!  6 blisters girls!!! 6!!!  3 on each shoes are fairly new too, I am thinking maybe my feet have shrunk a little and my shoes are rubbing in a new area now causing the blisters...but in the processes of compensating for one blister, I have created a new one and done this 3x me 6!!!

Feet are not supposed to bleed from a walk!!!! Damn blisters!!!!

3.  We are dragon daughters BFF has a bearded dragon...she is on vacation, so we have dragon watch....last night we went cricket hunting to feed him....very interesting to watch this thing hunt....felt bad for the crickets, but such is the circle of life!!

4.  I had been so busy with the last few weeks of school, I missed the last 2 Thursdays, so I didn't get to tell you all my school district gave new iPad 3's out to all the teachers.....I was so thrilled....I love it, just don't know how to blog pics on it yet....still learning, but it is awesome!!!

5.  Speaking of last blog said, I would post pics from my Santa Barbar trip, but I was on the iPad and I couldn't figure out how to do here they are!!!

Hubby and I

Number 2 and I
 No.1 and 2 and I 
 Me and Hubby
 No. 1 not getting wet....
 Buddy boy...coming in from a wipe out!!
Number 2 

6.  I recovered my out door are the before and afters....
Before....a terrible mess...

And after....New life!!!

7.  We will be headed back to Santa Barbra next weekend, looking forward to getting out of the heat!!!

8.  I have been doing well with tracking my food and working out...scale is still in a bit of a shock...hopefully a large loss is seen soon!!!

9.  Sister is still hibernating and trying to stay below everyone's radar....wish she would just face what ever it is that is causing her so much grief instead of drinking....Hoping she figures it out soon and still praying for her....

10.  It is hot as hell out here and yet, all I am craving is soup!!! what is wrong with me??!!??  

Hope you all have a great week....loving having my summer time to keep up with all of you!!! lots of love to you all....xoxo Kristin


  1. Ouch...sorry about your foot :(

    Love the beach pictures. Wish I hap another beach trip planned. I live 8 hours away from the beach so I only go once a year :(

  2. hello! new reader here! i have to laugh at your profile about your description of your hubby. i feel the same way about mine. he's gorgeous and i often wonder how i got so lucky! :)
    i'm about to enter the world of the bandsters next week. tuesday the 26th is my new band-date!

    1. Welcome....thanks for reading and nice to meet you!!! I love my hubby he is the best, and though I have not always been heavy (after babies it never went away), I thank God daily that I have been blessed with him!!!

      Congrats on your up coming date, such a very exciting time... Banded life has been great, a little to comfortable for me the last few weeks, with summer here I need to get my work out back on!!! I will watching for ya!!! So nice to meet you.....Kristin

  3. OMG your foot looks terrible...I go for 2 mini walks a day because the heat(hello?) and I have noticed on my fitbit I get more of a calorie burn if I exercise throughout the day..must be something about keeping your heartrate up or something....get some new shoes girl!

  4. sorry about your foot, love the new cushions, and you have an awesome district...ipad3's for all the teachers...WOW

  5. Sorry I'm so behind on reading. Just getting caught up. Love the pics! That blister looks really painful!