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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer vacation!

Hello lovelies, Hope all are well, I am doing very good...summer vacation has started and I must say the end of the year went very smoothly!! I was not selected for on of the 5 HS summer school positions so I am really on summer vacation!! Though I will miss the money very very much, God has it all worked out so I shall not stress!! We went to Santa Barbara 2 weeks ago I will add pics to the end, it was very fun had a great time with friends celebrating their sons HS Graduation...we are going again on the 29th for a surprise 50th, looking forward to it!! Ok on the banded life....if there were medals given out for maintaining I would be getting one cuz I am perfect at maintaining. Unfortunately it is not maintance time!!! Now that I am on summer break I am reving up the weight loss and trying to get over this maintance plateau I have sunk into... I have been walking in the morning and in the evening and I have been strict with my protein, liquids and Greek yogurt... This should jump start me I will let you know in a week, Tom is on hhis way so things may be a little off!!! My goal is to go back to work Aug 23, 20 pounds lighter!!!! I better get cracken!!! So let's talk about exercise!!!!! WHY???? can't I be one of those people who just loses weight without it?? My sister had gastric 6 years ago did not join one gym, did not lift one finger, did not work out once!!! Yes it is a very different procedure and yes, she is flabby gabby w/o clothes on but no one sees her naked so who cares!!! WHY!!!??? Must have a body that keeps me accountable??? I know all the answers... But I am having a venting pouty moment here!!!! There are times when I just wish eating less then 1000 cals a day was enough for my body to say oh we are in weightloss mode!!!! By all means let me shed about 20 pounds for you overnight!!!! That would be just a peach body, please cooperate!!! Anyway, my body does not work like that, it makes me work harder and in the long run I will be happier because of it, but for sucks!!!!! Wish Hula was 5 days a week!!!! That is just fun, no workout mindset with that at all!!!! Sadly they have knocked it down to one day a week on Wed. At 9:00 a.m.... Up until now, Wed. at 9:00 a.m. I was smack dab in the middle of Second period!!!! Guess who's going to hula tomorrow???? That's right...this girl right here!!!! :) Can't wait.... Even looked for a hula Wii game... Must look harder they have to have one!!! Ok so I shall leave you with a few pics from my Santa Barbra beach weekend!!! Enjoy your day everyone, chat with you all soon!!! P.S. working on my iPad... Having pic upload difficulty will post ASAP!!!


  1. hey there is something for can go on a trip and not gain...I don't know about you but I usually always put on a few pounds on a trip. Good luck--Hula sounds fun!