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Monday, June 25, 2012

Today was No.2 birthday!!! She is officially 13... Lord help me!!! She wanted the most unfriendly band food for dinner with the most calories too!!! But, it was her birthday and it has been years since I have made it homemade anyway so I made it... Chicken feteccini Alfredo... The sauce has 2 sticks of butter and 1
Quart of half and half, 1 whole 8 oz jar of parm. Cheese just to start... Add then the noodles!!! After it was all made and I tasted a little I took it to hubby and said, now I remember why I don't make this a whole lot.... SINFUL!!! It was very yummy, but I only had a little I have been very tight lately and I did not want to mess with those noodles!!!! She was so excited to have her perfect birthday dinner and I was quite happy to pick out the chicken and eat salad!!! I have decided that is a very special occasion meal only!!!! I was very proud of myself for not over doing it on the taste testing, mainly due to the fear of slime, but happy about that small NSV anyway... I didn't even have a whole piece of garlic bread...hubby had half and I did not eat the crust!!

Overall she had a great day, a fun evening more celebration to come this week with the arrival of her Nani and cousins, a trip to Santa Barbara this weekend and dinner with my mom and sister on about a week of celebrating!!!

Some other small
NSV's Hubby and I cleaned out our closet and I was able to remove quite a few items that no longer fit and bring out many that now, again do.... I held up a pair of pants and told hubby now when these fit, we are making progress...I put them on and they fit!!! Sadly I thought they were 18's.... No they were 20's but didn't know I could fit in 20's now either... Pulled out more 20's and yes sir....they fit!!! I have a ton of 20's in there and had no incline to even try them on yet...So excited...18's are not ready for my butt yet, but we are working our way down and that is Progress!!

Lost another inch on My waist...we are working out of those 40's and getting closer to 39 inches there....still a ways from my former 28, but far from 50!!!

Hopefully pictures will post to this new app I got for my iPhone and iPad...if they do that is a NSV cuz figuring all of this out can drive me crazy. I am not a super fast techie learner...if they don't,well then cancel
That NSV!!!

Have a great Tuesday all!!:)


  1. My birthday girl posted!!! Woo Hoo!!! Ok keep that NSV!!!

  2. yay!!! so cool to where new clothes in your wardrobe! Sounds like a great birthday and boy do I want some alfredo!

  3. Congratulations on the size 20's! :) Happy birthday to your daughter, too!