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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

It is TTT!!!  Thank you Laura for Thursdays!!!  Here we go...

1.  One more period and then off for 4 days....I am really in need of this four day weekend....

2.  No. 1 has prom tonight!!  I shall post pics later, but her dress is very cute, lite pink and her BF and her should be adorable.....

3.  Washing machine is still broke, can't do anything about it until I get paid on Wed...Have any of you recieved your million dollars from my prayer last week???  I ahve not yet either!!!  I will continue to pray!! ;0)

4.  I turned in my summer school application.   Really don't want too, but we just can't make the summer without it!!!  Turned one in for Hubby too...I am hoping they over look the part that he is a sub, and give him a summer job as well...

5.  Last Friday my hula class was cancelled...they were doing a Zumba 80's weekend will be back this week though, and I will be taking my friend with excited...

6.  Weight has been at a platue the past week...I have eating a lot of soup since my very stuck episode.   The soup is great but I think it has caused 2 issues....1.  too much sodium and 2.  not enough protien.  I am going to have to rectify that.

7.  I must also confess, I have not been working out as much.  With the change in the weather here....I have not been outside as much, I need to get my booty to the gym, but there are days when I just want to stay home.  If I am going to stay home, then I need to do the Wii or something but not working out, is not working our for me!!!

8.  Hubby's Spring Football is in full swing...he is so excited and that is nice to see, but I love and hate football season.  It is nice to watch and we love football, but Hubby is out a lot with the boys and I miss him...Better get prepared now!!

9.  We have no special plans for this weekend, but I am very excited to be home and able to do NOTHING!!!

10.  Got some distressing news about my sister this week.   Unfortunatly there is nothing I can do for her, she has to want to help herself and I am not sure how far deep she needs to get before she realizes she is too far....She struggles with drinking, and I am not a drinker so the addiction is foriegn to me.  I can relate to the food addiction aspect of addiction.  The bodies need to fullfull a craving that is accessive and unhealthy.  She had gastric bypass 5 years ago and in a sense has traded one addiction for another, but I don't like that excuse and really don't like to use it.  We are at a lose as to what we can do to help her, and really she has to be the one who wants to help herself, so we are stuck.   Any of you have experience with this and any suggestions as to what we can do to encourage or support her???

Much love to you all...xoxox


  1. She has to want to stop...then I would challenge her to go to 100 AA meetings in 100 days. Hopefully she can do it....I would suggest you go to an alanon group meeting you need to set some boundaries up because recovery is for her to work. I have been through this multiple times but it does help if you want help.

  2. So sorry you have to work this summer. I seriously thought school system pays like $34 an hour for teaching ESY. It was very tempting, but I didn't wanna give up my beach and pool time.

    So sorry to hear about your sister. I don't have any advice for you...have never had any direct experience with an alcoholic. I do hear that it is pretty common to exchange one addiction for another.

  3. Kristin!!! I've been thinking about you lately! Miss you! I've been praying for that washing machine to show up for you! I'll also add your sister to those prayers. I don't have experience with it, but my best friend has gone to a couple of alanon meetings to deal with some family member addictions. That will probably be your best source for understanding how to deal.

  4. I know about that. I am sorry u have to work over summer too. And sorry about your sister. Oh I want to give you big hugs!