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Friday, May 18, 2012

Make it STOP!!!!

OH LORD!!! Seriously from 2 bites of tortilla!!!! This morning I was getting ready to leave for work Went to get my usual one piece of toast with a bit of Peanut butter to start the day ( I have no issues with bread, only 1 piece Can't do 2) ...we were out of bread, so knowing I can't go to work without a tiny something I grabbed a tortilla!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER again!!!!!! Now I have gotten stuck on a tortilla before, but it was A burrito and I was eating to fast so I chalked it up to Slow down...apparently that was not the case...Tortillas are a NO NO NO NO No for me!!! Thankfully Hubby is subbing at my school today so we drove Together...I took 2 bites and was careful to chew well... I was driving And half way to school the slime started...had to pull over... 5 min later again thankfully hubby threw his water out and I had his water bottle... I thought 2x geez that has never happened!!! Got to my classroom, Students enter...4 more times!!!!! OMG!!! Have a student Get security...take a bathroom break...AP says go home we can Cover you....have to explain to AP who is not in the know what is happening!!! He knows now!!! 2 more times!!!! I am spent!!! Almost an hour of that crap!!! From 2 bites of tortilla!!!! OMG!!!


  1. pretty annoying huh!?

    sorry about the episode.

  2. tortilla's are TERRIBLE for me too----

  3. OMG.....I thanks for the heads up....I have only nibbled on pita...I an terrified of this...

  4. Oh wow...sounds about right though Tortillas are BIG no-nos for me. I can handle bread, pita, pasta...tortillas never go down. So sorry that happened to you at work!