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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Hello Blog land!!  It is TTT thank you Laura, and we all know I love TTT!!! So here we go!!

1)  Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and first period sucked....Then while I was dealing with 1st period, No 1. calls in a panic...she threw her retainer away last night at her sisters concert!!!  I have been irritable beyond recognition since!!!

2)  No. 2 had her steel band concert last night...they are so good those little middle schooler's....what a blessing to be a part of such a great creative outlet...

3) 4 weeks left of school, and I am ready...18 school days!!  woo hoo!!

4) I have a check up on Sat.  wondering if they will give me a little fill.  Still on the fence if I need one or not..

5) Had a very nice Mother's was a very restful and relaxing day....Hope all you out there had a nice special day as well

6) I am really unmotivated to day anything right now....But doing nothing doesn't apease me either...One of those days I tell ya....

7)  I would really like to go camping this summer.  Not sure where yet, but we really need to get some reservations going here soon...

8)  I have learned Rice is a trigger food for me... I have not had it or made it since I figured this out...My dilema however is what do I serve with dinner for my family as a side....No rice, no potato...I cannot be trusted with either!!!  What do you all do as a side for you families???  veggies yes, and protein we do it is the carb or the other filler they are missing and I am at a loss...Hubby and I will do salad, kiddo's not so much...ideas would be appreciated...

9)  I really don't want to do summer school, but the family needs the money....It is only 4 weeks 4 days a week, 4 hours a day....I may need to bite the bullet and just do it.....

10)  Our washing machine is still broken, looks like I will be headed to the laundry mat again this weekend....Dear Lord, please bless us with a million dollars!!!  Amen....Bless my blogger buddies with a million dollars too!!!


  1. So ready for school to be out...I have 11 school days left!

  2. Appreciate the shout out prayer for a million...I could definitely use it! As for sides...honestly, protein and veg are all my kiddos get. Sometimes they occasional biscuit or something too. I figure they might as well learn early that we don't have to have rice or potatoes or pasta with every meal (and yes, we used to have at least one of those with everything).

    1. are so right!!! Why do they need a third option??? They can live with protien and veggies!!! I over think sometimes for sure...another one of those habits that can and probably should be broken!!!

  3. I hear you...can't wait for summer...I think I have 21 teaching days?!?! I was u didn't 't have to do summer school....ours is similar but 12 days 5.2 hours a day. Pure torture! Soooooooo hard to keep them on task for several hours. Sorry!

  4. I can't eat rice either. It's smart of you to figure out it's a trigger food though b/c a lot of people never identify those so they keep getting tripped up. I know that was a big issue for me for the longest time! I understand about not feeling like doing summer school. I feel that way too. No desire to do it but will anyway for the $$ lol Sorry about your washing machine. I've had that happen too!!!

  5. ummmm heeyyyyy kristin! I miss you over here! I'm saying a prayer that God delivers a new washer and dryer directly to your door! So I was trying to think of some sides... corn is actually a starch, so what if you did starch and green veggie... or squash and a green veggie. I'll keep thinking about it and send more!!!