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Sunday, May 6, 2012

4 month Bandaversary!!!

Hello Lovelies!!! I have been a bad blogger...I apologize...we are doing State testing at School....I hate testing!!! Plus there are only 5 weeks left of school but it Feels like an eternity!!! My brain has checked out and I am on summer vacation already!!! Very, very bad indeed!! Well today us my 4 month bandaversary...I am down 44 pounds, and I feel very Good. I have been terrible the past 2 weeks with logging and MFP, but for the Most part the break from the constant , how much do I weigh? What am I eating, how much exc. Have I done? Has been such a welcomed break... Hard to explain...I have not forgotten about My band buddy, but I have not watched it like a pot boiling water either and I think my body as Relaxed a bit...well my head has anyway!!! Def. Becoming a very real way of life, not so much a new baby Bandster any more...I am a toddler now!!! LOL :) So banded life is moving in the right direction, Weight is going down and I really am working on getting My head screwed on straight for the next 5 weeks, but it is really A struggle!!! Lots to catch up on, but I shall wait for TTT!!! Love to you all!!! Have a wonderful, blessed week..xoxo

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