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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Hello all!!  Almost forgot it was Thursday!!!  Went to see how everyone is doing and was reminded of TTT!!!  Thank you Laura for this very fun Thursday activity!!!  Here we go!!

1.  Things with Dad have been going well.  We went swimming on Sat. I have a tankini suit, while floating on my back my top flipped up a bit and Dad saw the port scar...Well he knows now!!  He was shocked, but supportive as was step mom.  I shared how it works, explained how things have been going and answered any questions they seemed to have.   They all felt my port too....No.2 loves to push on that thing, she wants to be a nurse so she might as well, learn right??!!  So He knows!! 

2.  No 1.  has been playing this song over and over and over for 5 days now!!!  5 DAYS!!!  If it was not so chatchy and cute, I would had to have stangled her by now, but it is acutlly a fun song, good message, and just happens to be sung by a boy band!!!  Oh my little lady is in love with the lead singer Harry!!!  He is her wallpaper on her phone, and the song is her ring tone....I had to share the music video with my classes and all of my freshman girls are quit smitten with those lovely little English boys as well.   The group is One Direction, the song is "What makes you beautiful"....I watched the video on youtube, and realized towards the end of the video why Harry happens to be her fav....anyway, this damn song is in my head....However, I remember the days of NKOTB and Back Street Boys, and NSYNC so I shall let her dream!!!

3.  No 1. and BF broke up...thankfully there has not been too much drama.   BF mom was/is CRAZY!!!  She was making it very difficult so now it is over.   A little sad, I really liked this kid.  He has a terrible home life, but he was polite, called hubby and I Mr. and Mrs.  so formal, but it was so respectful...Geez, even my own students don't even call me by my name, they just say Ms.   hello...I am married kids!!!  He treated No 1. with the utmost respect.  They were never allowed to be alone, so no worries there, but he always opened the door for her, made sure she had lunch, walked her to the door, said please and thank you to us...he was really a good kid, Hubby and I have liked him the best so far....But the Mommy issues were a bit much even for me....I was ready to go at it with that women...But last night she even said...mind you it has only been 5 days...but she said, you know, it really doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would!!!  Keep that in mind kiddo!!

4.  I have been terrible with MFP the past week or so.   I don't know why, I have been eating well, working out, doing all I need to do, just have not been logging it...I need to not let that get to ahead of me....that is how things start to turn for the worst!!!

5.  Going to Hula again on Friday....SO MUCH FUN!!!  The water zumba was fun, I was the only "young" person there, but those grandma's and grandpa's can rock n roll in that water!!!  I will do it again, but not as faithfully as I will go to hula!!

6.  We have been doing State testing this week....our schedule has been way off, and as much as I love the free time, when you have 25 students in your room for 3 hours with nothing to do because we finished on the first day like we were told to can really work ya!!!  Today however, I have had from 9:00 -1:15 all to my peaceful self in my classroom with no has been heaven.  I have caught up on grades, lesson plans, grade book, work, and blogging!!  So relaxing!!

7.  My step mom bought me a book...Now I am very leary to say the name of these books as they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!  She said she saw the review of this book on 20/20 and how these books are the "Twilight" for adult women...she read the preview, was hooked and bought it.  Sent it to my kindle and says, download it, read it, you will love it....All of the women are raving about these books, they are making a movie of them and everything.   The next day...I don't know if you want to read it....It is a bit graphic...
Step sister says, "A BIT!!!  IT IS SOFT PORN!!!   Oh great!!!  I have never been a romance novel kind of person.  I love murder mystery, who done it...I don't want to read about sex, I would rather honestly just have sex with hubby...but in an effort to play nice and continue to mend the broken bridge between dad and step mom, I have this book, I am skimming!!!  Oh yes, it is GRAPHIC!!!  Even my little skims, have been very discriptive.  However, at this point, I really want to know how this all works out for this couple.  It is not a bad book (uses far too many "F" bombs for my liking), but it is GRAPHIC no doubt....Hubby and I goggled a couple of things last night...we had no idea what the book was talking about, WOW!!! So FYI if you love romance novels you will love these books, if you do not wish to read about S&M or other GRAPHIC details about sex steer clear...Fifty Shades of Gray is the first book....again it is interesting and the characters do draw you in, but for those PG rated readers, you will have to skim A LOT at various parts!!!

8.  The scale has been good to me this week.  I have not lost anything, but TOM has arrived and I will take no weight loss upon TOM arrival, over TOM weight gain any week!!!

9.  Bought a new Car on Sunday!! Love it!!!

10.  I honestly don't even know what we are doing this weekend!!!  It has been a crazy week, and I am a scatter brain...I have to do flowers for a wedding tonight, the couple is getting married on Friday, so that stress could be adding to my scattered thoughts!!!  Okay, I must get back to work now....Have a lovely day all!!


  1. I just bought the book, but haven't started reading it yet. I let my mother take it with her today since I knew I wouldn't have time to read it for a few weeks...oops. I had not skimmed over it at all...I just knew it was a very popular book right now. I'm sure my mother will give me an earful about

    1. That is funny!! They are popular I have never heard of them...I have now though!!!

  2. OK...I'm going to have to check out the book just to see how graphic it is! Totally intrigued. :) I'm glad the "coming out" to your dad went well. Sometimes it's tough to tell how people will react.

  3. Been lurking for a while on your blog, but I'm catching up and had to comment. :-) I've read the whole series, twice. :-) The 1st book is probably the most non-traditional, but at its heart, its a love story. This is the good thing about having a kindle, nobody else knows what the heck i'm reading!

    1. Sara, nice to meet you...oh!!! Those books suck you I tell ya!!! WE I say that because I can't read them alone now...Hubby must know what is going on and so they have become a read aloud... We are in book 2 and I must admit, we are addicted!!! Damn love story!!! They are very intriguing though and I am very curious how these books are going to be made into a movie??? We keep toying with who will be Mr. Grey??? Ryan Gosling is number 1 so far...Zac Efron close behind...then the Thor guy!!!

    2. Sara...P.S.....reading it on my phone!!! Feel the same way!!! Hubby and I see people with the book and are like...They are in for a shocker!!!;)