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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Always good to learn something new!!!

Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had a pleasant day!! My day has gone well for the most part... I have been trying a new eating schedule to curb the 2:40-4:30 monster and though for the past 5-6 days it has been great, today was not so good... Oh the head issue of it all, but I have been aware of the patterns, the feelings and trying to correct them...

This evening I found a huge correction that I have acknowledged and will in the future ban!!!

I made stew meat for dinner and served it over rice. I know rice is not a band friendly food,(don't need a lecture there, and honestly, I have had no issue with it) but it goes along way when I am feeding 5 people. I keep my portion of it small, but I find myself grazing and nibbling on that starchy goodness. Tonight, I knew I was full, I knew I was not hungry, I knew I did not need anymore rice and I still took another bite!!! As I was chewing I cannot control yourself with rice, therefore, rice shall be banned from our kitchen, not for ever, but def. For a while...I will not be saving the left overs as I am not trust worthy, and my big huge Costco size rice bag with at least 2 pots full left to cooked has found a new home in the garbage...

Rice??? How strange!! Candy yes, cookies yes, sweets yes!!! Who would have thought rice would be such an addiction??? Those carbs!!! Man they can kick your booty!!!

So I learned this evening that I love rice, ( I knew this), but I learned rice is just not an option for me at this point and seen as when I start I do not seem to be able to stop, rice must be evicted!! And I am really excited about that!!! 1. I recognized my inability to remain in control with such food. 2. I have eliminated another food that would hold this weight lose journey back and I am moving forward!!

Hope you all have a great evening and a happy Wed.!!;) xoxo


  1. Good for you. I have had to come to terms w/ banning certain foods too and it is quite a realization.

  2. That's good! There are some foods that I just have to ban, because I just can't stop eating them. That's an NSV being able to recognize your trigger foods!

  3. good for you!! A lot of us will probably have to do that for the rest of our lives so just dealing with it and moving on is the way to go!

  4. mine is it will eat a whole bowl and it is like a slider for me...never fills me up.

  5. Nice you figured it out and rid the house of its evil self!! :)

  6. Hi there! I saw you were a new follower and stopped over to say hi! I agree, get the triggers out of the house, that's what I try to do! : ) Looking forward to getting to know you.