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Monday, April 16, 2012

Zumba update!!!

Three blogs in one day!!! Who would have thought!!! Ok so Zumba!!!

Lots of fun! Will go again!!! But here are a few things I learned!!!

1. The 21 year old this 38 year old remembers, who did all of those aerobics classes so beautifully and rhythmically, did not join me at Zumba this evening!!!

2. Kneecaps sweat!!! Yes, this is true!!! Not the back of my knee, though I am sure that area saw it's fair share of perspiration, but my pants had big round sweat circles on the knees!!! Really!??

3. Shakira's hips may not lie, but Kristin's do!!! As much as I think I can move and groove and shake these hips of mine, that nasty, gigantic mirror showed me the truth and they cannot!!!

On a bright note...going to this class was a huge out of my comfort zone step so NSV there, I went!!! 15 min into the class my anxiety kicked in, I was missing my shoe insouls, my knees were killing me and I wanted to flee flee and never go back....but, I stayed!! I almost ran out of there 3x... But I stayed!!! I am giving me that as another NSV!!!

I finished the entire 60 min...I looked like a fool, shook and shimmied like a flopping fish, out of water and sweat at least a bucket of sweat...but I finished...another NSV!!!

What I will do in the future...look for a beginners class!!! Get Zumba Wii so I can embarrass myself in the privacy of my own home, get good at it and then go back and knock em dead!!!;)


  1. YAY!!! You Go Girl!!! Kristin, every. single. time I work out, I want to quit after 15 minutes. It never goes away. when I work out, the fat person inside of me gets ANNGRAAYYY . You just have to make the skinny person inside of you ignore the urge to quit. If you can ignore it for 5 minutes, you can do the whole class. You can do it! Keep going to that class no matter how uncomfortable it is. Trust me, everyone else in the class is too busy looking at themselves worrying about how stupid they look to notice your moves!!! Big hugs, Sister, we can do this!!!

  2. great job for sticking with it! My knees sweat buckets too1

  3. I am so proud of you!! This is really awesome. I know how much courage it took to walk in and sheer power it took to stay for 60 minutes. You rock!! I am so impressed. Fablous job!!