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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

TTT....yay...thank you to Laura, the random day to learn about eachother is here!!!  Let's get started...

1  I am feeling Spring Fever so terribly!!!  Geez, I did not even feel this way before
Spring break and now 2 weeks after the fact, I am having the hardest time getting into the groove again!!!  Summer why are you so far away???

2.  I don't know if I told you all, but I will again just in case.  Hubby is a Football coach.  The head football coach of the team he coaches stepped down in March...Hubby applied and Hubby got it!!!  Yay Hubby!!  Now I get to have High School boys all day at school and on the weekends at my house!!!  So excited!!! NOT!!  Seriously, though, they are good boys, and I really am happy for Hubby.  He has to go to a coaches clinic this weekend at UCLA so he should have a good time.

3.  Things have been going well with my dad.  We all went out to dinner last night and we had a BBQ over the weekend.   The kids miss them, so it is nice to be peacable again for sure.  Sister of mine has not joined us yet, but hopefully she will this weekend.  They have extended their stay at their condo for another 10 days.

4.  I found a couple of new classes at my gym I think I will try.  Tomorrow there is a hula something or other...I believe it is more hula dancing not hula hoops...sounds fun, I think I will check it out.   Again, out of my comfort zone, but I just need to get over myself.   There is also an aqua zumba class on Sat morn.   That I am interested in as I am a fish and love the water...we will see how that goes too!!  Plus the water will relieve the Kneecap sweat!!

5.  I did enjoy Zumba the other day, but I need a new place (didn't go to my gym for this).   It was the only white girl in the entire class, and though I am fine with that, my newbie, uncordinadated, white girl  with no rhythm stood out a little too much!! I think I need to find a class that is for the beginners and maybe has a song or two that I actually can understand.  It was just not the right fit for me.   I would do the class they have at my gym, but that class starts at 7:30 and you have to sign a sign up sheet.   Everyone wants to take it so once it is full, no more!!!  People show up and hour before the class just to be able to get in.   If I am going to go to the gym, I am not going to stand in line for an hour doing nothing just for a class.  And don't even think about getting out of line, those ladies are serious!!!  They will clobber you if you try to get back in!!  This line is huge too, it travels the perimeter of the gym!!!  Note to self....ADD MORE CLASSES!!

6.  My fill has been great... My issue is my head.  I know I am not hungry, I know I have had my fill of food.  I still take that one extra bite, and then I have that terrible stuffed feeling....I have done it 2x now!!!  I just need to let it be, the cravings are just that cravings nothing more and me and my head need to get it together.

7.  I will admit, I did sweat like an enormous pig at Zumba, and I LOVED IT!!!  I cannot remember the last time I sweat soooo much!!  My hair was soaked, my clothes, my kneecaps!!!  It was a very good feeling of accomplishment I will admit!!

8.  My room is a mess.   It has been a mess for like 3 weeks.   The laundry I fold, put away or hang up just seems to be replaced with more laundry....It is a shame how messy my room is!!!  Hubby wanted to wash the sheets the other night and I was like really???  There isn't enough going on in here, lets pull the bed apart and wash the sheets so the room can be a mess with a naked bed!!!

9.  The front yard is looking so beautiful!!!  The grass is growing so when I turn the cornor to go home, I don't just see dirt, I see patches of green sprouting up...Makes me feel like a real responsible grown up!!

10.  No. 2 got her report card in the mail, yesturday!!!  It OFFICIALLY stated she has a 4.0...she hung it on her Honor Roll Wall....I hope this motivation lasts until she graduatates from High School!!!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone....followed by a fabulous weekend!! xoxo


  1. I totally have Spring Fever too...or maybe it's summer fever...either way, I am so ready for summer break! I thought about working summer school for about 2 seconds, then I said now way...that will cut into my tanning time :)

    Big congrats to your hubby on the coaching position!

    1. Thanks!!! Hubby is thrilled!!!

      Your better then me...I didn't even think about Summer school!!!

  2. You forgot to metion that you hit the BIG 4-0 This week!!!! YAYYY!!! around here has a lot of zumba meetups - try that and see if you can find one that you love!

    1. I will check that out...sounds like a good Idea...I tried a neighboring cities rec and Y for classes too so We shall see...

  3. wow football coach..that is a lot of hubby was an assistant coach and had to quit because he worked all day than was at the field all night I never saw him and I couldn't handle it. I love zumba!

  4. The head hunger is definitely the worst part to overcome!