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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday, brought to us by Laura....I love Ten Things Thursday!!!;)

1. No. 1 finally passed her permit test... Wow, that was an adventure!!!

2. Today was Buddy Boys birthday... My baby is 9!!! He will be in double digits next year...OMG!!! We are going to a live Pirate Show Sat. to celebrate.

3. Had my first stuck episode this earlier post for details, but that SUCKED!!!

4. Wanted to be to 285 or lower by Buddy Boys bday... Not quite there, but close...288, maybe tomorrow will bring a loss!! At least I weigh less today then the day I gave birth!!! My last 7 weeks of pregnancy with him was the first time I pushed and passed 300... The day I gave birth to him I weighed 303...glad to have those 300 laid to rest and in the past not ever visit again!!!

5. The 1000-1200 calories a day seems to be going well... No real conclusion yet, I will need another week but at least the scale is moving

6. I hate room has laundry all over it right now and I hate it...I hate doing laundry, folding laundry, and putting it away...I hate every thing about laundry except Downey Fabric my clean smelling Downey fresh sheets...hate washing them though!!

7. My Dad is coming to town tomorrow...things are not well with our relationship...he does not know about surgery and he wants to get together and talk...I would be lieing if I said I was not nervous...

8. I finished my table runners and I gave my principal his...he loved it...can't post a pic from my phone but I will eventually.

9. My students for whatever reason saw on my phone words with friends...I have been playing 2 of them today...well Hubby has been playing more then me... We just whooped one of them 465-115...Hubby is dancing around like a fruit...I had to remind him we were playing a 15 year old!!! It was fun though!!;)

10. I have a Dr. Appt tomorrow so no school for me!!! Woo hoo!!! Have a good weekend!!


  1. I abhor laundry. Unfortuntely, it's one of those things that just always has to get done, over and over and over and over. Sucks big fat donkey balls. I want a smartphone just so I can play words with friends. Pathetic much?

  2. Hope things go well with your dad!

  3. Aw congratulations to your daughter on getting her permit!

    Good luck with your dad. Hope all goes well.

  4. I don't care for doing the laundry either....luckily, that is one of The Rockstar's chores :)

    Congrats to your daughter! I was nervous wreck with both of my kids when they started driving. They are both grown now and I still get nervous when I know they are out and about.

  5. I do laundry ALL THE TIME,,,,try Draw Something...I have been playing that just wish there were more words!