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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Ten Things Thursday....thank you to the lovely Laura!!

1.  I am so thankful for all of you blogger buddies...there are still so many I have to get to know, and I am finding new bud's every week.  You all have been such a support and help with questions, concerns, ideas, food choices...everything!!!  You are all just a blessing to me and I look forward to meeting more, as this journey continues...After my head trip this week

...Hugs and Kisses to all of you xoxxoxo

2.  I have also been enjoying tracking on is nice to blog, but having friends on myfitnesspal, takes accountability to another level...I need more fitness pal friends...I can be found at "Bandedwithfavor" on please request me or leave your username in the comments and I will request you...;)

3.  Sadly, my thumb nail chipped this morning!!;(  Three weeks my gel manicure lasted me and I was going after school today get a new manicure anyway, but during 1st period, I looked down at my hand and saw a chip and sighed!!!  Almost made it w/o a chip....Other then that the polish has lasted and has been wonderful.   3 weeks is all I can push it though, the growth line is just far to high....I shall fix that this afternoon!!!

3 weeks not bad!!

4.  No.1 did not pass the permit test again!!!  The girl is all brains and no common sense...she missed 11 this time....I am thinking this is my sign from God that she need not drive, and I am very ok with that!!!  She gets one more chance on Monday, we shall see....We were going over the test and she said, I knew it was between this on and that one, and I picked the wrong one!!!  I told her next time, go with the opposite of what she thinks she might do better!!!  At least we didn't cry this time....she was just really mad and grumpy!!    

5.  I go for a check up on Sat.  We shall see what happens on the fill front...I will keep you posted on that one...

6.  In an effort to find new outlets, my Aunts have been teaching me to sew and quilt.   We have been working on this S shaped table runner.  The first one I did in my school colors Red, Black, Silver and White for my classroom and maybe, I will make one for my Principal...I am not above a little brown noseing and with the budget, if it keeps me in good graces Amen!!!  Anyway after my appt. on Saturday I am going to finish it with my Aunt....this is what it looks like now....  

It needs a back!!!

7.  Last night I was going to take the day off from working out...I like to give myself 2 days during the week to re-coup...they are not scheduled, in case I have a busier day here or there....however, it has been so beautiful after dinner Hubby and I took No.2 and No.3 to the park (we have 8 in our houseing development) we rode our bikes, and played a little bit of softball....Then we all went for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  So my day of rest turned into family fun and bike ride.  It was not a real work out but we were out playing and riding for about 1:20 minutes...I logged a little bit of it in myfitnesspal.  

8.  While making dinner last night (Skinny Chicken Parm from is fabulous check her out if you have not) I cut my thumb...Typing has been so much fun!!!  At least it was my left and not my right, then we would be in more trouble...

9.  Hubby has a sub gig all week.  Yay for a steady sub job!!!  Sadly it is our friend, his mother passed away and Hubby is filling in for him...High School Art....Hubby has no artistic ability what so ever so it should make for an interesting week!!

10.  Tomorrow is Friday and then 2 weeks until Easter Break!!!  I am ready!!! 


  1. I am on myfitnesspal too, but I don't really know how to be friends or follow people on there...I have a few, but I don't even remember how I did it. I also don't make my food diary public because I am afraid I would never be honest on it if I did.

    I soooo want to learn how to sew. I have been saying that for like 5 years and have done nothing to learn. I say every summer that I will find a class or something and then never follow through it. Maybe this summer ;)

  2. I just added you on MFP!!! I don't have any friends on there lol.

  3. I am coffeetx on myfitnesspal but I am really bad about logging in except to record my weight. I need to get better! I know when I'm logging food in that I pay closer attention. My daughter is at driving age too and it causes me anxiety!

  4. I just added you on myfitnesspal too!