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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Following Barbie's lead here!!!

1.  Feeling so very blah the past few days.   Not excited, not angry, not happy, just BLAH!!!  TOM will be leaving soon, maybe I will kick this funk.   Been so tierd too...Geez!!!

2.  My students have been well behaved and the lessons have been well planned out.  We planned 10 weeks as a team so we are dialed in, but there is this one kid I just want to wack him!!!  He really annoys me, I can't even squash him with a witty jab...really starting to irritate me!!!

3.  I totally feel like this 
MSN Gar Display Pictures

4.  Have not been to the gym in a few days.   I have been working out minus last night and possibly tonight we have a banquet to go to for Hubby's Basketball team...I hate feeling like I am missing out on my workouts it is the strangest thing.  Before the thought of the gym was great, but getting there rarely happened now, I have anxiety when I can't go or when there is not enough time in the day to work out in some way.

5.  Taking No.1 to DMV after work today she is getting her permit finally...Not ready for that at all...She will have to drive with Hubby, I just can't relax poor girl, what a great support I am for her...

6.  I have been feeling so very hungry lately.  I know it is because of TOM, but there are times every so often when I am just ravenous!!!  I get fill number 2 on Sat. and I am so very ready!!

7.  Our car has been out all week...Hopefully today it is ready

8.  I got a gel nail polish manicure last Thursday and my nails have not chipped, they are still growing strong and I am so excited about this!!!  I shall see how long they last, I am hoping at least 3-4 weeks cuz I can only afford the manicure 1x a month...

9.  I have 1 hour and 30 min till the end of school and I am so ready to go!!

10.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


  1. Ten Things Thursday is brought to us by the fabulous Laura Belle @
    Check her out if you aren't already following her...she is a hoot.

    I have never had one of those gel polish manicures. I think about it every time I am getting a pedi and never do it...maybe I will next time.

    I feel for ya with you daughter starting to drive. My oldest is 26 and I still worry when I know he is out and about in the car.

  2. I like the gel polish, but for me it tends to only stay on about 1 1/2-2 weeks. I think it is different for everyone. It's really nice though!

  3. I love love love the Gel manicures. I think lighter colors last longer and are way less obvious if a chip occurs if you can't afford them more than once a month. Hope you feel back to normal soon!!! Do you watch Modern Family? This post so reminded me of this weeks episode about all the girls on their TOM at once. Was too funny!

    1. Lisa, we love Modern Family, didn't catch it this week but whenever Hubby or I says something obvious to the other we will say in a Sarcastic tone,"Really Mitchel, Really"...My daughters phone ringtone is Cameron scream"I'm gonna break the window, I'm gonna break the window....Sir your gonna have to tell your wife to calm down...That's not my wife that's a man"... and whenever we see a male of any kind trying too hard to get close to a female out of his league, Hubby and I will turn to each other and say..."I've got Gloria, I've got Gloria"....Did I mention we love Modern Family!!!;)