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Monday, February 27, 2012

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Well Happy Monday to everyone!!!  I had an epiphany today as I was reading blogs...Not one I am proud of but one none the less....

So Friday, I went out to lunch.  It was Friday just wanted to get a way from all of my Freshman, collect myself and be alone.  Love those kids, but there are days when I must quote Dirty Dancing; "this is my dance space, this is yours, I don't go into yours, you don't come into mine!!!"   I knew I was going to order a veggie burger protein style not problem....Get there and order the combo why not, I can save the ice-T for later and fries don't really tempt me so no biggie....As I am waiting to order I say to myself, maybe I will just order the onion rings instead...I will only have like 2-3 not biggie and I have been doing so well!!!  So I order the oinon rings...I eat about 8 with ranch dressing!!!  OMG!!!  Later that night I tell Hubby I have to go to the gym, don't care what time, but I have to go I had onion rings at lunch....I don't know what I was thinking, I was onoly going to have 2-3,  I had way more I have to go work out.  I have to drink water and get rid of all of the salt....He razed me about he onion rings all weekend!!!  Today I am reading and my epiphany!!!....I rewarded myself with FOOD!!!  Not even goog food...terrible food!!!!  Here we are 3 days later and I just figure this out!!!!  Lesson learned, stick with fries they don't tempt you at all and never change the paln, stick with the original plan that way you won't kick yourself all weekend!!!! 

Moving on to a funny story....Saturday morning I got up early because Fridays workout was not enough for those darn onion rings, and I knew our day was busy so I went for my 3 mile walk around our complex.  I have my clicker in one pocket so I can get in the gates, and my phone in the other pant pocket so I can listen to music as I walk.   I get outside the complex onto the main road, and start to feel my phone is on my lower-mid thigh area.  Why is my phone so low??  I have been pre-occupied with my music so I was paying no mind.   I look down and my pants have fallen down!!!  They are my fav, comfy, work out pants but the added weight from the clicker on one side and my phone on the other, along with the waistband that has been stretched out and the tie that has been missing for years, and the 30 pounds that no longer holds them on all worked together and gravity was taking over.  I was walking and mooning everyone!!!!  My undies were nude color so it really looked like I was mooning people.... I was so embarassed!!!   Thankfull it was early and not to many people say my wardrobe malfunction but for the remaining 2 miles, I had to constantly pull up my pants....Gave me a good arm work-out if nothing else!!!  The entire time I kept saying Damn onion rings, damn onion rings, should have stuck to the fries!!!


  1. OMG!!! That just make me smile! I'm sure no one saw you. You better go reward yourself with some cute new workout pants!!!

  2. Love it!!! What a funny story and I agree with Donna - Reward yourself with new workout pants, not onion rings!! :)

  3. too funny! what no thong? LOL! Go shopping and get yourself something new!