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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What a wake up call!!

After work I decided to check the bank account...( never a good idea)...I see that there is a few hundred dollars missing I am not aware off?? Find out Handsome Hubby paid a bill and forgot to tell me!! So now the other bills I paid thinking this money is there are going to have issues... I try to calm down, it will work out always does, but that is not helping!!! I am mad, frustrated and now cranky!! I already decide I was going to the gym today so as I am getting my gym clothes on, still whirling in my irritability I say to myself..."that is fine, who cares? I will just go to Starbucks after the gym and get a birthday cake pop, that will make me feel beter. The brand new one just opened in the same parking lot"... That same thought was followed by.. "I wonder how many calories that will cost me on my fitness pal? Maybe I will get 2"... Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! How does one have rhose 2 thoughts one right after the other???

Reality sets in!!! Thank God!!! "How terrible of an emotioal eater are you???" life in progress sweetie deal... Poop happens and a birthday cake pop or 2 is not going to change one thing but the fat around your butt!!! and bring back a 3 in the hundreds place!!!

So I am over myself, Hubby is depositing payroll check, all is well and I post this on my phone as I ride the stationary bike.... Wow!! what a personal, real and scary Eye opener!!! Emotional eater here for sure!!! P.S. I will NOT be going to Starbucks after my work out!!! No cake pops needed here, just and emotional eater who needs to chill!!


  1. It's working!! I'm right here with you, some days are easy, some days are really tough.Just keep holding yourself accountable and if you mess up, forgive yourself and move on!

  2. At least you recognized the fact that it would be emotional eating if you were to go to Starbucks. Good job for that :)

  3. You sound like me, except I probably would have GONE off on my hubby with a cookie in hand! Emotional eating is so typical of what I need to get a handle on!

  4. You are very lucky that you are realizing this NOW and can identify that you are indeed an emotional eater. I am too. My favorite saying "If hunger isn't the problem, then eating isn't the solution." :)