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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little behind the learning curve here!!

Hello All, I am attempting to become more "blog savy" and "techy trained"...I feel so behind the 8 ball with all of you and your computer know how....I am a teacher and being at the bottom of the learning curve here is driving me crazy!!!  So I am attempting to tweak my blog...let me just say this has been a headache and stressful!! Geez!!!  I have ruined my home page at least 30x today and at this point, I am going to live with what is there. I am trying to self teach how to add pics and quotes...the first attempt was an epic fail and thus reason the 30x strike out began!!!  So try to enjoy my playtime here as I try to spruce up and bring a little bling to my page!!!  Happy Hump day to you all!!!

“Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels.” ~Unknown


  1. I know how you feel...I just had to learn by trial and error. And I still have plenty to learn :)

  2. Thanks that is encouraging because your page is adorable...I would love to have Jen help spruce things up, her designs are so unique and beautiful, but that will have to wait for now....So until then I will do what I can, learn as I go and try not to mess up to terribly!!!

  3. I think it looks great! It definitely takes a while and several of us had help. Although, in the beginning I did everything on my own and learned as I went.

  4. I need to do that! I love the orange its so cheery!