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Monday, February 20, 2012

Goals and dreams and whishes to Mae a reality!!

Happy day off (thank you Mr. President) for those of you who had the day off!! I quilted (my new found passed time and addiction seen as food did such loveliness to my butt, though quilting does just as much damage to my wallet!!) then I went to the gym. I started thinkin about dreams, goals, desires. I found mysel so excited about "ONEderland", I know I will get there and I imagine myself there... It brought a smile to my face seen as I thought that reality was gone. I thought about my last little list of goals... Keep up the work outs... Lose 30 by week 6 check up (not quite by Sat. But on Sunday I was there!!!;)) I need new ones now so here you go my blogging buddies my next short list of goals, dreams and wishes to make a reality!!

1. It has been years since I have worn a dress because I felt like it not because the went required me to... I told Hubby, this year I want to wear a dress Easter Sunday Service... I hate my knees so it will need to be a lo ger dress or skirt but I am doing!!! By that my comp. Will be back up at home (use my phone and work one) and I can upload pics to share!!

2. I am sticking to it and it may again be a little far fetched but I am putting it out there... By my 6 mos. Post-op date July 6th I want to be down 60 pounds... I have 4.5 months to lose 29 more pounds so It may be close and tight and I may be a couple pounds shy again but I am posting the dream and wish as I make it a reality!!

3. I want to get a personal trainer for at least 5 weeks to get me on a good work out program. Hubby has been out of a real job for almost 3 years. Temp jobs are nice but not always reliable, how we are going to pY for this I don't know, but I will letgod work out that detail!!

4. I have not yet found a target outfit... You know a goal outfit you will look sassy and sexy and fabulous in!!! I need to get one!!!

5. By my sons birthday March 22 I want to be out of the 290's and below 285 with at least a new top (lots of pants that are almost new in my closet in various sizes... Good there if money does not permit) to wear to his birthday dinner. This year we are taking him to one of those dinners and live shows like Mideavil Times, but I think we are going to do the pirate one instead... I hate to spend all that money on a ticket for a ton of food I will be bringing home, but I am so excited to see his reaction... We are surprising him and his sisters and he is going to be 9 so it is right up his alley!!! I am so excited I can't wait!!!

Ok I think 5 long and short term goals, dreams and wishes are good for now... Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. Those are great goals! I'm sure you will accomplish them!

  2. You have set very good, achievable goals! Go for it!