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Monday, February 6, 2012

I will take it!!!

Hello All, as I promised I did not step on the scale until this morning....and guess what I saw!!!! A 2...A 2...A 2 is now in the Hundreds place not a 3!!  WOO HOO!!! 299.8 but I will take it!!!Good Bye 3, you have been hanging around way too long in that hundreds may visit me agian in the tens or ones place, but you are banned, and forbidden to ever show yourself in the hundreds place again!!!  Thank you Jesus I have made it to the 2's!!!

Ok so here is this weeks game plan with the scale, I will stay off until Friday...that is a really long time for me!!! I was going to say Wed, but I need to grow here!!  By Friday, I would like to see 297.5 or less.  Obviously I would love to see way less, but I have to be realistic here I am still not sure what this body of mine is doing??  Healing, burning, trying to find it's comfort zone in weights I have lingered in for far too many years???  I am still trying to work with this body of mine, not against it, but I feel some resistance still at times!!!  I will get balanced here soon I know it, and I am so excited my weight starts with a 2!!!  I woke poor Hubby up at 5:30 .am.( he doesn't get up till 6:30)..."guess what, guess what!!!"  he replied with a pillow muffled voice;"The scale says 2"..."Yes, Yes!!!" 

So short term goal...wait till Friday to get on the scale again!!  Med term goal...get out of the 290's, and keep up with working out!!!  Long term goal...30 pounds (more would be prefered) by my first fill on Feb 18th!!!  Here we go pound at a step at a time....Happy Monday!!!


  1. that is so awesome!congrats on the loss.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations and thank you for the lovely comment on my post. I feel so isolated because I don't know anyone in "real life" going through this...I should know that I can always count on my banded sisters to relate.

  3. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I'm soo happy to hear it! You are just getting ramped up, girlfriend!

  4. WOOO HOOO!!!! You will NEVER see the 3 in that place again!! Empowering isn't it??? I am desperate to see a one. I haven't seen a one since I was like 19. Go you!!!