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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Ate Out!!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I must say we had a very good weekend, lots of family time, buddy boy won his division in soccer and is the CHAMPION!!  No 1. got to see her boyfriend who lives out of town, (I really kinda like the long distance thing at 16!!) and NO. 2 was honored at a BBQ for her efforts as a center and side line ref for soccer (her team came in third).  

Today I tested myself!!  After almost 6 weeks (2 weeks pre-op and on 4th week post-op), I went out to eat.  My poor family, it had been a while, and we had a bit of money left over (end of the month, I get paid tomorrow) so off to In-N-Out we went.   For those of you who are not from CA, In-N-Out is the BOMB!! when it comes to hamburgers.   That is all they serve, old fashioned 50’s style in a modern get up.   We love them.  Fast food in general is terrible for you I know, but In-N-Out is really not your typical fast food and you just have to experience them.   Unless of course you are from the East Coast where there is White Castle, I have been told, there is no comparison, White Castle wins hands down.  I will find out for myself some day, until then I am a CA girl and In-N-Out is just a must have.  

On with my lunch experience…In-N-Out makes your burger or cheese burger any way pretty much and there is a whole underground menu to these burgers, endless options, and crazy names.   For example, my “old normal” (pre lapband) order was a double double (2 patties), animal style (double everything… cheese, sauce, veggies, grilled onions and pickles) protein style (wrapped in lettuce) and no tomato (can’t do tomato alone, must be smashed in salsa, or sauce) with chopped chilies, animal fries (French fries with special spread, grilled onion and melted cheese on top) with and extra large Iced-T or diet coke.  Obviously this is not my “new normal” (post lapband) order.   I ordered a cheese burger (single patty) animal style, protein style, no tomato with chopped chilies and that was it.  No fries and no drink.  We sat down I asked for a fork and knife, cut up the lettuce and burger very well and set my timer on my phone.   I still set my timer to make sure I am not eating to fast.  I am getting very good at pacing myself, but not ready to give up my timer crutch just yet!!  Hubby is so cute, half way through lunch he said, “Oh did you set your timer?  Are you eating to fast, we aren’t at home so how is this working”.  It was too funny that it kinda just hit him that we are working with a band here now and we are not in the comfort of our own home!!!  I assured him I set my timer and showed him my phone!!  I had 1.5 french fries and really did not miss the taste of them at all not a huge temptation there.   I ate all of the meat and cheese, could not finish all of the lettuce and took just a couple of sips of Hubby’s Iced-T (chopped chilies were hot!!) and I was done.   I was totally full and didn’t even finish the veggies.   Amazing that this burger with only 1 patty filled me up with veggies to spare!!!  Never would have believed it!!!   The best part is MyFitnessPal has In-N-Out preprogrammed with my animal style option!!  My first eating out experience a total success!!  Not that I want to go out every night, but I was happy to experience my first outing with the safety of my family and at a place I knew had protein style burgers very acceptable for me to consume!!  Went on a 3 mile walk before dinner too!!  Tomorrow is pay day, I am buying a new scale seen as the one I have is old, gonna buy a digital one!!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!


  1. Oh animal downfall at in and out! Love that place. I always get extra sauce for my fries...thats gotta hurt calorie wise! Good for you on limiting portions!

  2. Congrats! It feels so good to tackle normal things like eating out without having issues! I think I'm going to use your timer idea. I'm still struggling with eating too fast.