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Monday, January 30, 2012

A couple of things I have noticed...

In an effort to be aware of what my body is doing through out this journey, I have noticed a couple of things....1) my nails are weak and thin, but all this protein!!! They are growing on their own, getting long and they are strong!! 2) my toe nails not so much??? Interesting they are very thin and weak... Weird!! 3) my hair is not falling out as much. I know some people complain that their hair falls out, I have had more hair fall out with other "diets" but not realy with the band... I am chalking it up to doing good on my protein in take...4) since I have been sleeping with my C-pap machine( I was diagnosed with sleep apnea) I really have been sleeping better and wake up ready to go...5) TOM almost forgot me this month!!! Finally showed but I hope I don't have too many TOM issues... I was so regular I hate to mess with that it screws up the weight loss!!!

Hope everyone had a good Monday!! Bought my new scale!!;)


  1. glad to hear the hair loss has not been terrible for you. I really am hoping that doesn't happen for me either! Go buy some new nail polish and enjoy the length!

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    1. Hi...found yours about a week or so look great!! Can't wait to get as far along as you have...

  3. I've read and heard that some people take biotin for hair and nails. I started taking it now (before surgery) in hopes it'll help post surgery.

    Nice blog, can't wait to see you progress through your journey.