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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Damn Kids!!!

So here is a follow up to my post the other day....First off, thank you to those who commented, they were so very sweet and lovely...I truly appreciate you reading my heartfelt rant!!  Hubby and I had another heart to heart talk on Tuesday night as well and he made me feel so much better, and helped me to view things in a different light....that man!!!  God knew I needed that perfect soul mate to be my husband...He understands me better then I him so much....

Anyway, I was really struggling with this girl, still am but have a better perspective on it all.....I came home from running errands yesterday to these....Now, not that any of this makes things better, but I will say, it was nice that she at least put out an effort....Still not 100% sure she came up with this all on her own either, but I will let that go, focus on her effort, and continue to work on letting this girl make decisions for herself even if I know they will not end well for her....Life lessons kicking you in the butt are hard to forget after all right!!  She will graduate tonight, and I know I will cry, for lots of reasons but mostly because milestones are always emotional, joyful, sad and sometimes crying just makes you feel better!!  Damn Kids... xoxox

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