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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woo Hoo!!

Hello All....
I feel like I have so much and so little to share with all of you...I have been very pre-occupied the past few days, I apologize, not sure what is going on...All is well in band land, I have no complaints, TOM is on his way so maybe that is where my distraction is coming from.  Not sure but wanted to share some new excitement with all of you!!!

My drive to work is 24 miles one way...Not far for some, farther for others.  We have a Yukon XL (almost paid for like 5 payments left) and a 20 year old Jeep Wrangler that does not go farther then 25 miles from home...Hubby loves the Jeep he can have it!!!  However, with gas being so crazy, we were spending way too much in $120.00 (another car payment I know) every 5-6 days to fill up my beloved Yukon!!!  Hubby has been ranting and raving for months, but we were just not able to purchase another car due to various reasons (far too many to mention!!)  So in the past to indulge him I would go with him to the VW dealer so he could gawk at the Jetta he so badly wants.  Or the Tourage I so badly want!!  I even went as far as to go on a test drive with him....pre band that is and told him, Babe, I know you love this car, but I drive a tank for a reason, I have room, the kids have room, I am high!!  I can run this little Jetta over!!!  Truthfully, it was a bit tight.   I felt like a sardine in that car compared to my Yukon and that car just accentuated my BIG O BUTT!! 

Well after 6 mos of him ranting, and my bank account dieing due to having to pay for gas, I saw a commercial on VW and thought, well maybe our credit is better.  Let's try!!!  We went down, by the Grace of God we qualified and best part of it all!! I FIT!!  WITH ROOM!!!  I don't feel like a sardine in a little can, I don't feel like my Butt is spilling over into the center column cutting off circulation in my thighs, and it is just too cute!!!  I traded a big o gas bill, for a big o car payment, but at least the car payment will leave me with a car to keep....not an empty gas tank that needs more gas every 5-6 days!!!  I still have my beloved Yukon XL....He will just have to not go to work with me anymore....He is to expensive!!!  No 1.'s school is 1.5 miles from home, she can drive him to school so he does not get lonely!!  So here is a picture of my new fun toy!!! That will get 31-35 MPG!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Thank you Jesus for better gas milage!!  AND BUTT ROOM!!!! ;0)


  1. Oh I love VW. Looks like you've got a really lovely one too.

    1. Sarah, it is just so much fun!!! I don't drive now I zip!! Zip here , zip is a zippy kinda car!!;)

  2. yay!!! what a great NSV I am so happy for you and what a great little car

  3. Congrats! That's such a pretty car!