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Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogger??? and an NSV>>>

Happy Friday!!!

Okay, does everyone have a new looking blogger home page???  why do sites do this??  Just when I learn how to maneuver around they go and switch things up!!!  Have to say, not a fan!!

Ok on to the NSV....Yesturday, I went to the gym and swam for an hour.   I told myself, one hour Kristin...Not 45 min, not 50...60 min. in the pool...laps, leg kicks, running in place in the deeper part, whatever, but 60 min.   No looking at the clock saying well it has only been 15 min, I can do 60 tomorrow....No cheating at 30 min and then going into the spa for 30 min....60 min............and I did!!! I was so excited...Okay so that was not even the NSV I was talking about, but it is an NSV as Woo Hoo!!!

So on the way home from the gym, No 2. calls and asks if she can stay late at her BFF's house...BFF lives 2 streets over...fine, stay...Then No. 1 calls, play practice is almost over and she wants to go to BF baseball game....fine, go!!!  So it is just Hubby, me and Buddy Boy...We must make a Costco run, I am out of gas, Buddy Boy wants pizza as usual because he is like a Pavlovian Dog...He sees Costco and Salivates for pizza...Yes, buddy you can have a slice of pizza...."Can I have a Churro too?"  He knows how to push it when he is a temporary only child....Yes, but you have to share with Dad...he jumps up and down, thank you mom, thank you and gives me a hug....but the NSV is his little arms wrapped around my waste and touched eachother....He grabbed his hands together around my waist!!!  He has never been able to do that!!!! I did a little happy dance in my head right there in Costco!!!  (Zumba gave me enough dancing in public for the week, so just in my head was good!!) Yay for shrinking waistlines!!

Okay, so I guess I have a third NSV too!!!  Dang, I am on a roll!!! ;0)  I am going to the Hula class today...and I am going to stay the entire time, no matter what, even with this stiff neck of mine today...tomorrow I am going to venture back into the water and give Zumba another chance but in the pool!!  Should be interesting???

Happy Weekend!! xoxo


  1. Great NSC for you! Keep up the good work.

  2. LOVE your NSV of him putting his arms around your waist!!! Awwwww :)