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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sink or Swim Sweetie...

The realities of life tested me today.   We were out of everything…Hubby had a Bball game and said when he got home we would go to Costco…I had my protein shake for breakfast as I always do, and when Hubby got home at 11 we went to Costco.  Here is where reality kicked me in the booty!!!

On a regular day, I will wake up at 5:30 get ready for work, and be to work 7-7:10, school starts at 7:20, by the time second period starts at 9:00 I drink my protein shake (this seems to be the best time for me as far as the rest of the day goes), after second period it is lunch.  10:23 is far too early for lunch, and to close to my protein shake, I have prep after lunch so I don’t have another class until 12:30.   I have usually been eating lunch about 11:45-noon.  Today, I had my shake early…big boo boo, because I know before 9:00 messes things up.   

So now it is 11:20ish and we are at Costco my tummy is hungry and samples are everywhere.   Now in all honesty, I know I cannot have all of the samples, 1. Lunch time is when I get home…2.  I can’t track samples…3.  Not all of the samples are very healthy….I am happy to report, I did not go sample crazy…I did have a couple of things, of which I took a small taste of and handed the rest over to Hubby.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I felt like Pooh Bear, “I don’t want to eat it; I just want to taste it!!”  Unfortunately by the time we were done with Costco it was 12:45 and we have to get home, unpack, and get ready to leave our house for buddy boy’s soccer play-off game by 1:15 at the latest.   I get home, and have no time to cook anything…What am I going to do?  I am leaving, I am hungry, I need to have protein and pizza is not the kind of protein I need.   I do eat some melted cheese from the pizza and then open up a Greek yogurt and head out the door.  

Lunch failure avoided, but really just a Greek yogurt is usually something I would not eat alone for lunch…worked in the pinch…Home from the game by 4:30 and off to the hospital.  My co-worker had her baby yesterday so Hubby and I went to visit…Have not even thought of food, not hungry, no tummy growling…geez, I haven’t had time today!!!  We leave the hospital and I remind Hubby that our Nieces husband invited us over for a family get together.  Normally, I would have passed, however in Oct. our 29 year old niece died and left behind a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a new husband and 4 month old.  It has been a very hard healing process for my bro & sis in-law.  They have also had to battle for visitation with the older 2 children as their father has made things difficult and things have been very messy.   I knew the older 2 were going to be there and we were only minutes away from their home, so I said, we should stop by just for a bit.   Food still not on my mind at all.  We walk in and steaks are on the counter, asparagus is in a pan (sound familiar mdlapband) chips and cheese dip on the counter, soda out.   I am still very cool about the entire thing because I am not hungry and I know we are not staying for dinner…..Wrongo!!  My “Mistletoe” (cue word for it is time to leave, from 4 Christmas’) is not working and family is not aware of my surgery.  Dinner is served and we sit down.  I take some steak, a tiny piece of zucchini, a finger ling potato and cut that in half.   I cut up very small pieces of steak to what looks like 3 oz to me and pass the rest to Hubby along with the rest of the potato.   Then I chew, chew, chew, chew…..

Today, I have experienced an unplanned food day!!!  I think I was pretty successful for “on the fly” today, though I really did not like being “on the fly”.  It was however, a great eye opener as far as, life keeps going, and there are going to be times when menus are not planned, portions have not been measured and “on the fly” is how it has to be….the question then becomes what choices we are going to make with those “on the fly days”.   I am working on my 6th week post-op, life is back to normal, I feel great and I continue to learn how to use my new friend…it was a “sink or swim sweetie” kind of day and at this point, I better know how to swim!!! 

No, I did not like being “on the fly” today, and as far as planning for this whole day went, NOTHING but the soccer game was planned.  But, I am happy that overall I had a pretty successful day.   I kept to the protein, I tried to log all of the sample, samples I had and I still stayed under 800 cal.  I do not recommend “sink or swim” or “on the fly” days by any stretch of the imagination, but the reality is they are going to pop up…planned or unplanned.  I am just glad I have learned enough, I was prepared enough, and apparently ready enough to deal with this “epic fail” of a day as far as planned menu goes.  So I swim on ladies, and tomorrow, is already planned!!! ;0)


  1. yeah!!! what a great did good!

    1. Thanks is amazing how your mind set changes from "diet" to "life style" when you elect to put yourself through WLS....normally I would have cheated big time and called the day a lose, I'll start over tomorrow...but our band keeps us honest and true to our goals, our dreams and our intentions for starring this journey in the first place!!!! This is the week for you friend!!! So excited for you!!!

  2. OMG! what is it with the steak and asparagus!? ha! I think it was a wink! Even though we're on opposite sides of the country we're in this together!! Life has definitely changed but it's all for the good. I'm proud of you for swimming!!

    1. Thank you!! We have watched Finding Nemo like 3x this week. So I feel like Dorie..."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming!!!". Happy Travels to you this week!!! What a great time you are in for!!