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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here We Go!!

Well I finally stopped letting the "start your own blog here", tease me and I have gone and started one. I have been so encouraged by the blogs I currently follow that I felt kinda bad I didn't have one of my own. In all honesty, not sure how many if any will follow, but I found my first blog "mdlapband"completely by accident. Don't know how I found it to this day, but I know I had Devine favor in opening it and have been inspired both by the journey and the support to start my own.

So here I go for nothing else other then to express my goals, struggles, successes, pit-falls, and whatever else comes my way. All in an effort to learn from, grow from and turn into a constructive, positive outcome that changes bad habits and leads to new and improved ones!! If others are encouraged and suported along the way, what a fabulous bonus and all the better!! We are on, have started or soon will be on this Lapband journey and the more help, support, encouragement and suggestions we can all give to one another will only make us all stronger and more successful!! I know for myself, just in the past 4 weeks of reading these blogs have been healing medicine to me in body, mind and spirit. So, so grateful for all of the very wonderful ladies I have been inspired by thus far!!

Let me catch you all up a bit on my journey thus far. Two years ago I called and made an appointment to get info on Lapband. Two years ago I chickened out and canceled because I am strong, I don't need surgical help that would mean I failed and I DO NOT fail. I can do this, I can lose weight, I have in the past (55 at one point, beat my 40 pound plateau on the 100th go round)I have gained it all back plus more but this time is different. Sound familiar? Two years!! In that two years I gained the most weight ever and wasn't even pregnant. All 55 and 35 more. I got up to 341!!! OMG!!! How?? People, (mostly family members) would ask what I was depressed about? What? What on earth are you talking about? " Well to have gained so much weight and to have battled it for so long there must be something in your life you are unhappy about?" Yeah!!! My weight!!! And now YOU!!! I wasn't depressed. I have a great life. I love my husband dearly, he is my soul mate..xoxo<3xoxo..I have 3 fabulous kids (16.5,12.5, and almost 9). We bought our new house 2 years ago, I have a great job (HS teacher) I was not unhappy with anything and would get so irritated when the suggestion of me being overweight had to do with my unhappiness!! Ugh makes me crazy to write it!! Regardless of how I got there, my weight was out of control for all of the same reasons as everyone else out there. Bad food choices, grazing, nibbling, taste testing my way through cooking dinner only to eat dinner, not working out, just having "a taste" of cake that turned into a small slice every time I went into the teachers lounge 5x a day, the "one" cookie that turned into half the tray, the supersized lunch washed down with "diet" coke ( cuz that makes it healthy you know!!). So there I was, 341 pounds, and all I could do was cry and cry and cry. It was not intentional. Who intends to gain 90 pounds? Along the way I lost control. Two years!!!

In late July I ran into a friend and she looked amazing. I asked what she had been doing, (your obviously having great success, please let me in on this miracle diet!!!) She said,"I had Lapband". What?? What?? This strong, smart women who by NO means is a failure in any sense of the word had Lapband!!! I kicked myself!! That was it, no more, i am doing it!! I got over myself with the failure lie, admitted I was afraid, but acknowledged I was what I needed to do. I went home discussed it again with my husband and called. I had a an appointment for Sept. Unfortunately I had to cancel the Sept appointment for family matters and rescheduled for Oct. I arrived on Oct 15 filled out the paper work, scheduled my 2 sleep studies and endoscopy. Was done with all the testing and approved by Dec6th!! Was praying hard for a surgery date over Christmas vacation so I wouldn't have to take time off!!! Was called with a surgery date of Jan 6th!! Awesome still on Christmas break, unfortunately it was the last Fri of my break. I had to take a week off, well I opted to take a week off!!;) Surgery was smooth, recovery has been great, going back to work has been very good and I still kick myself about those 2 years!!! Oh well the road I needed to travel to get to where I am now, right!!

Sorry this first one was so long!!


  1. Well done. It can be a daunting decision but one you see how well it works, it becomes so much easier.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and following you on your journey.

  2. Yeah!!! A friendly follower!!! Welcome Sarah!!! So excited!!!

  3. So glad to have a place to catch up on your journey. We definitely were connected over the web for a reason my banded sister! I think the most comforting thing about having these blogging buddies is that we can all relate with eachother. Just like you said, nobody tries to gain 90 lbs! It happens. We've all done it so you are not alone. Stop kicking yourself about the past few years and start celebrating the next 50!

  4. New follower. Looking forward to getting to know you. And don't concern yourself about "chickening out" 2 years ago. You made the choice to become a healthier you for yourself and your family. That's a fantastic thing.


  5. Hi!! New follower here too! I am over at

    Let's follow each others journeys! I get banded next Friday so will be excited to see yours! Welcome to the amazing blogging community :)

    1. Hi Lisa, been following you for about a week. You are doing great on the pro-op!! Keep it up!!

  6. I'm a new follower as well! I'm so excited to know your story from the beginning. I'm just in the beginning stages; I went to the seminar and am waiting to hear about possible insurance coverage. I am already trying to get in some support in place though! Since I'm not much into the process, my blog is still pretty empty, but you can find me at

  7. Welcome Sara and good luck!!! Hope the process runs smooth and quick for you...looking forward to the day you get your surgery date!! ;)