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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Ten Things Thursday....thank you Laura!!

1.  I have parent teacher conf. tonight from 5-8...I drive 25 miles to work and 25 miles home...I get out at 2:00....with gas prices so high and I drive a Yukon XL I am staying at school....Makes for a very lllloooonnnngggg day!!

2.  Due to my lllllooooonnnnggggg day....I will not be able to go to the gym, therefore I brought workout clothes and I walked a mile on the track and then went up and down the bleachers on both the visitor and home sides, that is 10 ups and downs....took me 15 minutes and let me tell you my quads are already screamming at me!!!  But it felt good and helped pass the time....BONUS got my workout in!!

3.  No 1. did not pass her permit test last week...this is my all brains and no common sense child, she missed 12, your allowed to miss 8...she is taking it again today with Hubby....We shall see how she does this week, haven't seen her study much!!!

4.  I had my second fill on Sat.   I am now 6cc's full in my 14 cc band.   I feel a difference and there is restriction but not as much as I would like...I go in 2 more weeks for another check up and we will see then what the next steps are....I still feel hungry at times...not always but at times, and my stomach is making soooo much noise lately...It has never made so much noise, not even on pre-op???

5.  I have decided there is no point in trying to figure out what the scale is saying to you because it makes no sense.   I weighed in at 290.9 on Sunday and then Monday without changing anything, adding anything or working out less it said I weighed 292.2???  How do I gain over night???  So I have decided my body needs a little bit extra time to realize, "Oh yeah, we are losing weight I don't have to hold on to this.   We aren't starving we are just letting go"...Let Go BODY!!!  Let Go!!

6.  I have enjoyed so many posts this week by so many different bloggers that I have felt inferrior to post myself.   There have been some great thoughts put out there and some touching stories and I just have not felt any of mine where up to par this week...I was really excited Thursday was here because I knew I could do 10 things and fit right in!!!  Some weeks are like that...

7.  My gel mainicure is going strong...I am praying for one more week out of it!!!  We are at the end of week 2 and no chips, no cracks, no breaks!!!  I love how my nails look... I have never had my own long nails, always fake ones, but this protein is awesome and my nails are beautiful!!!  I am so excited and the gel keeps them strong.   The growth line at the cuticle is getting a bit large so one more week is about all I will be able to do, but I think it will work out.

8.  I had my 2 month bandaversary on the 6th...Almost 35 pounds down...Still hoping to be below 285 by buddy boys b-day on the 22nd.   With the way my body is fighting me on letting the weight go however, we shall see...At this point I will be happy to be in the 280's!!!

9.  I will be honest and say I do get frustrated at times that the weight seems to be coming off so slowly.   I will go for a week in a half to 2 weeks and lose nothing, then bam 4 pounds down, only to have 1.5 to 2 pounds of that show back up for a couple of days...I don't get this pattern and if I was eating more then 800-1000 cal. a day I would understand it, but I don't....Maybe I am just that sensitive to carbs and should really look into my carb count...Maybe it is the sodium??  Maybe it is just my body trying to deal with everything?  Jury is still out on this one, but I hope a verdict is reached soon...

10.  Because we have to be here at school until 8:00 tonight, we have minimum day tomorrow!!!  Woo Hoo!!! I get out at 12:25 so excited!!!  I am ready for a date night with Hubby, I love him so much!!!

Have a great evening and Friday all...xoxo


  1. I hate those long days!! I also drive 30-35 minutes to work so I also just stay on conference days. Luckily, there is a mall close to my school and often I go there for a bit.

    35 pounds in 2 months is AWESOME!!! I, too, will go 2 weeks without losing and then BAM! 5 pounds gone overnight. I don't get it either.

  2. I am like Barbie, I go long stretches with no loss and then bam 5 lbs gone. It's just the way your body works -- don't be hard on yourself about especially if you are doing all the right things.

    I love the gel manicure so much I bought my own kit to do it.

  3. I have had so many people tell me to up my calories from 800 to 1000 to 1100 and since I have, I am having A LOT more scale happiness lately. I am also doing lower sodium, a lot of protein and trying to lower my carbs. I had actually gained over the past 2 weeks and this week, it all came off and then some. I am showing a new low and can't wait for this weeks official weigh in.

    And I LOVEEE my gel mani's!! I got one last Friday and have navy blue short nails and on the ring fingers I added a tiny bit of overlay sparkle over the navy. Very Saucy!! :)

    Don't beat yourself up!!

  4. I agree that 800-1000 seems a little low to me...but you do what works for you. I'm a slow loser but it doesn't bother me as long as the scale keeps moving down. We'll all get there eventually. Great job getting your workout in on your long day!! I would totally have used it as an excuse not to.

  5. good job on thinking outside the box at school getting in some exercise!

  6. I am so impressed by you finding an alternate way to make it work when you couldn't go to the gym. That is true dedication. I like getting my nails done too!!! I really do. I don't know why but it just makes me smile. I always get a french manicure but you're right. Trying to make them last is the trick! lol. thanks for sharing how you are doing b/c it does give inspiration to all of us!