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Monday, April 8, 2013

A bit of Honesty, followed by some catching up....

So, in an effort to get back into the swing of a good thing, and after being honest about so ugly truth's, I figured I would update you all a bit on what has been going on with me over my absence.

I started off the new school year great.  I had great classes and have really had a very drama free (teaching wise) great group of kids.  I did have to switch kids half-way through the year, not a normal thing for me seen as I teach Eng. I keep my kids all year.  This year they needed a favor, I was asked and accepted.  So a new group came in and though for the most part they are good kids as well, there a few too many dominate personalities in one class which doesn't make it bad, just difficult at times.

Hubby is still subbing and he also got a part time job with a gorc. store.  He is also the varsity football coach for a local school so all fall was filled with football.  We love football so that was not an issue, but subbing, working part time and coaching full time took a lot of his time and that part was hard to adjust to.   Then once football was over the part time job became full time...though we love the stable money coming in we miss our Hubby and Dad.  He, Lord willing, will start his Special Ed. credential in May and hopefully will be able to get a full time teaching job this Fall.  Fingers crossed.

Daughter no. 1 is a Senior, 7 weeks until graduation and then she is off to Humboldt State University.  We visited a week and half ago as I posted before and it is just beautiful.  Love the campus, love the opportunities, love the area, the redwoods, the ocean.  So many amazing things she can exp. I am so excited for her and we are so proud of her, but we are so sad at the same time....Not sure we are ready to let go, even though we must, it will be a tearful summer as you will all hear about I am sure.  Yes, Humboldt is probably more known for its "Pot smoking Hippies"....having visited and investigated this, we are pleased to know there is so, so, so much more to Arcata then "Pot smoking Hippies" and the college follows Federal Law, no tolerance with drug issues, and seen as Her biological mother is a drug addict, she is very turned off by the life style...We shall pray the "Pot smoking Hippies" stay with fellow "Pot smoking Hippies".

Daughter No.2 is promoting from 8th grade.  So many life changing events in one year, I should have planned a bit better in having children...she has had a great year, honor roll with a 4.0 all year, a babysitting queen.  So very proud of her.  Sadly, she has just found out her BFF since 5th grade is moving to WA at the end of May.  Their plans to transfer to the private school together are over, she must face HS w/o her and she is not happy.   Been a very sad little girl for a couple of weeks now.  I think it hurts her more, knowing she is still here but is leaving...I am praying the healing starts when the BFF moves....We will miss her though, she is like having a 4th kid, love their friendship, love how well they get along, just love that she has had such a wonderful true friend.  I know they will keep in contact, but the daily interaction is going to take some adjustment.

Buddy Boy just turned 10...all of my babies are in the double digits now!!  I feel old...he is still wonderful, fun, full of imagination and doing better with his reading.  Not much else to report in 4th grade.  Playing outside, making messes, getting dirty, smelling badly, and annoying his sisters is what he loves to do.

I turned 39 in Sept.  I started a MA program with Grand Canyon University (online) and have enjoyed being a Coaches wife this past fall verses a soccer mom.  It was a nice change.  Hubby was in the newspaper every week and on TV with all of his home games.  The CIF championship lose was heartbreaking and we still cry over it.  But I loved being by his side the entire time, cheering him on, getting all of the coaches wives together on the side lines cheering our men on, as well as the boys of course!!  Still sewing when I have time, trying to read more and trying to get my head back in the BAND game...Life is always going to be there and there are always going to be twists and turns, but that doesn't mean I ignore parts of life because they are harder or get difficult...Time to face facts, and deal with what needs to be dealt with....

So that is a quick update in a nutshell...probably more detailed for some not enough detailed for others. I have missed so many of you and love catching up on how you are all doing....Holly is still as inspirational as ever, Andrea, I hope your forcis ( I think??) is out, Rachel still waiting to see those wedding pics.  Jennx saw your updated profile pic, WOW!!!  You look fabulous, Jackie curious how your student teaching is going, Barbie trying to keep up with your latest journey and my first blogger buddy, who started my blogging journey...MDLapband, I have read up and I am praying for you girl, still feel like we are living parallel lives in so many ways.   Most of all I am just happy to be in good company!!! xoxo Kristin


  1. Ahhh I have missed you! and thanks for the shout out! You know that is what is awesome about the can always try again...when you are ready! you are a busy lady...made me tired just reading it!

  2. We're in it together, sister!! Keep your head up!

  3. Great to see you back lovely! It is one of the hardest things to admit a backslide, I've had to do the exact same thing in the last month. I have gained back 30lbs and hate it so much, but I will never give up, even if I don't go in the right direction, I will never just let morbid obesity be my fate. Sounds like you won't either. xxx