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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday scenary and My 4th fill!!

Hello Lovely's....Today, mini me (No 2.) and I went to my Dr. appt. for my 4th fill....All went well.  It had been almost a month and for the 4 weeks I lost 4 pounds.  My Dr. was happy, he said on average a pound a week, your doing great....I looked at him and said, " a pound a week, really (you don't know the kind of month I have had dear Dr.)!!!"  Got the talk about how the band is designed to help you lose a steady weight of 1-2 pounds a week, so it comes of slow and stays off!!!!  I get it, but can we rev up the lose maybe just for a month or 2?? Please??  I told him about my 2-4 p.m. ravenious episodes and how I was not feeling tight...He said we will give you .50 cc's and see how that I have .50 cc's more and I go back in 4 weeks.  I can live with that, we will see if in 4 weeks I need another .50 cc's?  I understand how at this point they want to keep the fill's on the lower side so I don't get too tight and then  have to be unfilled, but my impatience kicks in sometimes.

So on to another subject...Yesturday was a rainy day here in the desert, and a snow day for the mountains (well a snow day for desert mountains here in CA!!) was very cold too!!!  Well for us desert people it was....30's is nothing for some of you, just like 115* is nothing for me....but anything 80* and below for me is sweater weather!!!  Seriously!!  Anyway, rain and snow is not something we see that much of so it is kind of a speacial gift and event when it does happen, and we all go dance in the rain, drive to the snow in our flip flops and freeze our booty's off.  Pretty much act like fools who have never seen water fall from the sky.   The older population hybernates....very few people go driving in the rain out here, it is a bit ridiculous really, but so funny how at least 65% of the desert people out here, see a sprinkle and are like, "Gotta go home, it is going to rain"!!!  Rain!!  It is just water people!!!  However, after the rain the desert is just beautiful!!!  It has had its bath and it glistens, and sparkles and it is wonderous....

Yesturdays storm as I said was very cold for our little valley and the mountains this morning were just blanketed with on our drive to my appt, I had mini me take pictures so I could share a little of the desert beauty that I am surrounded by daily...please forgive the windshield and other oddeties in the pics, it was with my phone, on the freeway and she is still only 12....

The top top is not snow, those are big fluffy clouds...

Clouds rolling over the mountain...

The right side of the feeway, no snow, but the storm was trying to make it's way over...

Hard to see but the back mountians in the middle were covered in snow and looked so pretty tucked in the back...

Left side of the freeway

Center of the freeway, what we were driving into!!!

 This was on our way home, so snow at the bottom was alreay melting but it looked like a huge sheet of frost just sitting there begging to be captured on film..

I just liked this one!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! xoxo


  1. How beautiful. 80* is tropical. I have kids complaining it's too hot then (I strongly disagree with them but it doesn't stop the complaints)

  2. Glad you got another fill. Hope it helps!

    Love the scenery. We don't have anything like that in Dallas!

  3. Hope the fill works out perfectly! I loved the pics. YOu live in a gorgeous area!

  4. Pretty pictures! A half a cc is pretty good for a fill, actually. Other than my first fill, that's what they've all been. :)

  5. Patience...that is what I tell myself are doing awesome keep it up!