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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

Ten Things Thursday, brought to us by the lovely Laura!!!   I so love, love, Thursday blogs!!

1.  Been blah all week...not sure if it is due to TOM, my dreaded talk with dad, (still have not made a time for that yet), or just general week before Spring Break blahness...but blah...

2.  Hubby has been a bit neglected the past few days, he senses my blah....he siad how about I take you on a date Thursday??  sounds good to me!!! So we are going to one of our favorite places tonight.   It is called Jackalope beautiful in the garden area.   And their happy hour is awesome, everything is half off so we go eat great food and spend like $30.00 including tip...Plus I love Hubby so it will be fun!!

3.  My first period class is new to me for the second half of the school year...I got them in Jan.  all the other periods I have had since Sept.  We have not had the best of times with each other.   They are an immature crowd...very  I say something like, "you need to come over here please"...their response.."I don't want to "come" over there, but right here"....I say randomly, "you are behaving like a goof ball"....response..."ha ha ha, she said ball"....yes Freshmen boys are idiots....everything is sexual and they turn even the smallest non related statement into SEX....I quikly remind those oh so horney boys, they talk about it so much because they haven't had it yet!!!  Well the past two days, have gone pretty well...even they came in saying let's have class like yesturday, that was fun...I actually like this class now...Of course yesturday our topic of discussion was arranged marriages and sex...I should have guessed, they would enjoy those topics.

4.  The scale and I are on a break....last week scale did not move...this week TOM has arrived and the scale is moving up everyday!!!  We shall wait until TOM has left to get back on the scale....

5.  We are working on our front yard and we planted some plants on the side yard early this week.  It looks so nice.  This weekend we will work on the grass and other plants, can't wait until it is finished!!

6.  I have been riding my bike a lot lately.  It is so beautiful this time of year in the desert, and when the breeze blows, it is just glorious to be outside, riding with the wind in your hair.   I love it!!  I am up to 6.5 miles it takes between 45-50 min.  Yesturday took a bit longer because it was only the second day of doing 6.5 miles and my uphill portion was against the wind....Dang soar legs, and riding uphill against the wind was a killer.   I almost stopped at 4.5, but said no...I did 6.5 yesturday, I can do it again no matter how soar, or how hard the resistance, gotta push and get that scale to cooperate!!! 

7.  No 1. has found a new outlet in High School.  She has been a cheerleader for the past 3 years.  However, next year she is not going to cheer, she is over it, her coach is a joke, and she is done with all of the petty cheer drama.  I don't blame her.  Hubby coaches football for a different HS anyway, and I teach a different HS so having 3 HS under one roof is 2 HS too many for Friday night football night...Anyway her new outlet is Drama!!!  Go figure!!  She did Romeo and Juliet last month she was Juliet, and loved it so now she is a fairy in the Tempest...Hubby and I are kinda glad to be done with the Cheer coach anyway, so we love this new found fun she has found.

8.  I am certain #2 is going to be a full fledge women any time now...this girl is crying at the drop of a hat.  You look at her sideways and she can't control herself.   She cried for 45 min the other day because her 4.0 went to a 3.8...mind you this only stayed a 3.8 for like a day and then went back to a 4.0 but 45 min!!!!  Made me email the teacher and everything!!!  I feel for the girl, and wrote a very freindly email to the teacher which was recieved well and she is not assured her 4.0 GPA status will not be compromised!!!  Yesturday I told her she had to wait until I got paid on Thursday (today) to get the shoes she wants....cried for 10 min because she just did!!!  Good thing even though I have been blah all week, I get this girl!!! 

9.  Today is payday, tonight is date night, tomorrow is minimum day, and next week is Spring Break!!! Thank you Jesus, I am so ready!!!

10.  I still have to post pics of buddy boys birthday celebration from Sat. they are coming!! Have a great day all...Blog land keeps me motivated, and even on those Blah days, and weeks, the blogs you all write and share are just blessings to me. xoxo Kristin


  1. Yay for you on the bike riding!! That's awesome!

    Glad your daughter found drama as an outlet...I did drama in high school and at one time was a cheerleader too...I liked drama so much better (even though cheer was filled with "drama")

    Have fun on your date tonight!!

  2. Woo hoo on the bike riding. Kicking but you are!!! Drama is fun!

  3. I seriously don't know how you deal with all those teenagers! You must have a lot of patience! :)

    Have fun on your date night!